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  1. XB253QGP predator acer 970 NIS including shipping. Equal??
  2. Video card 3070 rtx 8gb memory 16 i7 processor 11700k fps games on the highest settings
  3. I found it on Amazon. 1300 shekels asus tuf VG27AQ
  4. Okay so I see I need to compromise on something .. I have no problem stretching up to 1200 NIS. The question is what will I compromise on? How important is a 4k screen in front of a low refresh rate? Or fhd screen with high refresh rate?
  5. Thanks friends. For your question these are fps games, more room used in semi-dark mode, 24 inches also possible roof 27 refresh rate at least 144 resolution if possible a bit more than fhd if I do not compromise. I hope I have provided enough information.
  6. I do not have shares in Asus and on the contrary have undermined my confidence a bit so I asked them to send me a full specification including models (from Asus itself) regardless I would love to get a recommendation for specs up to 5k (as I mentioned I already have a video card)
  7. You're right a little hard to find on the net what exactly it contains except the board if I know for sure that it is from the strix series but I have a hard time believing that this computer consists of no name brands .. I think all its components are from the strix series also the power except maybe memory and ssd ..
  8. I liked that the site is located in the are very sharp budget up to 8000. The question is whether at this price it is not worth buying the Asus that all its components work in full and perfect integration that is perfectly matched by the manufacturer and with a slightly stronger card that knows how to handle raytracing well? I would love to hear your opinion and also with a parallel specification in this budget.
  9. Hello friends. I started building a computer for a child and I got heat from the prices of video cards! (3070 goes up in the 5000 range) I suddenly caught this computer Asus ROG Strix GT35 G35CG-1170KF0400 which comes with I7 11770 \ 3070 8GBRTX / 16GB / TB SSD / 750W / Z590 and all this good at 8200 NIS Is not it worth going for a brand new computer? That I assembled alone with these specifications I came up with a significantly more expensive price. PS I managed to grab a sapphire xt 6700 nitro 12gb C card in liquidation. Do not know whether to dress for it and put together a specification or go for the above branded computer.
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