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  1. No. I have access to a computer (a kind of distance like KVM) but the burner is in my position and the length of the cable between the computer and the burner is about 80 meters. Can be burned when the cable is about 80 meters long
  2. As part of my job I am required to burn videos to discs for external clients. Burning is a MUST and cannot be switched to any other media format. We burn about 5-10 discs a day. The size of the recordable file ranges from hundreds of megabytes to 5-8 GB. The computer on which the recordable file is located is in a server room and I want to burn the disk in my position. The distance from the server room to my stand is about 800 meters (cable). Is it possible to burn from a remote computer and if so, how long do you think the burn will take?
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