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    I'll make some order. First of all, not every router you buy in the private market will necessarily be better than what you get from the company. As for bandwidth then there might be some confusion and I will give some explanation. If you are talking about channels then not every 6 \ ax wifi router supports a bandwidth of 160. It will usually support up to 80mhz for sure. To enjoy a 160mhz channel connection you need both a supporting router and a supporting wifi component. So most of the time on phones this is not the case. In fact if you have an ax3000 router then in an 80 mhz connection you will get a maximum of 1.2 theoretical connection (which you will divide further into a practical connection). And with a 160mhz channel connection then you can get up to Mbps2400 theoretical connection to wifi but also you will have to share it to get the practical connection to the network. In case the router supports 160 but the WiFi component does not, then you will get up to 1200 if there are 2 antennas for the WiFi component. If you have a wifi component or if it is a phone with one antenna - then in fact the connection will be 600 theoretical and less practical. As for 2.4 and 5 then in fact the faster the wave rises and falls, the more sensitive it will be to walls and objects on the way that will lower its strength. As for 2.4GHz so this is a slower wave and less sensitive flushing but not in a way that really changes world orders. @ Maor Tzobari
  2. Look, we'll try to locate the problem when it pops up. A right button on my computer and from there to manage will open a window for you. There you will have something called an event viewer. When you open it and get to windows logs and from there to system then you will see all kinds of errors or alerts from windows regarding all sorts of things. Some pop up for historical reasons and can be ignored. But if you can actually isolate one of the events by the time the lag pops up - then maybe we can find out what the problem is or what is causing it. @ xtract1
  3. NR


    The difference in delay times is not significant at all. As for 2.4 then I would connect things like phones or printers to it and not something that requires streaming video or requires higher speed. In the 2.4 connection I generally download certain values ​​in the router that relate to the synchronization times between the devices and save some battery so for the phones. As for connection it is usually a username and password and that's it. As for Asus' advanced routers then they are getting security updates at a faster rate and quantity than the other players in the market.
  4. NR


    Bezeq is currently taking an additional payment for another point. Regarding the delay time I talked about it is about latency in access to servers or websites. Not to be confused for example with ax technology statements that all companies declare will be up to 75 percent less stay and ping. Most companies do not tell those who do not understand that the delay times are usually between 1ms and a little more if it is a large amount of devices that are connected. For easy home use with a small amount of devices most of the time delays to the router as opposed to wired connection are 1-3ms. For 600 or 1000 it is up to you. Most often it depends on how many devices will slide in the process and what they will do. One thing but it is important to know that the increase also drops from 100 to 60 for the most part. There is a lot of confusion but 1800 means 1200 at 5ghz and another 600 at 2.4. Because it's WiFi then usually even if it's 30 cm from the router you will not get maximum download speed but up to about 60-70 percent of it at a distance of 30 cm. Every router except the speed and all the bell and whistles has a transmission power related to the router and the antennas. It is worthwhile for you to make comparisons on sites that have tested these routers at different distances. If you get into a situation where you buy a router that does not reach the last room in the apartment, it will suck. As for connecting channels, then there is no reason to switch from 5 to 2.4 in reasonable cases. Regarding installation and connection - it requires a certain connection that if you take a Bezeq router for a month then they will install it for you - from there to an optical converter that needs to be bought and from there via an Ethernet cable to a router that supports pppoe in a WAN connection. As for the reception and transmission between the routers I am a bit stressed at times to explore this, although I want to help as much as I can. It is worth checking Google's comparisons of different sites with other routers. @ Maor Tzobari
  5. NR


    By chance I saw that you updated the question and added more questions. So instead of editing mine, I will write the sequel here. As for installation then it should not be too complicated to run an external router. But it's like I said it requires a component that converts an optical fiber to an SFP connection. The same optical fiber with the same connection you need to insert into an optical converter and from there with an Ethernet connection to a WAN connection of a router. If the router supports Pppoe connection then you can actually put your login information in the router and surf. Anyway it's a bit of a process and the level of difficulty in putting together such an array is individual. As for the routers you specified then they do not give a connection mode of 2.4 5 channels by default. This is a feature that I do not tolerate that exists by default in Bezeq's Be routers and is intended for those who do not intend to touch the settings at all. This usually causes the router to transmit to the devices a 2.4 connection that is stronger though, but at the expense of 5ghz which will be much faster. And as for the last question, so yes - it is possible to connect a private router to Bezeq and that is what I am currently doing. @ Maor Tzobari
