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  1. For the things you mentioned you can work with Photoshop. Impact of a video card is not critical as it mainly affects certain plugins where there is some priority or optimization of display by accelerating hardware. In theory just understand that even a certain level of video cards, has no effect at all on the performance increase for very expensive video cards compared to simpler or midrange and below. In some things buying a video card can help a bit but it does not usually justify buying. I got to edit on old 13-inch laptops that are considered weaker, and it's possible and your decision whether it slows you down or is frustrating that it's no more agile - is up to you. In any case, it is important to make sure that the computer is maintained and that everything is working properly in it and there is no effect
  2. Go to about: config and set browser.zoom.siteSpecific to false. Then close the window and Firefox and turn it on again.
  3. Theoretically the very fact that he said it happens even when he makes a hot spot from the cellphone indicates that it is not necessarily a modem / router crash due to load. Also the very fact that it only works out after it restarts to the computer. But you're right it might be true for other situations, probably not the situation here.
  4. 1300 is in conditions you will not always have (either in the same room or a close room). After a few walls and a distance you will be able to reach much less. This is the maximum connection speed that the more distance and objects on the way then it will fade until it disappears, in some routers it will fade after a few individual walls .. This is a theoretical speed of the connection between you and the router. As long as the speed of the connection between you and the router is above 100 in the location you are in, then you can take advantage of most of the use of the internet infrastructure you are connected to (which is the 100 of the provider).
  5. Since this is an embedded post that should help everyone who visits the forum - I would love to add some parameters that are important to photographers and other people. The post opener is welcome to add to his guide and edit and shorten as he sees fit. Color gamut - Gamut which is actually the color space that the screen supports and it is important to indicate what percentage of it the screen supports. In fact how many colors and up to what level of saturation can they reach and a few other things. There are several standards in the market with different purposes and I will mention a few. SRGB is the color space that is considered the most suitable for the entire population. It is considered the standard of the internet and is recommended for photographers and the rest of the population. It is not considered a wide color space, although most of the screens of the general population are not yet complete
  6. There are differences between the different tickets and I will mention a few. I will not talk here about reliability or stability and such because they are things that are not a fait accompli and if anyone would like to point out something he is happy with then happily. Some cards support newer wireless transmission technologies that are of course faster. Currently in the country AX is the newest but not common enough. Followed by an AC that is becoming the standard. In theory the router should also support compatible technology for it to work. Standard N is already considered old and I would not recommend it. Below that is history. Each network card is built in a certain way and contains one or more antennas. In fact if your router knows how to send 1300 Mbps in AC standard (width p
  7. In theory especially in the old qualcomm cards I had to personally encounter strange problems as you mentioned. Software solutions did not help. I switched to the newest internal card that Intel had for my chassis and it did wonders. This is a story of about $ 20 on Amazon.
  8. You should also check if the network card supports over 100 megabits. If so then it is worth checking if in his driver something limits him. I would change from Auto negotiation which is set to default and checks. In addition as said before there are also cables that are really limited to 100 megabits.
  9. Occasionally when there are strange problems or errors that are not updated with the printer (even though you have fixed them) then it is worth going to services.msc and from there getting to the printer spooler and resetting the service. It fixes management issues with printers and clears queuing documents or other errors.
  10. Hello, do not know if the right place is here or in the consumer forum, believe in language more followers people who understand. A few months ago I moved my modem / router to another room and had to connect it with a 11 meter longer RJ6 cable compared to the 1 meter I had in the previous location. By and large it has not affected my browsing experience and I have no disconnections or other issues at all (except that I usually turn it off at night). Indeed, there is an orange light that comes on my router occasionally (only with long cables) and from my test the snr margin dropped from 13 dB when downloaded with a meter cable to around db8. I tried other cables in several microfilters and the same room and it stays that way or goes down to 6 and with a cable of this meter
  11. In my experience it depends on your needs. First of all, not all vdsl2 service providers are born equal. If you know there are many in the house who watch streaming all the time or do downloads, then there is an advantage to 500 of Hot. On the other hand if most of your use is web browsing then there are sample benefits at Bezeq International. From what I know Bezeq International works in collaboration with various cdn servers and a large part of what caching to large sites goes through it and through its server farms. So when you try to open a site that works with a particular cdn such as cloudflare then at Bezeq International you will open it from their server which is in the country. Conversely if you are in another communications company or mobile, you will most likely open it through the server located in Frankfurt
  12. Hello everyone, does anyone happen to know or have inside information (not necessarily confidential of course) when is FASTLY supposed to open their server in the country? It has been on their network map for over a year or more, which should be coming soon. They've already managed to open more servers around the world at a time that is no longer on the list. (The server closest to us for this cdn is in Frankfurt Germany).
  13. NR

    Push a page

    Apparently there was more widespread malfunction in TEAMVIEWER we noted that we fixed their status page.
  14. Hello to everyone who came in to read and help. Hope this is the right place (website development) I will explain what I am looking for - I have a site that is mainly a portfolio of photography and besides entries from Israel I also have entries from abroad. The site is now entirely in Hebrew (not always was) but I want to make it accessible to those who enter From abroad (entries from photography sites and forums mainly). My problem is that because the site is not viewer friendly not knowing Hebrew - so I see high dropout rates for those who come in from abroad (mainly because they never manage to get into the right photo galleries.) I realized that Google has long been unable to embed its translation plugin on sites and I tried to use
  15. NR

    Push a page

    Truth be told, I read about this kind of problem in GHACKS. A recent WinDos problem. Mainly affects anyone using VPN or PROXY and other software that should make some encrypted connection. Guess it's related to some kind of security update. Link to story - I have everything working, so I was unable to recover this malfunction. In some cases, they offered to reset the network driver before any new VPN connection and such. I'll try to find another combination that might help you.
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