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  1. Pakkakkakk lol I did not know there are people who actually sing singing it what is lol ???

    And here's a guy who took the song a little hard ... I would say a little bit .. lol

    Although he seems to me just a pedophile trying to be published ..

    And it 's a cat that took it hard.

    Nice experience. There are nice parts.

  2. I told you to hear it at least twice and each time more than a minute and you'll see it's addictive and you'll start humming it

    Or just put it on for a long time ... and you see it's hard to close the browser .. and it does not seem to me Chinese is just a shit ...

  3. I read really sorry but how someone came up to check explosives like that without any protection is really crazy.

    In my opinion, this is death by negligence and I have nothing to say will be strong ..

  4. My brother, sorry, my mistake. What happened was a mistake. What I said happened in Herzliya

    And what happened with your father is with the experiment of the explosive that did not explode right?

  5. People who worked there are obliged to keep silent or to describe it.

    If I'm not mistaken, ask if they worked there in the water or something else. Try to get some other details ... to help you understand that I'm a sure fool working there with an experimental submarine. My father's worker has no interest in lying.

  6. I know what this experiment is and because it's so outrageous I'll find out what happened there ..

    I know that because they ordered the electric company to lead the instrument that caused the explosion and despite the prohibition imposed on him to see in the end he had to harness it to the truck

    The same person is my father's employee and he told him everything ..

    It's a secret army experiment or does not know who's on a minuscule submarine for a single person who operates by electric power only by a huge battery cell that can wrap energy for a whole day into a small town.

    Now that the submarine was in her hangar they took her to the water to do an experiment and there was a huge explosion that opened a hole in the ceiling of the hangar and even at the bottom !! The power was so great that it also hurt people.

    My brother, I share your sorrow that you will not know anymore ..

  7. Lol i happened the funniest thing ..

    They took my cell phone and tried to sell it back to me. I said I set up an hour with them and of course I called the police.

    And after I paid and got the cell phone, they jumped on them and they blew them up. Of course I got the money back and they went to jail.

    They were Russians, but it's not a problem in Ashdod.

  8. Is there a picture mode? The half-naked goddess? Just a joke

    Where does this whole thing take place?

    Why in Ashdod was something like that once a public figure is really known to have children's liquor and showed them pornographic scandals did not have sex with them and does not hurt me on photos but do not know that drunk children who see porn is what does it for him .. : screwy:

    In any case there was a complaint that caught the person and did not know what closed a safe heavy penalty ..

    In any case, tell your name and if he just dares to do something to you, he will have a configuration.

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