  6. Not a particularly happy post if you mentioned he fell. In fact it does not find the default drive from which it needs to run the operating system. Now if you do not see this drive in the BIOS then there may be some situations. The first thing may be that something just went off. The connection to the hard disk moves a bit and the like. In other situations there may be a failure of the hard disk itself. Of course there could be a temporary disconnect and something moves and that's why the computer is trying to play the next drive in line after the hard disk which is a connection over the network. That means there may be something that changed the order of ascent and if you go into the BIOS then maybe you can go in and change the order of ascent in such a way that the hard disk will go up first. Entering the BIOS usually depends on the computer but most often it is by pressing the del button while ascending, sometimes it is f2 or f10 or f12. Successfully. @ Yair Yair
  7. There can always be an option that actually the whole computer gets a bit stuck and not just the mouse. I would like you to try something before. You will reach a control panel and from there to Network and sharing and from there you will click on your WiFi connection in the middle of the screen and there you will see the strength of your connection in WiFi to the router. Now why do I suggest checking the Wi-Fi connection at all - if for some reason the Wi-Fi / Bluetooth component is not stably connected to the antennas - then over time you will suddenly see drastic drops or large jumps or low speeds regardless of which can reach less than 20 megabits and the like. And yes, that's something that can happen. Although the probability that 2 different computers happened it is a bit puzzling but could be, you will know. It can also herald that there is another problem with the connection other than the antennas not really standing still (the connection of these antennas to the laptops is a walking joke). @ xtract1
  8. NR


    Until now, Bezeq used to install only up to the nearest first point in the house of where the phone is (it is possible to turn on the phone and it does not come in place). Nowadays they also allow for an additional connection fee up to additional points inside the house. As for Bezeq and Bezeq International, then their advantage is a kind of monopoly with all the cdn companies for pop's that companies in the country have. This means that most of the major sites in the world use a service that stores parts of sites at different points in the world. So when you open a website, then instead of opening and loading from the server in the US, it is more likely to be opened from Israel or at most from Europe. 1. It is possible to use their router but it is very basic in the settings it gives you to configure. It's kind of just running and that's it, and if you're one of those who likes to configure more complicated things, then you have no option. First month to take their router. This is how it comes with some part that you do not have to return that costs 2 shekels. You can connect this part to an fiber optic converter and a replacement router if necessary. As for whether it is worth dealing with a replacement router - so it depends on which router you take You know how to mess with it. As for ax so there is nothing special in this technology that I will tell you it's the end of the road. On the one hand some of the routers that support ax so they have support for wpa100 encryption which is newer than older wpa3. Speed ​​unless you use a bandwidth of 2mhz then it will be double.I will make you a brace R a bit and understand that it also depends on your wifi component or pcie card. As for the ax5 then you will get a maximum of 600 megabits in 160ghz transmission. As for the ax1800 then the connection actually allows a dual bandwidth of 1200mhz per channel and it allows up to 5 megabits. These are 3000 connected antennas. As for the routers you listed, the tp-link does not support wpa160 which is not a deal breaker for now, but in the future maybe. Only the asus ax2400u supports up to 2 megabits. I will mention that Whip regardless of how close you are to it will always be less fast than the listed number. So you can cut anything in half or maximum up to 3 percent of the speed. In fact in the connection of the ax58 you are supposed to get 2400 so you will get a maximum when you are near the router some 65 megabits. Now regarding asus routers, asus has a niche that is very likable for those who like to mess with settings and it gives more choices and control over its routers. Regardless it updates security vulnerabilities at a rate and in greater quantity than tplink. Aside from the security systems that Asus has implemented in these routers then their routers are considered to be more advanced in every sense. On the other hand if you do not see yourself getting along then tp-link has a simpler access without a lot of options. Now as for reception, the first 1800 models of tp-link do not boast of particularly long-term transmission. You can see in all sorts of tests for example, although not every site that actually tests compares with all the routers you think of. Regarding the installation of an external router, you will usually require an optical converter that can be bought in Israel for NIS 1200 or through Amazon Germany for 600 euros. If you pay Bezeq for their first month on their router, then they will install a component that costs about NIS 2 that converts the fiber to an sfp connection (I think they call it that). And you connect it to an optical converter and from there on some ethernet cable you connect to a wan of some router. Successfully. @ Maor Tzobari
  9. Usually OEM drives have less support and are more common among laptops. Anyway you will specify which ssd you have and maybe there is some special driver for it and maybe it is a consumer version. Samsung for example has their own nvme driver, but I do not remember that it is also intended for OEM.
