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  1. A light rub of a few seconds of the screwdriver head on the magnet will magnetize it. but; To magnetize the heads of screwdrivers usually use a dedicated device. The difference between it and just a magnet, it is a magnet with precise polarization, which makes it much stronger, and can also be eliminated in an instant with the use of a demagnetizer.
  2. First of all the statement is incorrect. The law explicitly allows the use of a movable tool with a grounding connection provided that its supply must be a circuit breaker / isolating transformer. The law does give preference to the use of tools with double insulation (2 pins without grounding). The determination is safe. The main reason is the use of temporary electrical panels, long extension cables, without circuit breakers, and with dubious quality grounding. In such cases, double insulation protection is preferable to ground protection. https://www.osh.org.il/UploadFiles/08_2016/363_part27_28.pdf ((d) A movable electrical panel shall be of type II. A movable electrical device held in the hand 6. (a) A movable electrical device held in the hand when used, shall be Type II or Type III. (B) Notwithstanding sub-regulation (a), it is permissible to use a heavy-duty manual hand-held electric device (type with a grounding device) (such as a drill whose drill diameter exceeds 16 mm) provided Which is fed through a circuit breaker to a leakage current with a maximum sensitivity of 0.03 amps, or through a differentiating transformer.)
  3. It is better to invest the money in reasonable audio equipment that knows how to deal with some noise in the lines at the entrance, than in inventions that cost more than the audio equipment in question, and most of which are snake oil.
  4. You did not fix anything, because nothing was broken ...
  5. There is nothing that can "lower a field". Each electromagnetic device produces a magnetic field. How good that there is no problem with that. And if you think logically, then adding more electromagnetic components like a transformer to the system, will only increase the field and not reduce it ...
  6. Okay. So what? And suppose .. do you think that if you add more transformers, suppliers and converters the field will go down ..?
  7. There is no such thing as "dirty electricity" it's just nonsense in the juice. Buy a ruling online, which removes pure sine instead of doing nonsense ...
  8. As long as you do not hear at high volume, there is really no problem. Even the 4-ohm figure listed on the speakers is an average impediment. The impedance varies depending on the frequency. Especially with a speaker marked "KODA" I would not take recorded data seriously.
  9. Meaningless. You can put or not put it, cupping dies.
  10. I was also interested in the topic recently. I opened some LED and researched it. The LED bulb is connected to a current driver that sends a constant current to the LEDs by definition. The driver data page explains how to determine the resistor value that determines the output current. For example https://pdf1.alldatasheet.com/datasheet-pdf/view/1140991/BPS/BP9918C.html Replacing the Rcs resistor at a lower current value will reduce the illumination intensity.
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