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  1. I'm a computer person, I'm probably not falling for these places. In version 20H2 I can install the latest versions. In version 21H1 I can install versions that are 8 months + I was eventually able to install with the abolition of protection for digital signatures for drivers, many reported this in their forums and got no response. It seems that their customer service is waning while at AMD it's quite flourishing.
  2. Post as a warning to everyone or in an attempt to find a solution. After downloading and updating an up-to-date Windows site, Windows refuses to install up-to-date video card drivers. Card 3070 version 21H1 I tried installation in safe mode, cleaning leftovers with ddu, updating through NVIDIA experience and also updating through the main site, UK and US versions I even tried another clean installation of Windows and of course the card experience on another computer. I have tried dozens of versions and only the very oldest do manage to be installed. The error does not appear on a computer with an older version of Windows 10. Error while installing "this NVIDIA graphics driver is not compatible with this version of windows" * on another 660TI video card The problem also exists. I would be happy except for help
  3. What nonsense are you recording ... the real Israeli who is trying to be clever. Let me tell you about this "data recovery", they replace the electronic array with lab conditions, gloves, white robe, sterile room. They bring the same hard disk as yours and transfer all the contents of the new disk to the old one except the plates, it is sealed by pumping oxygen inside a dedicated vessel made with a type of incubator they run the disk 'take out the information to a third disk, then they copy it to a new drive and you Pays per giga + costs around.No self-respecting restoration company will replace just a part that seems to you and there it will end because in such a situation you will also pay for working hours.
  4. Most of the products are shipped from third world countries where low prices are low so the products around locals are expensive but cheap for those who are not. The cost of storage in Israel costs thousands of shekels, taxes that need to be paid at the time of sale / purchase, which means you need to have money and a lot. That is why things are expressed in justice and unjustly at high prices to the consumer. Instead of concentrating tomorrow on Hulk's products that have broken records at low prices for a long time, concentrate on food prices. It seems logical to you that they produce a blue and white product, it is sent to a foreign country, there is a cost of storage and local taxes as well as external taxes, and their market share is small from the country and yet they are sold there most cheaply from here. Sweeping economic irrationality. What is actually done is language in the country pay a lot for little, and are sent to apply products sometimes at a loss or not and the lot we pay in the country covers some of their losses there. And if you are still not convinced and you want to protest, set up one against this despicable thing called "contracting / franchising". And I will not expand on how cunning this thing is.
  5. Question, did the power supply / case from the old computer move to the new computer? Have you checked the correctness of the electricity or alternatively another point? Have you checked with another kettle cable?
  6. I checked the matter, in products that are out of stock are displayed with taxes but without shipping. However, the shipping price is not final and it affects the taxes of the product, the ticket is sold for 2466 NIS, taxes 497 NIS, delivery 459 NIS. So the whole story makes sense. I think you will wait for the product to be available to know the final price
  7. So this is that there is a kind of bug in their system. Products that came out of stock will be displayed including taxes and including shipping without details and without adding to cart. And products that are available will be displayed without shipping and without taxes, such thing will be added after adding to cart. And there are exceptions that are available and will be displayed without shipping and with taxes. You can check it out for yourself with other cards. Other tickets under the same package size that are sent under the same shipment take on average about NIS 500 per card. Taxes? About NIS 500-600. The price makes sense for any supplier.
  8. The difference in prices is easy - tickets that have run out of stock are displayed on the Israeli website before being added to the basket at full price, which includes taxes and shipping while the American website does not.
  9. It is also possible without TB, but it requires cutting the plastic and there will be an internal PCIE connection, usually cancel the internal network card or as an EXP expansion card and run out a cable that connects to an external board that you order, the board is connected to a power supply. How effective is performance? About 30-40% less performance than a dedicated connection. how much does it cost? The range is quite dynamic but cheap it is not and nothing guarantees that it will work for you because there is no factory that produces it, it is home construction of people in Ivy. And you lose all the point in a laptop as it becomes stationary. As an example:
  10. It has nothing to do with his internet and certainly not with his laptop, it has to do with the combo of his network card with an operating system updated from Windows 8.1 and also under Android. Under Windows 10 it has craziness or under streamers that run Android 7+, there are disconnections around once every 20 minutes, full disconnection that comes in the form of packet loss, which means that even running internal files this fails. Not to mention that its reception is weak, its speed is around 19 MB / s and it is super sensitive when phones or routers are close to it. Sometimes it is necessary to make his device unavailable and then available for it to work properly. And the absurdity? A network card for NIS 10 from eBay works better for me than it does. Now I do not come and say come and buy a network card for NIS 10, but there are good and external ones that can go from computer to computer looking at performance and economic viability. Computers that usually contain it are models from 2015 usually, Gipa computers can be said that it is not worth investing much in them.
  11. In addition to all that has been said above, SSDs are less reliable and unrecoverable in case of failure. HDD drives are entirely possible, such as extracting the plates or wearing a circuit from another HDD under the same model. Can survive fires, exposure to chemicals, partial fracture of one or more plates.
  12. I also have this card and under Windows 10 it disconnects all the time no matter what driver I tried. So I recommend you another solution I made - an external network card. Cheap, better reception, better speed and most importantly no disconnections.
  13. A grenade will cause you to filter content that even if you change DNS you will not be able to bypass it. What will make you get around it? Third party VPN. What is the problem? Pomegranate blocks most sites that give you such services. It is also great for protection against damage, it is possible to block the download of EXE files etc. Regarding right or wrong as mentioned, because of such thinking Generation X at the end and of course Generation Z at the beginning to this day are fucking generations because of these silk gloves that need to adapt yourself to the child instead of the child adapting to reality. And I will not expand.
  14. I have a feeling that the CPPC is not installed or that the wrong version is installed. Can you please right-click the Start> Device Manager and upload a picture of the list there? Where did you update your computer's drivers?
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