  10. No no, do not remove Intel drivers in any way. Intel has a dismal history where wifi driver removals have prevented the use of wifi after that regardless of reinstallation and required reinstallation of windows. I got to experience it on my meat a few years ago. @ xtract1
  11. I do not know if you tried, but I would suggest downloading the latest drivers for wifi and Bluetooth directly from Intel and not through asus. @ xtract1
  12. AMD has the option of a type of small overclock or at least the so-called stay longer on a certain speed. I for example had all kinds of crashes that are actually related to gpu and I blamed the video card, but in the end after I canceled it then all the crashes stopped completely. In some Asus motherboards then they have enabled it in recent BIOSes by default. Do a Google search for precision boost crash or pbo crash and you will see that many have crashes with it. And the benefit is not in heaven. @ K1ko7
  13. Just for the sake of sports, did you manage to open another user in Windows without any activations of the software and see if it also has the crashes? Now my recommendation in x570 motherboards is to look in the BIOS for the pbo and all the precision and turn off completely (do not leave on automatic). Something there sometimes takes out of stability all the systems. @ K1ko7
  14. I would try to install the AMD Chipset Drivers in the latest version and make sure it writes to you that the installation is complete (sometimes it writes fail but it seems like it is complete). They have had some problem in the past that is reminiscent of this. If it fails to install you normally and write to you that it is fully completed, then a trick that sometimes works is to open it through a manager in cmd. @ K1ko7
  15. I currently find in a Google search a few stores that I do not really know and it is difficult for me to recommend (Google search by Hebrew or in Israel). At the time there was more when I was looking for myself. Just want to point out when at the time I was searching and was in stock for well known stores as well - not everyone mentioned if it was a version of pwm, flx, 5v, or 3 pin or 4. So it is also important to check it out.
  16. On high-speed Internet and more symmetrically, business customers are being robbed of a fortune and numbers that the private public does not know. From thousands to tens and hundreds of thousands of shekels depends on the speed and organizational layout and depends on the region. As long as there is no competition then there is no reason for suppliers to overrun their profits in the business market. These technologies have been around for years. Already a few years ago when I traveled in Switzerland, then I saw with them triple deals for the home market of a symmetrical Internet of 10 gigabits and another phone line and TV services with Apple TV at a price of about 180 shekels per month. Relative to their salaries it is nothing and nothing.
