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  1. People have a short memory, every generation of Some people claim that way.

    Anyway when you set up excellent and interesting lighting then it does not matter so much what camera you will use. At least not for the average user and it will look good.

    When you also use narrower lenses to photograph people then it will look better than the lenses that were once the default on phones that were too wide and distorted.

    In terms of They have capabilities on paper that are good. In terms of sensor quality then still not there.

  2. So I'll answer that if I'm already up 10 minutes to 4 at night. The answer is no. Not for professional use.

    The versatility that there is with quality lenses that cost quite a bit and some more than the camera were built to create a certain optical presentation.

    Among other things as little optical distortion as I can not stand. Although I believe that in future versions the ai of the phones will fix some of them.

    Right now in the current generations of phones you can see the over-sharpening along with the particularly small pixels in the video. It does not look buttery smooth as it can be seen with equipment and proper use in the professional world.

    The sensors of the phones currently do not meet the standards of magnifications and fine details and poor lighting conditions.

    The files and amount of information contained in a raw phone file does not cover the dynamic range of many professional cameras. This means that the files are not too editable without creating different types of artifacts.

    Anyway, I will mention a good word because I can continue until tomorrow to say what is wrong. You can take pictures with a phone and it is convenient. But there is still time for the phones to catch up with the standards that exist in dslr and mirrorless cameras of all kinds.

    I will just mention that the technological advancement that is taking place in smartphones is much faster than in the world of professional cameras. Again everything is relatively different from generation to generation.


  3. What matters is the photographer. In any case, the tools are always advanced and make it easier for the photographers to take pictures and for the photographers' clients.

    But in theory I also got to meet retirees with medium format cameras that I did not see between what they photographed any difference with what ordinary people photograph with a phone camera.

  4. Update: Get by on your own.


    I spoke today with several and several representatives who each said something a little different about the session ipv6.

    Some said it was supposed to be automatic, some said they activated it on me and some said they would get back to me in 3 more hours.

    At the moment according to the latest representatives they say they see the address ipv6 Mine though I do not see her anywhere.

    In terms of special requirements of the vendor no one gave me any information because I kind of probably do not use their router.  it's aboutasus ac86u.

    With one of the representatives I verified and she says she sees the address with me when it is set up with me Ipv6 native. Anyway I do not see such a signal in me.

    In adapter settings Network Everything is defined and there is no signal.

    Anyway I also tried to eventually connect the fiber optic adapter straight to the computer and ran a manual dialer to bypass the router and there too אינטרנט But there is not ipv6.

    During the process I was also transferred from their dhcp to pppoe mode.

    So either someone does not understand what to do or there is a certain definition that needs to be defined in a partner that is different from what I expect and I am the one who does not know what to do.

    Anyone had experience with this?

  5. Quote of A-10

    It is not wise to attach links.

    The question is what is written in them, or how can they be interpreted.


    And with all modesty, the interpretation has been given above, by.

    Cards AMD Not at all in the recommendations, and that says it all.


    Successfully !

    You did not mean that nvidia is better, you just mentioned that it is better when you said "performance tests" in the air. I also mentioned that the 3070 ti is more powerful and only in certain extreme conditions it can be a problem. Only I have included in the links themselves the same net performance tests in all sorts of models specific to what it needs. Export and playback times in a variety of formats and conditions in Premiere in 4K.


  6. Maybe I will complicate your decision more but theoretically the 3070 ti has an advantage in export times and other things like playback rate and more in 4K.

    But it is in relatively favorable conditions that the amount of vram is sufficient and you do not do too extensive operations. Maybe the 6800 xt with the 16GB Is more future proof for more extreme conditions but will be slower in situations that do not require all the vram. It all depends on the form of your work and also what the future will predict. I do not have a sweeping recommendation and it is difficult for me to give a recommendation. 


    I will attach some links that give a comparison in the premiere on terms that probably do not take advantage of all the vram of both. Since I have no overlapping comparison then I give some comparisons that also show up compared to other video cards. There is a plus-minus detail here on export times in some types of And with extensive effects and without and also the operating rate in frames per second. But not yet extreme situations.


