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  1. The implementation of 5G antennas should transmit to a maximum of a few hundred meters and of course the distance will be a factor of speed. Even if theoretically it is possible to reach with them in laboratory conditions for more than that, but the range is very much affected by objects, structures, etc .... so there is probably no chance that you will have reception from those 5G antennas. In the end, more 5G antennas are supposed to be placed per square area compared to antennas from previous generations @ Lavi 2112
  2. In my opinion in the country the speeds are neutered to everyone in one way or another and it only gets worse with time. If in 2017 I would get in the same apartment 50 symmetrical in the cell phone network, before I left them a few months ago I reached speeds of individual megabytes in most of the city except in some places. If the cellular companies were making speed packets as a data package only, then they would come to them claiming that they were deliberately castrating the speeds to all the users and they could not have avoided that it is not the problematic infrastructure. Anyway I have no real experience with Data packages.
  3. Attaches another important parameter and that is HDCP for all its versions (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection). In fact, it is a standard that allows the use of encrypted video content such as video streaming (Netflix) and the like. Currently, the standard version that allows the use of newer media is important. For example Standard 2.2 is the first to allow the use and viewing of 4k media. Although there is already a standard 2.3 that also supports 8k. If you use an earlier standard such as 1.4 then your movies on Netflix will only be shown in fhd resolution. Now so that you can enjoy 4k resolution on Netflix for example - you will have to have your 4k screen support at least hdcp 2.2 and the video card.
  4. One thing I would try is to block all the experimental tests that Chrome does in the stable version as well. You have a link here with some explanation. you need --disable-field-trial-config @ XEON123
  5. Truth from light browsing the internet I see that there are all kinds of comments in forums about disconnections similar to ps4. Some say it happened to them after a certain update and some and always. There were some suggestions. Most people said that indeed the problem is not in the routers themselves but in the ps4. First thing to do is total shutdown and restart and not rest mode. Some said that because the wifi modules are different - then check which connection is more stable in terms of 2.4 or 5 GHz. Or wired connection. Some have recommended replacing the dns because sometimes disconnection occurs when there is a delay in responding to a Sony authentication server. Highly recommend that of cloudflare. Now I can think of a few other things not mentioned such as: if there is a firewall router then maybe weaken or disable the protection from Flood Attack and the like. Maybe change the range of the Beacon Interval to below 100 but above 50. For example 75. @ dror98
  6. What antivirus / security package do you have now? Is this the same one you've had all this time? Sorry I'm asking, but is the system running with a valid official license? @ dror98
  7. Although I only use Firefox, I can think of other things that can affect all browsers. In general Google likes to push experimental stuff for everyone more than other browsers and does not worry that some people will crash as long as it is good for most of them. Assuming you tried the usual things of running the browser in safe mode it is without plugins. After uninstall delete all trace to previous profiles and gate you tried other things as well. Now something important to know is if you happen to have further crashes with other non-Chrome related software? Plus what video card do you currently have? @ XEON123
  8. Has anything changed in the last few days as far as you can remember? Could be some relative was not and now returned (maybe his device causes various jumps?) @ Dror98
  9. It's a bit unclear what you did try and what you did not. Anyway the first thing I would suggest is to try disabling hardware acceleration and on the way check that the video card driver is up to date and not causing you issues with other software. Does this happen when you go to certain pages? I mean if you know in advance that if you go to a certain page then it will crash straight to you? Have you perhaps tried installing either a beta or canary version to see if the issue is specific with the current version? @ XEON123
  10. In my opinion I would call Lis and make it clear to them that it is not possible to use their devices that are not technologically mature and complain about them in all the forums in the country (I also checked on htmag and the like). I would point out that their technicians make fun of the work. I would immediately demand that they give a solution and take care of it and not send me a junior technician to make me feel helped. Now because there are usually people sitting there in the voicemail who just want to finish the shift and go - I would demand to speak to a higher representation because you are wasting your time. @KF
  11. Did you perhaps switch between the moccasins themselves? Check maybe one of them is wrong? @KF
  12. Did you check if you get the 721 error only with certain content? I realized that there are certain contents that restrict them from watching Multirom for all sorts of reasons mostly economic. It does not help much, but for example I realized that it is possible through the vod to watch their tutorial videos for example. Can you run them? Or is there no connection at all? @KF
  13. From what I understood by my ability to track, are you connected via a wifi to a Yes digital converter? If so then there may be an option to connect to another wifi to neutralize the effect of the modem / router and the like. Wire connection can isolate some of the problems as well. I will note that I do not have Yes or what you have, so everything is passed through me theoretically and I have no option to check for myself.
