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  1. Thanks for the response Do we also have to do this in Bakand?
  2. We are in the process of setting up a desktop site and we want to start developing frontend for an outsourced website (html. CSS. JS) The system will be in Hebrew but the programmer does not know Hebrew Is there a solution for this? For example - the site will actually be developed in English, and then we will change the content to Hebrew (we will hire an Israeli programmer)
  3. IVA

    Is programming right for me?

    Thank you but does it make sense that I am having trouble writing correctly?
  4. IVA

    Is programming right for me?

    FS programming because according to the results, I'm not good at math so I'm aiming for a course / botoxamp
  5. From a young age I really like to study complex theories in programming and computers and understand them well (not just in computers), but I find it difficult in language syntax and correct writing and according to the results of a psychotechnical test suitable for programming, law, and research psychology I decided to go for programming Will I succeed with the data? I would love to thank you very much
  6. Hello everyone. I am a photographer who uses Photoshop a lot (especially image processing) and therefore I need a strong tablet. And I would love to hear from you appropriate recommendations. A list of things that are important to me to have on a tablet. 1. Separable keyboard. 2. et. 3. ssd is better. 4. A tablet designed to work in Photoshop & Co. 5. A matte screen that will not mislead me in color accuracy. 6. Battery for several hours of work. 7. A powerful processor that will make it easier for me in the heavy software. 8. Operating system in Hebrew. 9. At least a 12.5-inch large screen. 10. Dedicated connections to an external hard disk, etc., are preferable. The ones that probably fit. 1. Lenovo Ideapa
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