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  1. By and large DELL's INSPIRON models are more home models so if you are looking for a powerful computer I would recommend looking at the VOSTRO models which are more physically powerful as well as the Latitude model you brought is an old model with an 8th generation processor I would recommend looking for a processor at least 10th generation or even 11 Although very poor conservatives in this section and they do not have 11th generation processors so anyway I might consider this computer https://www.zap.co.il/model.aspx?modelid=1092553 (If so you will need to research a bit about it ) All this is supposed to be in the supply segment of DELL but as for other companies I can tell you that for example in Lenovo the ThinkPad series is the most physically powerful series and lasts longer
  2. I bought a new SSD drive for my computer and replaced it with my old drive and installed the WINDOWS from scratch. Now when I connect the drive to the computer on an external connection there are files that are marked with a small key on the side that I can not open them I tried to release them by clicking Properties \ Encrypt content to secure data and download the name that is marked there and click Apply but it does not let me It writes to me I need permission from the previous computer I also tried to turn the old windows from the old drive but I have a blue screen and it tells me that I have a problem in Windows I would love to help Because there are files that are important to me
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