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  1. Friends, is there a Google Docs expert here? Does anyone understand this well?
  2. Good evening I'm looking for software or a website that changes the singer's voice in a song from a language he sings to another language ........ Thanks for the help I'm waiting
  3. There are more games you can offer me I am only looking for specific tanks .........
  4. Good afternoon I'm looking for a tank battle game. Do you have any games for me? Thanks for the helpers!
  5. Good evening dear forum members I downloaded and installed the software C / C ++ for Visual Studio Code and I want to build a computer game in the programming language C ++ in the software can I get guidance how do I do this please? Thanks for the helpers!
  6. Good afternoon Dear friends I have here a stunning song that I want to make from it Karaoke which means to download in 100% the voice of the singer and I have only the melody thanks to the helpers! 👍😉🙂
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