    In theory all these performance tests in the premier you can also conduct yourself in the free performance test they give, it is for comparison only with your existing array. They also have a database for viewing by other users who have used their testing software. Successfully @danielhr99.




  7. There are more computers around this range with similar processors of Or the new generation. If you say you are going to buy only a few more months then there is time.

    If you are more looking for component upgrades or software modifications - then first of all if you have access to updated versions of Premier then they are much more utilizing system resources than before. So worth updating.

    There are other programs that depend on how you edit whether they will be faster or all the work on them will be faster or more successful.

    For example you can always download the free version of Davinci resolve and test it. However, it has become the market standard for color grading. So sometimes someone edits in another software and does the color grading on it. In the free version it is not possible to edit in 4K and there is also no option of working with an entire team, but it does not seem to me that it is related here.


    As for components it depends on the computer and if it is possible to upgrade the RAM and the ssd inside it. Will give some breathing space but not much.

    Some people use a laptop and a box with a desktop video card that connects via semi-portable video editing. . But this is not something I currently recommend even if you have such a connection. If you have a connection Such and a powerful desktop video card that you can occasionally remove from your desktop computer, so maybe. But buy everything again less recommend.

    And regardless, reliable antivirus, Updated, drivers and updated software, checking that everything is working properly as stated and there are no general stability issues in the system.


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  8. There is something that might be worth a try. I have seen that it has fixed similar issues in some forums. A problem caused by some incompatibility with the card drivers ethernet (not wifi). Go to the device manager and find the card there Your Ethernet. In many cases it is actually realtek that has all sorts of problems with it, even though it may be and you have something else.

    Now if you are not using it then do it uninstall and disable and also remove driver. If you do use it then after you delete need to download driver again and install. @xtract1

  9. I'll try to look for some pattern online that fits all of these things. By and large I could think of such a thing when the computer heats up and reaches certain temperatures and takes the computer a second to slow down and turn on the fan. But because you already replaced a computer then maybe it's not related. You also did not mention any problem on the subject. I also do not know if you are with an updated BIOS, maybe something has been fixed while in the latest updates. @xtract1

  10. Well if you are willing to stretch the budget a bit, then the thing that will contribute the most is to upgrade the processor to 5800x for example than the 5600x. As for memory there is no point in upgrading in my opinion. As for the video card, then it is not a good time to buy a video card and it is more interesting of 3 weeks. So I would take something that is enough for you for stills, and if you need to make a video more seriously for example then you will consider paying for a video card much more in the future (hoping the prices will be normal and not like today). @photo

  11. Quote of A-10

    It's in the micro.

    In Macro, Adobe will introduce GPU usage for more and more.

    If I may prophesy.

    And don't forget the Photoshop .


    In short, the choice is between the "OK +" system and the "Walla, everything is honey" system.

    When needed then there may be a reason to pay for this honey.

    Ultimately it is a system whose purpose is to enable editing and work and this system will fit.

    The glass ceiling that can be reached on computer expenses is very high.

    This system will recoup the investment on it.

    Paying a few thousand shekels for a small increase in performance for the same purposes will make the return on investment longer.


  12. As a basis, one can look at it. 5669 NIS.

    Currently on offer the video card is with 4GB which is big enough for working in stills, but will limit with video For example.

