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  1. He meant that besides that the processor is good for frying an omelet or heating the room in winter. There are not many degrees to this processor. 5800X is cheaper and more efficient in performance, and its motherboard and cooling are also cheaper.
  2. Their conclusion is that the shortage will only end when Intel releases the next generation Rocket Lake-S There is an absurdity here, that the people who want to get an AMD processor at a reasonable price are waiting for Intel to release their processors.
  3. I know that relative to abroad it is not a good price. But depending on the situation and those who want to buy in Israel (there are some, I personally do not) it seems to me a good offer.
  4. The KSP currently has good prices, the 3060 TI from Asus currently costs 2615 NIS.
  5. If it is in good condition, it seems to me that the price should be between 2000 and 3000 NIS
  6. This is how it looks from previous leaks. What is currently happening in the U processors segment is that the processors in the ZEN2 architecture that last year came with SMT for example, 4800U 4600U, will be marketed this year under the names 5700U and 5500U respectively. And the new ZEN 3 series will have the 5800U and 5800U processors and of course the 5900U.
  7. SATA port does not need PCI-E It is only designed for connecting a fast SSD. AMD has 24 but 4 are designed for connection to the motherboard. And besides the motherboard itself has more PCI-E arteries (only the X570s are PCI-E 4 and the B550s are PCI-E 3.0) it only matters to those who want to connect SSDs with a fast PCIE 4.0 connection.
  8. Lior wrote that using 3600 memories with 16 CL results are less good than using 3200 14 CL memories
  9. It depends a bit on which I7 because between 10210U and 10510U there is not much difference but between 1035G1 and 1065G7 there is more difference and I7 10710 comes with 6 cores which is significant but is quite rare I personally would prefer 16GB of memory usually
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In June everything will work out? The MWC 2021 exhibition begins with a Corona-adapted version

Instead of a grandiose mobile celebration in Barcelona - we get a relatively small event in Shanghai this week, and plans for a European comeback this coming June The MWC (Mobile World Congress) was the first notable technological event to suffer last year's coronation, with naive restrictions in the first stage, Complete cancellation of the physical event afterwards - and at the same time promises that next year everything will return to normal, when it is likely that at that point in time no one guessed or predicted that even in 2021 ...

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