  14. I do not know yet what the problem is exactly. Guess it could be that the problem is somewhere hidden from us and may not be related to the router or Bezeq. You might try running the multirom through a hotspot on your phone just to give it a try. Not sure a landline connection will change anything anyway. @KF
  15. This wifi depends on your router and your network card and is not related to the connection itself. I will just mention that you will know that a wifi connection at maximum speeds you will only get with a wifi connection from a router that supports it and a suitable network card. For example from a router that is cataloged as ac1900 then the maximum connection speed to the same network card in the AC standard will be 1300 megabits - and out of that half the bandwidth close to the router will not hold water because that's how it works and there will be a maximum speed of half that. That is, up to 600 megabits, and at a higher distance then less. To actually get maximum speed then you already need a network card that supports some AX3000 (only available on a pcie connection) and a compatible router. Now regardless of fiber optics you can expect lower latency in a way from the equivalent of the same provider in VDSL or cable infrastructure. Upload speed will be much higher for example for backups - and when someone uses for example upload in a zoom call - it will not slow down the download rate and the like from blocking bandwidth. On the face of it fiber optics is always preferable. As for Unlimited I have no experience with them, but I know they are "matured" and more stable from the beginning of their deployment. @ Danny 35
  16. I know that in AMD graphics cards for example, there is an option called zero rpm that can be turned off. Most of the time the video card is not on effort so the fan does not turn at all. To me it bothers me that the card sometimes jumps from 0 to 900 RPM immediately and then goes straight back to 0. It makes me kind of annoying click noise that individuals hear once in about half an hour. Now regarding the zero rpm feature, for some reason all Reddit forum members always say that they owe this option by default and indeed because of them and more like them - so make it a default on many cards. In theory this should save the life of the fan and lower the noise threshold a bit. I am anyway among the only ones who do not tolerate this option.
  17. He is supposed to support. What does not support is some of the ISP profiles in all sorts of countries. Anyway try to run and check first thing from the more updated profile (v3), and if it does not work well then something older (1-2). @KF
  18. Could it be that the wifi connection is not strong enough and unstable in the room? Go to the control panel and from there to the network and sharing settings and from there click on your wifi connection What does it write to you in the theoretical connection speed to the router?
  19. Have you contacted Yes's service center? Maybe they have some direction. @KF
  20. In most cases these are in my opinion issues with the network card drivers. Worth checking out for the most up to date. Regardless recommends setting up dns in the operating system and not getting directly from the router. Even if the router accepts those configured by it or your ISP. Recommend those of cloudflare.
  21. As for multicast then in theory it is a way in which certain information is transmitted in the internal network. This is something that is usually recommended in a variety of certain video broadcasts. My understanding in explaining the protocol is not one that I will allow myself to expand. Anyway I will attach some link with pictures that can give some light understanding. @KF
  22. You can try something else. Now I do not know which version of IGMP is supposed to be on. Try starting from 3 and if not then the older ones. @KF
  23. The truth is I went to the Asus site for your router, and noted in one of the earlier BIOS versions that they fixed something that might as well be related. - Fix IPTV issues for specific regions. Updating a version may help. But I do not take responsibility for it. If you install then the last one is not BETA. @KF
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