    For some reason ksp did not let me choose the other options of the fans, so I am not quite sure about the size of the fan and if it will block one of the slots of the memories.
    [img] [/ img] [b] [color = # 0000BF] Self-assembly of AMD stationary computer [/ color] [/ b] AMD processor: [url = https: // uin = 124690] Processor   5 5600X 3.7Ghz  - Tray [/ url] 1 CPU fan: [url = https: // Uin = 42568] CPU cooling  NH-D15 SE-AM4 [/ url] 1 motherboards for AMD processors: [url = https: // Uin = 106948] Asus PRIME B550-PLUS AM4 motherboard,  B550, , 2xPCI-E, , DP [/ url] 1 memories: [url = https: // Uin = 65895] Memory for computer G.Skill Aegis 16GB  3000Mhz CL16 [/ url] 2 video cards: [url = https: // Uin = 36293] video card  GTX 1050 Ti 4GB DVI  DP PCI-E [/ url] 1 SSD drives: [url = https: // Uin = 70536] ADATA XPG SX8200 Pro PCIe NVMe M.2 2280 1TB hard drive  ASX8200PNP-1TT-C [/ url] 1 Power supplies: [url = https: // Uin = 40820] Active and modular power supply  650W 80+ Gold TX650M. [/ url] 1 packages: [url = https: // uin = 78969] Computer package without a doubt  P120 Crystal ATX Case - Black Color [/ url] 1 Operating Page: [url = https: // Uin = 27949] Microsoft Operating System  10 Home OEM - Buy with  / Stationary new [/ url] 1 Assembly: [url = https: // Uin = 23070] Complete computer assembly - parts of KSP [/ url] 1 [b] Package price: NIS 5669 [/ b] [url = https: // Uin = 16015 © _comp = 307.124690.1,308.42568.1,309.106948.1,310.65895.2,311.36293.1,1311.70536.1,317.40820.1,318.78969.1,8248.27949.1 ,] [color = # FF0000] Product Page [/ color] [/ url] [b] [color = # FF0000] KSP is guaranteeing the cheapest price [/ color] [/ b] Attention! If you find a computer or identical part (s) in an actual store inventory) at a price lower than our online price list and under the same terms of delivery and warranty, you can purchase the product at a lower price and additional discount, or receive a 50% difference in invoice and product purchased after purchase.
  13. I'm with 64 just because I wanted to. I never really needed to and I saw that I was not taking advantage of it.

     I wholeheartedly believe it can be edited Even on much cheaper budgets and that is what is happening on the ground.

    A lot of editors on lower budgets who will also make a significant improvement over what you have.

    In theory in terms of external video card if you want you do not have to even 1660 mentioned to you before. You can also get by with 1050 or 1650.


  14. Familiar with petapixel. They and fstoppers from where the original article (which also took from the YouTube video) and other great style sites always take full guides and random reviews from the web and write a few words about them. Now it's not them either, but people who are allowed to advertise on their behalf and not really part of the team. Quite a few of the articles they publish are pointless and irrational that different photographers publish and put a back link to their site and not that of the photographer they are talking about.

    Now back to the article, these are versions from 2019 and since then Leitrum has gone through a lot mainly in terms of performance and multi-core. Like I said I checked with my 64GB of RAM and was only able to get with Leitrum for the utilization of 32GB of RAM and even less than 16 in export that utilizes all the cores.

  15. At the end of the day each photographer has their own workflow. But in the extreme case most of the time even if I open more files besides the main file, the other files will have small elements that I work on to put them into the main image I edit and not monstrous files (my files are much smaller usually regardless).

    Even when all exports of Leitrum to a full session of 500 תמונות Takes me 5 minutes total export, why would I want to do this while working with Photoshop?

    However, anyone who wants to can also spend more than 32 GB of RAM.

    Think of it this way - what is the cost of living in the city where you live?

    Now is it true that you can live well even with a budget of NIS 60 per month? But will this be the minimum required for a good living?

    In any case, believe me, a budget of 60 or more can be used in a second.


  16. Quote of A-10


    Walla, appreciate that.

    Maybe you will have a hard time with PUGET with a question about it?

    I wonder what they have to say ....

    Do not forget that this is a company whose goal is to sell complex systems expensively (with a profit of tens of percent above their value). They write that sometimes 128 GB of RAM will also be needed and also sell Leitrum computers with 128 GB of RAM. And regardless 3070 is the minimum they sell for a Leitrum computer without justification even according to their graphs.

    In short anything they are trying to sell you then you should take on limited bail. A-10

  17. I had to do a test to understand and show what it takes to get 32 ​​GB of RAM utilized without the software wanting to save RAM (because they are also able regardless of going to a swap file that I do not have anyway). For this I opened and saved at the same time a 6.6 GB psb file in Photoshop with over 40 layers. I exported 549 raw files of 24 megapixels in parallel with most of the possible settings, and opened all the pages on my personal site that total about 92 pages full of more than 1000 תמונות (Because the site loaded fast so he finished loading all the pages before I had time to take a photo when he downloaded). Then I got to almost 32GB of RAM. So if it is possible to utilize 64 GB of RAM, it is possible. If must in any case for Photoshop, Does not have to in most cases.


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