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  1. All IDEAPAD 5 models cannot expand memory. That's the main drawback of this series to me. Fulfilled if you buy 16 GB. But buying 8 GB today without the possibility of expansion, it's a bit annoying.
  2. In the model you bought ideapad 5 the RAM can not be upgraded, as it is soldered. And there is no additional available slot.
  3. I will just explain what A10 probably meant the Lenovo series that you brought in better quality than Dell's series each company has many series and levels, so it's hard to compare companies, and even if in general we assume that Dell has an advantage over Lenovo, you have to check each series and model individually
  4. If you use IDM you can limit the download speed (to 150 say) and solve the problem.
  5. Which means that Intel is a year or more behind AMD is sad ... The only consolation right now is that laptops will probably have an advantage because of the reduced power consumption.
  6. There is a small error in the article "Is the RYZEN 5 5600X a suitable processor for the waiting gamer?" Should be written 5600G
  7. I also do not look at wifi 6 as a parameter, but usually a computer that does not have WiFi 6 is usually an older model, and its processor is also less advanced.
  8. Gaming computers with a 17.3 screen, especially those that come with Intel processors, consume power, even in simple operations. Oh because of the big screen and because the processor is coming with a TDP of 45W so it is not unreasonable that it holds only 3 working hours. And that does not mean that there is necessarily some kind of malfunction.
  9. If in KSP the price of 1X is cheaper than Ivory at NIS 5600, then the 200 will probably also be cheaper at NIS 11600 than Ivory. I probably put the 200KF to the KSP, its price will be around 11600 NIS as I wrote above. 1000. I claim that I personally prefer the 2X despite the difference in price, which is for the reasons you mentioned. On what is written above that the price of the processors will be the same.The difference in the tangle is 5600 for Intel compared to 1188 for 1354 for the box models
  10. I try not to talk about Rick, please check. In KSP I still did not find the 11600KF so I did not bring them. In IVORY the 11600KF BOX is sold in 1190 and the 5600X BOX is sold in 1490 = 35624
  11. The 11600KF is sold by the suppliers at 215 NIS less than the 5600 not including VAT so it should be significantly cheaper. Its price should be in the region of 1000-1050 NIS at Yahav Computers model 11600KF sold at 1149 and 5600 X BOX sold at 1500 , The TRAY model is cheap at NIS 100, which is a difference of NIS 250. (I could not find prices for 11600KF in other stores)
  12. This part is not true, the price of the 11600KF is significantly cheaper than the 5600X in the area of ​​250 NIS less, however I personally would choose the 5600X
  13. You can also try Qtranslate is an excellent software that translates via the Internet and you can choose to translate Google, Bing Babylon and more, select text and click double ctrl
  14. There are 2 parts in the warranty of a stationary computer 1. Warranty on assembly. 2. Warranty on the components. I think there was a misunderstanding here, they meant it violates the responsibility for the assembly, so the burden of proof is on you if there is a problem with one of the components. But if you prove to them that there is a problem with one of the components, it is clear that there is a warranty, because it is possible to purchase components separately.
  15. He meant that besides that the processor is good for frying an omelet or heating the room in winter. There are not many degrees to this processor. 5800X is cheaper and more efficient in performance, and its motherboard and cooling are also cheaper.
  16. Their conclusion is that the shortage will only end when Intel releases the next generation Rocket Lake-S There is an absurdity here, that the people who want to get an AMD processor at a reasonable price are waiting for Intel to release their processors.
  17. I know that relative to abroad it is not a good price. But depending on the situation and those who want to buy in Israel (there are some, I personally do not) it seems to me a good offer.
  18. The KSP currently has good prices, the 3060 TI from Asus currently costs 2615 NIS.
  19. If it is in good condition, it seems to me that the price should be between 2000 and 3000 NIS
  20. This is how it looks from previous leaks. What is currently happening in the U processors segment is that the processors in the ZEN2 architecture that last year came with SMT for example, 4800U 4600U, will be marketed this year under the names 5700U and 5500U respectively. And the new ZEN 3 series will have the 5800U and 5800U processors and of course the 5900U.
  21. SATA port does not need PCI-E It is only designed for connecting a fast SSD. AMD has 24 but 4 are designed for connection to the motherboard. And besides the motherboard itself has more PCI-E arteries (only the X570s are PCI-E 4 and the B550s are PCI-E 3.0) it only matters to those who want to connect SSDs with a fast PCIE 4.0 connection.
  22. Lior wrote that using 3600 memories with 16 CL results are less good than using 3200 14 CL memories
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