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  1. I got a recommendation for this computer, in my opinion apart from the screen detailing nothing. Do you think yes can fit? 13.3 "Laptop Asus ZenBook 13 UX325EA-KG230T i5-1135G7 512GB SSD Drive, 8GB Memory & Graphics Intel Iris Xe Graphics
  2. Thanks, I'm just trying to figure out the disadvantages of this monitor for the OLED nation (or equivalent technology)
  3. The only thing that seems to me too weak is maybe the brightness of the screen in SWIFT X. I was recommended OLED but I realized it is very micro. I would also love some explanation on the screen. And recommendations here and there. From A-10 or others of course
  4. Thanks so much for the recommendation, looks good. If possible, I would be happy to explain why he is. And which version should you choose under this model?
  5. Feel free to recommend something that seems right to you on a higher budget. And it remains to be seen if this is ultimately cost-effective and often over a certain budget no longer pays off in performance improvement. And I'm looking for something that is on that seam.
  6. In the past I used this forum to purchase a stationary computer and gained a lot of knowledge and purchased a computer that I am very happy with. Now I'm trying to find a laptop on a relatively limited budget (4000 NIS) that will be suitable for work on a photo day - fast image transfer and work of fast viewing of files with basic processing with Leitrum if necessary. What seems important to me: NVMe might also put a standard SSD Affordable Graphic accelerator Affordable screen with as much power as possible in sunlight outdoors Screen as close as possible to 100% sRGB Good battery life I would love recommendations for models that will do the job at a reasonable price.
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