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  1. I would not run to Apple. In any case, a laptop that can be recommended within the budget (NIS 6495 on the website at the moment on pc365 Schneider) is Relatively this computer will be more powerful than founders and similar Intel computers and according to plus-minus tests can be worked on in terms of screen. As there is also a version of a newer model that costs about 404 or more with a processor from the 2000 series for amd laptops and also a video card from the 5000XXX series from NVIDIA. Manufacturer: Asus, Product Type: Laptop, Processor Model: AMD Ryzen ™ 3-9HS Processor 4900GHz (3.0M Cache, up to 8GHz), Internal Memory: 4.3GB, Storage: 32TB, Disk Type: PCIe NVMe M. 1 SSD, Screen size: 2, Resolution: 14.0x2560, Video card model: NVIDIA® GeForce RTX ™ 1440 2060GB GDDR6 Max-Q Design, Operating system: Windows 6 Home, Warranty period: year, Warranty type: Collection and return from customer, Giver Service: Asus @simpleone
  2. Usually what is recommended is to first turn off the power management in the Bluetooth and mouse and keyboard driver and all the saving modes that are directly related to the Bluetooth. @ xtract1
  3. I do not know the interface of Asus, but by logic it only shows you that this is an address that the router produced and is an internal address. Now in theory if in the living room this is the main converter, then I think it is better to turn off the dhcp in it as it is the one that produces internal addresses. @KF
  4. Look, in enable \ disable DHCP you will disable it. Now I guess something after that will change in the menu automatically. If not, check the default gateway in your router by checking Windows in ipconfig / all cmd. Now the dns will set for example (cloudflare) in the first and in the second. Or set as the default gatway if you want it to take what is set in the router. I guess the ip address will change depending on what you get. Update.
  5. I did not fully understand how the organic and everything works and how the connection between it and the phone will work. Anyway what I can say is that the first thing to check in terms of organic is whether it is suitable for Android (I assumed that according to type c you have Android?) And also if there are special apps needed for organic. Now in terms of adapter from type c to hdmi so it usually should not make special problems to transfer to TV. But the problem is if the phone will be able to connect to 2 devices simultaneously (assuming the organic one supports Android). There are many types of splitters (type c hub) that take from type c and splitters to hdmi and give some more usb connections, for example the anchor has some not very expensive ones on amazon. But it also depends on how much your organic power consumption will require from the usb connection. Anyway be successful, but I would not buy expensive adapters as they will not necessarily be a solution. I would go for an Anker type c hub from Amazon (in the country it's several times more expensive for no reason). @ Uri rt First of all I would make sure that in general the organic is suitable for the phone.
  6. By and large the router should not be touched. He is supposed to be the one who creates the inscriptions. As for the main converter and the other converters then they should be turned off. As for the last question, then there is no need in the country for this, or at least not for a home user. Answer from the Internet to your question "This is used by a few Russian ISPs such as Beeline, which will require obtaining a private DHCP lease from the ISP's private network, after which they will establish a PPTP connection with the ISP to provide the Internet access." @KF
  7. By and large the goal is that it will not create internal subheadings and will only use what the router gives, that everything will be uniform. So I would also try in-room converters. Again, if this is causing you problems then you can always return it. But in my opinion it is better that all the inscriptions be about the same subfamily. On the other hand if Yes converters need their own personal DHCP then you can return it to what it was. @KF
  8. The question is whether perhaps Yes's central unit does more internal DHCP. If so, it may be possible to try to cancel in Yes units. @KF
  9. By and large this is how the router assigns internal addresses. In addition it may be that the independent units are defined in a different way that does not allow them to get an internal address in a good way. It should be under DHCP. Anyway, if you say it worked well for you with Partner then maybe this would be a good solution. Assuming it is related to the default settings that a Partner router has. Or other DNS. It could be that at Bezeq they added to this package their cyber protection mechanism that is causing problems. In my opinion it works under their DNS and not something too complex. But from what I remember I have already tried to replace DNS in the router and units. @KF,
  10. One thing I would try to check out. If you have the option to set addresses in each of the units - then first thing I would in a router assign each one its own address. In addition I would switch between the units and check that everyone is connected to the correct address and under the same gateway. @KF
  11. Plus or minus I vaguely remember what the discussion was about. But in my opinion from what I remember then I have already seen in other forums after a search that more people have encountered problems with the multirom and it is not that rare. I still think the problem is somehow related to the Yes system and less to your internet, if you have tried all the things related to multicast and everything. If there is any compatibility issue due to a Yes mechanism, then I would expect any of them to know how to direct you. There may indeed be some definition that causes compatibility issues with hes, but one should look for candles. It is worth looking for similar services abroad regarding compatibility and the like. Maybe there is indeed something that needs to be eliminated or activated that the people at Yes' hotline do not know.
