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  1. If they succeed, does that mean the miners will switch to AMD? Because it is quite clear that the miners will not be satisfied with the series of tickets for mining, whose inventory is probably even smaller than the home tickets (which are also not enough for parents) ...
  2. It is very sad that unlike their previous games, this time they chose to follow the despicable path of a regional price expensive in Israel at 30% of the price in dollars. In the past they were the righteous in Sodom ...
  3. Just note that Humble have started blocking accounts of people selling or exchanging games from their packages (the whole network is buzzing and noisy), including blocking access to anything you bought in the past, and canceling all games you bought in the last six months (actually deleting them from your sets account). you have been warned!
  4. The great thing about the first Foucault was that it gave up all the noise and ringing around, bringing a powerful instrument at a popular price. The new Foucault, on the other hand, is similar in both specifications and price to the Mi10, OnePlus8 and other flagship devices from Chinese manufacturers. It brings no innovation ... no refresh ... no point in buying it over the competition ... (similar to the original Foucault F2, which was weaker than the first even and a total failure for the first nation). If these are the products that the independent Foucault company is able to bring, there would be no point in making them a spin-off. We also get the same devices from Shiomi ... at the same prices ...
  5. GreenManGaming requires a VIP account to receive the benefit
  6. Who needs the same phone as the K30 Pro, which only costs more? At this rate, Pokémon will cease to exist as an independent company within a year or two ...
  7. Maybe you should also do an article about Israeli companies that have started making free deliveries ... (I personally do not know any)
  8. Very simple: because it is 2. times cheaper, the 512 ssd costs as much as the 256 nvme.
  9. I'll repeat this again: In home / gaming use there is hardly any difference between SSD storage and NVMe
  10. Cool service! If it works properly - can save, for 20 shekels each, costs of thousands of shekels on owning a gaming computer at home (and upgrading it every time with new hardware). post Scriptum. I would be happy if you would experience the service for yourself and bring impressions, and not just report what was reported on other sites as well.
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