  17. Look, I do not know what antivirus you are using, but it's worth checking to see if you have a setting there that actually stops the antivirus scans in the background when there is a load on the system. @ xtract1
  18. Well if you have already installed all the drivers of the laptop and in the 2 laptops it did not work - it could still be a collision between the drivers or the software. Less think it's a hardware issue that has been replacing computers. If it could already be because of the antivirus for example. I would try a few things. If you log in to BIOS most often in the boot window there will be an option to set normal boot or fast boot. On the face of it there should be no problem here but sometimes the use of a fast boot can prevent the system from detecting certain changes. So worth changing to normal boot. Now because sometimes there are collisions between sound drivers and anything that can cause latency or freeze, there are those who recommend disabling the service of some internal sound cards (should not affect the sound) whether it is realtek or something of intel or of the video card. My recommendation is to keep it as clean as possible and delete the blotwares of the sound card other than the driver itself. Another option that you can try that usually affects sound more, but may also help you - right-click on my computer and from there click on properties - from there to advance system settings and from there to advanced and then in performance click on the settings (feel free to turn off all effects except smooth edges of fonts + show thumbnails instead of icons) you and from there again on advanced and here you will select the background services. In fact it will give some priority in terms of latency to actions done in the background. Most often it affects audio, or things that happen in the background (such as Bluetooth and wifi)
  19. If this only happens with a particular mouse, it's worth trying to update its firmware. @ xtract1
  20. Something really weird here. Anyway my recommendation is to turn off all sleep after (maybe set to 0 and it will never set). Also eliminate hibernate. In my opinion there is a chance that something related to this is the source of the problem. The number that appears to you in hibernate on battery is not a number that comes with a clean installation of Windows. There may be some software or security system that has some addon that adds power saving features. @ xtract1
  21. You tried through an administrator user to enter manage (right click on my computer and only with an administrator user) from there to disk management, get down to the drive and from there click on the cube of the cd-rom - then? Change driver letter @ law89
  22. I do not remember what was the way I canceled cortona, maybe I canceled windows search and the option that it will index things on the computer completely, it was a long time ago. Anyway in one of the wanderings I found some recurring options that I can not check myself right now- -or-gpo / Regarding gpedit so it only exists in versions of Windows Pro and above and not in home. Choose what you are comfortable with. In power management settings you have the program set up for you - usually on laptops it is balanced. You click on the same line of the program to change the program - from there change advanced power settings, and there it will open a window with settings. There are many recommendations here on what to turn off or change, from those that are available without playing in the registry so usb selective suspend is recommended to turn off - and more settings of power saving in pcie, in hard disk \ ssd regarding shutdown after a certain time set to 0. Regarding the last setting then it is not in any device A wifi that is shared by Bluetooth, you may not have. Hopefully some of this will help, there may also be some definition hidden in the BIOS that has to do with power saving (like supporting some sleep state). @ xtract1
  23. There are all sorts of things that can cause some problems and you can try, although it does not guarantee anything. . Disabling the fast startup is something I would first recommend regardless of the mouse. It is in the power management settings in the control panel. In fact it is enabled by default in Windows and it prevents the operating system from doing a complete restart. In addition, Logitech can also upgrade the mouse (or dongle) firmware if there is a new version. Install the mouse driver (if I understood correctly and this is a Logitech mouse then Logitech options, it is only recommended to turn off smooth scrolling if it causes problems). If the operating system is in English then disable Cortona. Did you happen to uninstall Bluetooth Driver and let Windows install an older version approved by them? (Without most blotwares, just pay attention and do not delete the wifi driver). In the power management settings if you go into the preset that you currently have, you will have a line name called usb selective suspend - I would set to disabled. In the same window there is also a setting of the pci express and also there I would recommend setting to disabled. Another thing to try in case you have ssd support is to install the Intel® Rapid Storage driver. (Or something similar) since sometimes the delay you get is not due to the connectivity issues of the Bluetooth but the freeze of the ssd or older computers hdd (mostly compatibility issues, usually in standard Windows installations these do not have these issues). There I would also eliminate power management. If you have a wifi driver setting called Bluetooth Collaboration then you can try disabling it and see if it works for the better. If not, then return. Hopefully one of the things here will help, of course there are more things and suggestions from the net. I have just made suggestions that in theory should not accidentally impair the proper functioning of the computer. @ xtract1
  24. I checked again and for me it actually works. It's in the media and you usually get a link that starts with - you make a right button on its line and make a copy url. From there you open the url in a separate tab and the video opens for you. Then you come to file-save page as while the video is working. For me it works like this without a problem. @ravnadal
  25. I am Bezeq and also use a private router. I bought an optical converter that costs about 20 euros (or 150 shekels in the country) and you can buy another specific module and then you can use whichever router you want.
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