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  1. I checked again and for me it actually works. It's in the media and you usually get a link that starts with - you make a right button on its line and make a copy url. From there you open the url in a separate tab and the video opens for you. Then you come to file-save page as while the video is working. For me it works like this without a problem. @ravnadal
  2. I am Bezeq and also use a private router. I bought an optical converter that costs about 20 euros (or 150 shekels in the country) and you can buy another specific module and then you can use whichever router you want.
  3. I'll just mention something so as not to confuse too many people. Every time I switch from one cellular company to another (for example Pelephone and Partner), I contact them that day and ask them to activate the volte and wifi calling option remotely and they do without a problem after it is activated in my network settings. Try it first before all the root types.
  4. I will give a little more information about the scams that can usually be encountered. You get a drive that can also have 500Tra written on it, that way it is formatted at least. Once you bypass the real few gigabytes that are on the drive, then there is usually some failure or things are deleted. What happens in this scam is that the drive is only formatted to present itself in a certain way. As for the fat32 so for sure it is a sign that the actual size of the drive is probably no more than 32 gigabytes or you do not want it to be reformatted and suddenly it will show the real size (although sometimes their format remains even after using Windows format). @ha
  5. I agree with you 100 percent. @ZiggyMan
  6. There is a big difference between the 2 demos they presented. At first with all the purple colors then it would have looked sharper and more promising. In the second video, however, a blur is created in the aisles. On the one hand it can be interpreted as a low resolution that has been multiplied several times with blurring in a simple way. But by the way it looks then it's not just a problem of magnification, but the frames connect to them together like an unsuccessful soap opera effect that causes a blur. So in my opinion for the quality to be stable it will require a high minimum frame rate. If this is true, then the weak video cards will present a less good picture for sure. (You can see the poor quality at the bottom end of the floor on the right and leaves above the bridge). In fact it looks poor because elements and pixels connect to a fireplace
  7. Well in another forum there was a representative of 012 who gave the following advice
  8. interesting. Have you tried when it's about Enabled to connect a computer to dlink cable? See in the case and the router really restricts and does not allow wireless transmission out, but only wires? @Raz .S
  9. Maybe there are more things to do, there is a general guide at the following link from one of the more knowledgeable forum members in the field.
  10. Try setting in the wireless bridge window as an access point and make sure bridge restrict is disabled. Now in terms of the wireless settings you will set what is possible on an automaton that it will take from the main router. This includes channels, speed etc ... @Raz .S
  11. In theory he supports wds so he should allow work as a repeater. I will try to find an example of the interface.
  12. Not exactly what I thought. The meaning is that through this option you may develop the ability to receive a wireless transmission to dlink, although it will not be able to transmit WIFI back. Anyway I guess the guide they brought does not cover all the options provided in the router. I'll try to see if I can find something more detailed. @Raz .S
  13. On page 75 of their guide there is something called wireless bridge. In fact, as I understand it, this means that the router will receive a transmission from another wireless source and will only be able to connect to it via a cable. I mean this is not quite a classic access point. try out. Anyway check also if it works when the dllink is closer to the hotbox. @Raz .S
  14. Well I can only see from what dlink indicates or does not indicate on the site. Anyway, if you say you have an option then you need the transmission from the main modem / router to support standard G. Usually this means putting the transmission technologies on automatic in support of a variety of standards in 2.4GHz transmission including G. The dlink may be more restrictive so try to set only G For experience. Now do bridge it only if you want to block the transmission capabilities of the hotbox modem as a router. @Raz .S
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