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    Where do you see written here ddr3 ?? And it costs 200 less easy not just because it's more weak in something if it's a different core / poor cooling or something like that

    If he was giving the same performance then no one would buy a gigabyte or albatron

    Who told you that DDR2 is so diluted?

    if you have Against At the same speed the 3 will take 3% -1%

    What made 6600GT so good is the 500MZH kernel

  2. Hello Friends I would like to know which supplier is the best of the following three

    Open for more offers but only from Zigzag!

    The system goes over a particularly murderous overdrive!

    Are going to be on her two SF2 120MM

    And one more thing

    The system is going to be on Paltier 80W

  3. Is this supplier:

    Will hold me to the next system

    asus p4p800 deluxe

    2.6 Northwood in Overclocking

    6600GT also in Overt

    kingstone 1GB

    160GB SATA

    One CD and one DVD.

    I plan to add cathode and have now 4 fans.


    Will match excellent!

    Just make sure you get an adapter from 24 pin to 20 pin

  4. If you do not know then general knowledge to purchase higher education today costs quite a bit of money, and those who do not have higher education difficult to find a good job that brings in good money, and then a person in the situation described I can create a reluctance to work, Then he will barely get a normal salary!

    The difference is in the willpower

    If a poor man wants from suppliers and can invest he can be rich!

    As was said before

    "Winner does what a loser is not willing to do"

  5. It seems to me that you did not understand ... I said that the processor 3400 and below limits the card screen (this) and someone here said that neither and with 3000 it will work fine and there will be a bottle drawing so I told him to look for 3000 tests and this video card because I did not find and no tests Its that processor as 3000 limits the card : Sleep:

    Wai wai you are a creature in levels

    The differences are negligible only at high resolutions

    And when using The resolution is 1024 * 768

    So they say that 3000 is not a bottleneck!

    Because those who buy a card over $ 700 want high resolutions ...

  6. This is for gamers:

    Sorry for the money !!! There's no point in investing more than an 3200 processor, just any easier is waste!

    Especially Ayala who buy the 3800X2

    Here is an article that has done a huge study! With Various !!!

    Bottom line as you will see

    There's no point investing more than 3200 and everything but everything !!!!!!! There are of course ... Invest in a video card!

    Is actually the 70 ..80 percent here.

    Read and internalize! And stop wasting (throwing money in the garbage)

    post Scriptum

    Invest it all in a video card! And what is left if at all is a good doubt .. A good mother board.

    True, you do not have to spend more than 3200

    But it's dumb to say that a cold e-mail is a waste!

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