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  1. Not exactly ... because after all, DDR comes out every few years. If you buy a computer when the new generation comes out, you kind of stay up-to-date.
  2. Do you think there is a chance that it will be released next year the DDR5? Sure but it will take some time to enter the market as well ... And I've heard something like this that there may be boards that will fit DDR5 in addition to 4.
  3. If you turn the computer on then it goes off in its rise, turns on alone again and then turns off alone like that several times .. until the end of the computer does come up normally and then nothing .. necessarily there is a power supply problem? Besides, there were a lot of artifacts on the computer and I'm afraid the power supply also knocked the video card ..
  4. Who said that requires everything to be small? Just turn up the display layout and everything will be fine.
  5. If you upgrade the processor to the i7 4770 or something like that .. The bottleneck will be in better shape and you can buy a better ticket?
  6. It started for me three months ago I think .. Initially I was sure it was from a power supply, which was out of date and I already had it 6 years, and after a few days suddenly the computer stopped working and the power was just fine. So I switched to a new supplier, no noises for a while. Until a week or so ago, I felt the noise come back again, maybe it was not exactly the same thing, but this time it was creaking and not ticking. Don't think it's Coil Whine or anything like that .. The card's cooling is fine and nothing interferes with the cooling .. I found that it comes from it because I change the cooling speed a bit it stops a bit and then comes back, even in rest. And I also noticed recently that sometimes the card is at 54 degrees at rest and it's not clear to me why, most of it was low ...
  7. Do not know how much to trust the 5000 series, a lot of drivers problems in this series. Not my computer principle then ... is this processor really that restrictive today? I have seen in the past a YouTube video that even old processors do not necessarily harm, and if there is a strong graphics card the games will work perfectly fine.
  8. The question of whether cards like the 1650 SUPER are really so strong that they will hold onto the next system too .. It's hard for me to believe a bit .. Anyway it's for a friend of mine ... Shouldn't it be a bit better to go maybe 1660? By the way what about the i5 3470? About 4570?
  9. The thing is that there is a budget frame of up to about 2300 because of that ... So we thought maybe buy a video card and power supply or as a new platform, and then maybe upgrade more ... The section that this year also new generations are coming out. What is it, even though the 2600 is no longer out-of-date and will probably last a long time ... The screen is FHD 60HZ sure that Warzon is considered a heavy game?
  10. COD WARZONE ... counter ... and a few new games like that aren't too much Why does it depend? And not worth switching to the platform I already registered?
  11. Specifications like this: i5 4570 16GB RAM in principle, was on the ruined GTX780 computer ... and the carrier probably along with it ... The question is what is the maximum card that this computer can hold well without the CB Or it's better to buy a new platform, like the Reisen 2600 + RX580
  12. Unfortunately some bad news .. Although it's been a month since the vendor switched but recently the creaking noises have come back from the computer .. which is exactly the same noise .. I'm afraid it's probably from the video card in general .. What do I do?
  13. After all, it would be expected that I would receive such a response. I'm not saying that after that I'll continue to wait ... Besides, makes the impression that DDR5 is just around the corner, isn't that the end of the DDR4 era?
  14. In principle, I plan to wait and buy a new computer for a new generation, so it will be relevant for as long as possible. What I have today is pretty old and that is also one of the reasons why I am waiting ... Now, is there any chance that by the end of 2020 it will be possible to buy Reisen's next generation processors + new boards and video cards? I also realized that just a year after AMD is going to spend a new generation with another resident, and probably will come with DDR5 as well. New DDR in the market What do you think?
  15. I have no LED strip on the computer .. and I did not dismantle the vendor itself, I just replaced it with a new one .. Regarding the Bios update - in a big way the changes are not written ... maybe just a fix in the audio driver or something like that .. At least that's just what is listed.
  16. The original bios don't seem to be back to work ... yet I updated the backup bios at the moment and I seem to be still in it and not the original ones .. For expensive tablets this was a general question ... suppose such enhanced X570 panels so expensive tablets have higher durability To the tensions and stuff ... by the way ... the latest bios for this board is beta bio .. Worth trying to update it? I've always updated one before this truth board as old but quite advanced ..
  17. Yes, I have an email from Bios. How do I switch between them all the time and return to the original? Does it have to do with the fact that it's actually protection against board damage? Does it mean that it will be destroyed following all the supplier's shutdowns? And is it true that expensive boards and expensive chips have better defenses against board failure?
  18. I also noticed that after the vendor switched then all the board bios were reset to me .. And not only that - the bios version also went down and went back two versions .. Maybe it has something to do with the computer having barely turned on the previous vendor? Maybe something happened to the board? Do you have any idea why?
  19. Well then right now the computer is working and everything looks good for now at least .. the capacitors looked good .. nonetheless these are Japanese capacitors so it's hard to know .. there was just a completely screwed up section I did a cable arrangement with the new vendor .. and every time I closed the computer's right door then It was shortened and the computer was turned off straight .. Only after I flipped all the cables and disassembled a bit of the arrangement did it work but even then sometimes did something completely delusional and it didn't press so much on something critical .. Unfortunately because of that I ruined the arrangement a bit but it's not too bad So ... believe I will buy a new computer in the next generation
  20. Recently suddenly the computer stopped turning on ... it turned on and then off after a few seconds and then switched on again like this a few times so I thought the power supply I bought a new power supply I just plugged it into a motherboard only and the computer again turned on and off a few times but after a few times it turned on permanently Not to mention it should also be noted that the processor cooling heat becomes very weak Do not think it was like this at the moment the board if not assembled in the chassis What does it mean? Is there a problem with the board? I only have the board for a month. Maybe the previous vendor wasn't screwed up at all despite the noise
  21. I think it just happened recently for the LEDs .. I didn't follow it .. don't know exactly ..
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