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  1. First of all thank you, in most new computers today, SSD disk is not used as the only storage source? What is SSD called ,? Solid memory drive? What is it anyway like a large on-key disk?
  2. 200 GB available out of 445 GB. And I really enlarged a paging file because the RAM is small. And as for the warranty one has to prove somehow that it was destroyed. No ? This is the SMART report
  3. Hello dear forum members, I have a small problem with the computer, and I would love for your opinion, a year and a half computer, Windows 10, PENTIUM GOLD 5400 processor, 4 4GB RAM 'For several months now the computer really gets stuck mainly in the first minutes of operation That it works part from the moment the Windows rises) You have already ruled out some viruses, RAM, unnecessary software, now I suspect the hard disk 'This is a solid data disk of ADATA, which is placed inside the computer vertically standing, maybe this is acceptable today, in the past I was a technician and computer component in the store . In the task manager I see that it always reaches 4 in writing capacity, and most of the time during this time the computer freezes, the mouse moves, but folders I clicked will not open until after a few seconds. What do you think, this is also the case with you at 100 percent occupancy, is there any way to improve, after cleaning a Windows disk and checking for errors?
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