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  1. Hello, I am trying to configure boot applications (the software that opens automatically when you turn on the computer), and unfortunately also in the task manager in the 'Boot' tab, and also in the 'Boot apps' window in the settings I can not see any application. Anyone know how to solve this?
  2. I should have known ... at the end of the tenth time yesterday I decided I was doing a software-free installation, but with the files, and the installation was over. Probably had a problem with one of the programs. The upgrade worked great, thanks to all the supporters.
  3. I will wait for more advice in the meantime
  4. I have about 800 megabytes on drive D, I prefer not to buy a drive yet. Is it possible to try to solve it in another way?
  5. Hello, I have a computer running Windows 7 Pro and decided it's time to finally upgrade it to Windows 10. So I realized that there is still a valid option of a free upgrade to Windows 10, for Windows 7 product key holders using the Microsoft Media Creation Tool (https: // / But unfortunately every time I try to upgrade my computer, the same thing happens: it gets to the point where it writes installer updates, and when it reaches about 15% the computer restarts and after activation there is a caption 'Trying to restore installation' followed by 'Canceling changes to your computer' , Then I get the error message (photo attached). I tried to update the computer about 7 times without success 😩. Error Message: 0x8007001F - 0x20006 Installation Failed at SAFE_OS with Error During Operation REPLICATE_OC Fixes I Already Tried Using Guides I Found Online: Clearing the Catroot2 Folder and the SoftwareDistribution Folder Disabling Some Drivers Screen) Run through the console: DSIM SFC scan Activation Windows update troubleshooter Disconnect the Internet cable Disconnect all devices that are connected to the computer and are not essential.Removing the antivirus Running Disk Cleanup I am at a loss.
  6. Well thank you. Can you attach a disk or SD card to your computer and use it as a drive capable of maintaining your computer? Is 128GB capable enough?
  7. I ran a diagnostic and I was notified that the hard disk was not installed
  8. There was no computer use for about two weeks and then stopped working. I tried to connect it without external connections and nothing changed.
  9. The notebook stopped working when it turned on, the attached page appears. Pressing ENTER leads to the DELL Welcome screen and returns to this page, if I understand correctly there is a problem with the hard disk of the computer. The computer is a DELL computer with a native operating system of 8 and then upgraded to windows 10. Hope you can help me as soon as possible, it is better that the information that was kept on the computer is kept but no problem also that it will be deleted as long as the computer works. Thanks in advance.
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