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  1. Maybe you have some kind of app that runs a VPN profile or something in the style or something that changes the private dns, does not know if something is legitimate or related to some security system or another or blocks advertisements. This could explain why it is only blocked after a few minutes but not through a computer (hotspot does not transmit things via vpn and the like). Go to settings and from there to connections. From Connections you will enter additional connection settings - from there you will enter the vpn settings and see if there is any profile that has installed any software. If there is then it is worthwhile to figure out which software is installed and delete. However you will also get a window back to private dns and see if it is set to off (or if you have set something with incorrect information). Anyway if you do not find anything then possible no
  2. As long as it is not an audiophile broadcast and is based on Bluetooth, then there are some Avantree products that are also sold in the country that can fit. You will need both a transmitter and a receiver. Pointing out a specific model would be hard for me to do other than look at dry specs. Anyway as the budget goes up then there are more interesting things including low latency codecs. Anyway brings a link to their site. In the country the importer seems to me to be a turtle and I know that ksp also sells some of their products. Successfully.
  3. The browsers I have recommended to you are not standard browsers. They are designed for use in situations where the internet is slow or expensive to use (puffin works differently, it's a different story). The Opera Mini browser compresses the images and other elements to a level where web traffic is much lower. worth trying. However in browsers such as firefox you can install the ublock origin ad blocker which has more options on its settings page of disabling web fonts (only loads system fonts instead of formatted fonts which are really slow to load in some cases) and also blocking elements of media (images, Video, sound, etc ..) above the size you choose, for example any image over 50 KB will not load. You can chat
  4. For situations where you need a minimum of traffic for all sorts of reasons, I would recommend the Opera mini for mobile. I would set the data saving to automatic, but you can also try high or extreme. You can set a compression name for really low quality images. In addition they also have a built-in ad blocker. Compression here is tougher than just turning off the images. In theory it could be that in some situations puffin will also fit, and it will be more full of features. Either way they both transmit all the information through their servers and compress them. Gabi puffin then processes all the javascript files through their servers and only displays the view.
  5. For 860 evo the results here are normal. An index of iops does not say much and does not like to rely on it, especially not through samsung magician. The other speeds measured in MB on the crystal disk mark are perfectly normal.
  6. In terms of antivirus and a free firewall, with an emphasis on the free one - I think I can recommend the zonealarm of the Israeli checkpoint (half?). They give protection that is considered good in their free version. Their design interface has not changed for years but they update what is important under the engine. In terms of under the engine then they update some of the elements from other security systems such as Kaspersky and other things. It seems to me that in terms of technology in personal development it is mainly the firewall. In their paid version then of course they have protection from ransomware and the like and other things. But as a paid version, I might have recommended other security systems and not necessarily theirs. And to the question that
  7. In theory the very fact that the operating system sits on the 970 so it probably slows you down in performance performance only. But it's because the operating system is working while on this drive along with other background software probably. In theory in terms of the 970 and regardless of the other variables that only you know about (components, software, etc.), you should have a good experience thanks to the 970 and well you put the operating system on it. I would not chase numbers and try to enjoy and use the computer for your uses. As for the 840 then the speed you saw is of your RAM and not of the 840. That's the whole story of rapid mode. It loads cache of certain templates such as performance testing and some other things. It looks beautiful in numbers, but in practice it is
  8. Nvme drives do not have this option because most have realized that there is no reason. Plus minus the drive works in its reasonable range, though not maximum performance in the measured range. It has other things that can affect such as things running in the background, settings of the operating system, pciex2 channels versus 4 channels and the like. Anyway I would turn off the rapid mode in the 840 as it also takes away from the ram of the computer and can also cause stability issues.
  9. You probably have a quick mode in samsung magician that puts these tests into RAM. My recommendation is to turn off this option as it can cause such and such problems and crashes.
  10. Small correction. Murata is one of Apple's suppliers. I probably came across it with an iPad Pro from a friend who hooked up with me. As for the packetvideo then it could be a software component that takes care of streaming video in dlna (at least according to some of the information on the net that talks about the company itself). Now regarding Mac addresses then Windows sometimes by default for some users fakes the Mac address to hide the original. Sometimes it stays on the router even after you have already received a new address. My recommendation for you to feel more relaxed is to first get into the router and possibly block access to what you do not recognize (even a simple Mac block). Just make sure you are not blocking unnecessary things. After that do a restart to the router and go over all the devices to
  11. If I am not confused, I came across Murata with a playstation.
  12. In my case the site loads for me fast (between 1.5 and 2.5 seconds) and I do not experience any issues mentioned here. On the other hand my browser is set to not keep any cache at all and every opening of the browser claims everything is clean (my favorite Firefox). In theory working with a server cache or cdn is recommended and I would not cancel for anyone who suggested (except for dynamic content that needs to be updated immediately). You can of course set different expiration times according to what the site owners will want. And by the way, for those who use Chrome, then Chrome does not like to refresh the cache even when there was such an instruction according to the code and in my opinion it can be blamed. chrome also does not delete cache after being asked to delete all information and history. As for the menu above it is not fruitful
  13. For the things you mentioned you can work with Photoshop. Impact of a video card is not critical as it mainly affects certain plugins where there is some priority or optimization of display by accelerating hardware. In theory just understand that even a certain level of video cards, has no effect at all on the performance increase for very expensive video cards compared to simpler or midrange and below. In some things buying a video card can help a bit but it does not usually justify buying. I got to edit on old 13-inch laptops that are considered weaker, and it's possible and your decision whether it slows you down or is frustrating that it's no more agile - is up to you. In any case, it is important to make sure that the computer is maintained and that everything is working properly in it and there is no effect
  14. Go to about: config and set browser.zoom.siteSpecific to false. Then close the window and Firefox and turn it on again.
  15. Theoretically the very fact that he said it happens even when he makes a hot spot from the cellphone indicates that it is not necessarily a modem / router crash due to load. Also the very fact that it only works out after it restarts to the computer. But you're right it might be true for other situations, probably not the situation here.
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