  12. I got to check now on Instagram. In theory I am not a fan of additives unless some relative built them. There is an option through web developer tools (this is how it is called in firefox and there is an equivalent in other browsers). In theory any video and any image that is uploaded through the browser on the computer then can be downloaded. You can filter by images or media. In theory it means a bit that you have to go through a bit manually and sometimes there are some quality versions. Now regarding this video it seems that Instagram does not specifically encrypt or hide the video, so you can filter by media and also download the video. This way you do not risk with extensions some of which run bots some of which do other non-kosher things while with your account and the like. Successfully! @ravnadal
  13. On the face of it the screen looks fine and can be used for purposes like fun programming. It does not use pwm which is the first thing you check to make sure it is less bothersome and tiring to the eyes and head, so here it is a spin. On the surface it contains a wide range of colors, although only after calibration can it also be used for other things like color editing. Lifting brightness uniformity and its color range between all corners relatively average while not perfect. The on-screen recommendation will depend on the price you found it. Anyway I attach you a translation of a professional reviews site on this screen. @elilosky
  14. The main thing is that people will know that there are free options. Welcome Initiative @ A-10
  15. I would give up most of the ones listed here and go straight for the software that has a free version that sells really well in the field and I would recommend Davinci Resolve which is mentioned in the video towards the end. In fact more than that, it is a software that is one of the most recommended for color grading because it works in the method of stacking parameters and changing colors and the work in it has become an industry standard. In fact in this area it is better than Premier and other well-known software that cost a lot. They also have a paid version that the difference between the free version is 4K support and the option to collaborate with several user systems as they do in studios that do not build on just one editor, the addition of multiple filters for more serious needs, HDR support and more.
  16. I would try something. It may be that even after you install the driver and it works, windows update may check and decide to update the driver from its array. It overrides the official driver with a non-standard driver from a windows update system and it also prevents you from installing the driver normally after that. I would go into safe mode and run DDU. Now my recommendation is to configure in DDU that will block installations from drivers update windows update. If it works out, then it is possible to prevent the installations in a different way and not arbitrarily through DDU
  17. Do you see a difference between connecting your cell phone to electricity and using a battery? Is anything changing? Turn on the computer connected to power and another time on battery @ asaf556
  18. Nowadays the use of a voltage shield with a delay is mainly for a situation where there may be power surges. When the voltage protector notices that there is a sharp drop or a sharp rise (not just lightning) then it turns off and does not allow the voltage to pass. Because power surges can happen multiple times in a short time including ups and downs in the same amount of time, the delay protects against a situation that could endanger electrical components and especially sensitive components such as sound equipment, computer equipment (although power supply helps overcome surges to some degree), and other products Multiple electricity. There are voltage / lightning shields that give a half minute stay and there are some that aim for 3 and a half minutes and of course there are more variations. Of course there are different types and maximum voltage that the shield can absorb for example and protect the devices. Of course every lightning protector has a maximum of power according to what you connect to it. It should match the power of your devices and be higher.
  19. In many cases if you have an Intel processor, then you will need to pre-install the Intel built-in video card in its Dch version. After you do that then you will need to install the chipset drivers and then you will be able to install the Nvidia driver I would even recommend downloading the auto install. If you have an Amd processor then I would recommend first thing to install the AMD Chipset Drivers. If none of these options help, log in to Device Manager and run a display of hidden devices. Check if you have a few different options hidden in the video card and delete them all including the driver if it lets it be marked. Then you can do DDU through safe mode and maybe I would also try to do that while clicking there in the menu on Disabling automatic driver installation via windows update. I will note that it is worth returning it after installation. Plus if the ddu doesn't help, then Nvidia also has auto remove software that I might have tried with before I tried with the DDU. As for installing the Nvidia driver then I would suggest installing their auto install. Good luck. @ asaf556
  20. I will try to help with what I eat. First thing in most built-in sound cards then the operating system runs what is called enhancement or a type of possible plugins some of which work with the same sound card exclusively. My recommendation is usually to cancel them all as they distort the natural sound signature. You can do this by going into sound settings, clicking on the sound card and from there getting to enhancement and clicking on disable all enhancement. Then in the window next you can check the sample rate and make sure it is in a range of at least 16bit and 44khz and no less. I would also recommend activating in the same window the options for exclusive mode just in case and you are using software that can take advantage of that. Now if you have an option on the label next to it called Spatial sound or Dolby something, I would also recommend disabling it as it can also distort the sound signature and for the most part it is less advisable to activate these things, especially with built-in cards. In theory if your sound card comes with some built-in equalizer or external software, I would recommend setting it to neutral settings (or even deleting that software). Hope some of the things I said will help you. Good luck. @ Guy950
  21. Look, if in standard situations the computer does not warm up then that's fine. System performance and attrition tests on the other hand will always be adopted to the maximum possible under unrealistic conditions. In the end if you do OC to improve the capabilities of the computer for your personal use, then probably your OC works fine as you say since it is not warming up and stable. If you are trying to push OC to the limit of its ability for performance tests then in my opinion it is already a completely different field and there is a reason why in competitive OC special materials are used only for the test itself (liquid nitrogen for example) and not for long term use. My recommendation is to just enjoy what you have at the moment and not worry about other things. @KF
  22. I would not turn it off as it is supposed to keep the CPU on. After all, the right way is to invest more in cooling and heat dissipation in a chassis that will allow you to squeeze more performance out of the CPU and oc. There are a lot of options and a lot of products that you can invest in and that means of course you need to open your wallet a bit. Since they will also allow you to hold the oc more stable and maybe even increase the power of the oc more. Good luck. @KF
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