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  1. I found this product, it can finally check if the problem is on the keyboard, only it might be worth buying something specifically compatible with my keyboard and not universal. post Scriptum. I wonder if there is such a thing for screens as well, it will help me occasionally if computers come to me.
  2. How old is this computer? Familiar with this model, I have a similar computer myself. There is no connection between the fan and the electrical connection. The fan starts running when the computer is hot, which usually means 50 ° +, if the computer is hot, you can clean the cooling system, and replace a thermal ointment. Most of these computers were created for a 32BIT operating system, although the processor also supports 64 BIT. 10 BIT, the computer is getting warmer anyway.
  3. The only difference between PC1CP-HB and PC1CP-US, is that the first is in Hebrew, and the second in English (the last two letters are just the language). Any Google search of PC1CP, will give the image of the keyboard. Need clarification, the SHIFT key functions as a SHIFT, only that besides what he does his normal job, he will also write me the sign \ on the way. For example, if I want to replace a language with ALT + SHIFT, except for the language to be replaced, the mark \ on the document will be written to me. "" [""; "" '". (The six buttons on the right side of the keyboard) I only discovered this yesterday.
  4. Excellent \ function key What will help to replace? This will cause the replaced key to function as a SHIFT for all its issues.
  5. What is the temperature of the computer? For starters, install the SpeedFan software (Google search), where you can check the temperature, and also control the fan.
  6. I'm very skeptical about the keyboard replacement solution. I found a 120S Bali Express keyboard here. And as you can see in the picture the model of the keyboard, I checked the model of my keyboard (which I remember has been there since the days of the S130) and this is what I found: regarding the chip. The chip of the previous board (S130) is: ene kb9028q c nf881540 gca181113 and the current chip (120S) is: ITE it8987e 1830-bxa s15zkb I have no idea what the difference is between them.
  7. Hello everyone. I have a LENOVO S130 11IGM laptop, which has a motherboard, I replaced it with this board, (its previous board was 5B20R61168) This board probably belongs to the 120S model, but fits one by one to the S130 model. (It is important to note that the S130 is basically the same computer as the 120S, but slightly more advanced). After the replacement I did a clean install of WINDOWS, only since the right SHIFT key makes the "\" sign, and the left SHIFT key makes the "#" sign, everything else is fine, I tried to boot the computer with LINUX installed on LIVE CD, and the problem still exists, So apparently the problem is not a driver. Note that when connecting a USB keyboard, the fault does not exist. I tried to upgrade the BIOS, and the problem still exists. I thought maybe installing on the board if the BIOS of the model S130, but I'm afraid it will produce irreversible damage, (even though it's almost the same board model). I do not know if there is a "clean install" option of the BIOS. Maybe it can help ?! Anyone have any more ideas?
  8. Hello I have an ASUS TF303CL tablet (K014), which I am trying to ROOT, I have tried several apps, and also through the computer but without success. I tried to check if the BootLoader is locked, but for that you need to enter a USSD code, and since this is a tablet without a dialer, there is no such option, (I tried to download some dialers but it did not help). There is another option to test by computer using ADB & FastBoot software, but the software does not recognize the tablet. Anyone have any more ideas?
  9. Maybe try the mouse and keyboard on one computer and the wifi on another computer (next to it, when the first computer is not connected to wifi, of course), and see if it still collides with each other.
  10. לא יודע אם עובד בעברית.
  11. This link has all the parts that can be put in this computer. The best processor there is the Intel Core I7-2820QM. About $ 66 Bali Express. If you so much want to upgrade this particular computer you will be able to upgrade a motherboard, that way you will have 2 SOCKET. I have not checked what is best, but it's another $ 50-60 Halle Express. To sum up: for an optimal upgrade you get about $ 150. Without a job, assuming you have good hands.
  12. Okay I found the problem, this is a browser plugin that did the problem.
  13. Hello, the site (a site of municipalities, etc., for those who do not know), does not cost me in the browser, that is, the browser tries to upload the site again and again without success. I surf through a mobile stick, and when I transferred the SIM to the tablet, the site went up. (Except for a security warning) I talked to the cellular network operator (Partner) and probably the problem is not with them. I tried the Hot network on a desktop computer, and the site came up fine. I use Chrome browser regularly, I have tried the Microsoft Edge browser, and the site works as usual. What could be the problem?
  14. Do what is written here. Let me know if it helped.
  15. Hello I have a game on a disk image (MIX CD). Normally - with a physical disc - the game plays with the music burned into the disc. Anyone know how to play a CD mix in a way that the music is played from the disc? In the standard disc image software I tried, the disc is recognized as an audio disc, but the music of the game does not play when the game is played. (There are two types of CUE and BIN files in both it does not play.)
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