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  1. I went for it specifically just because of the speed (this is the second fastest drive I found) so it sucks a bit. It's clear to me that at the moment he can not reach his full potential because of the connection, but I still hoped for the 600 area. I hope that with a faster connection it will rise towards the 2000s.
  2. I also recommend a clean install of Windows 11. The upgrade has caused me issues (currently working with Windows 10).
  3. I will attach some pictures. One with drive size - the drive is really, really small. There is another sleeve that is supposed to be worn on it (probably to protect from water or dust or do not know what). In terms of speed - tested with a gen 1 cable. I was expecting towards 600 megabytes per second as it supports 5gbps. I actually got a 460. Potentially it should reach 2GB with a 2X2 gen but given the test I ran, I doubt it will reach the maximum direction.
  4. I was referring to 500GB. It's really interesting. They doubled their price. I bought about a year ago in the $ 70-75 range. Too bad the gen 4 is still expensive. I would like to order one like this.
  5. The 980 has been at this price for a few weeks now. There is no line here. It is very similar to the speed of the 970 (a little more balanced between writing and reading but if you add up the writing and reading speed together, you will get the same result). I'm waiting for the 970 evo plus to drop below the threshold
  6. Also not true according to you do not need forums for gamers because they were born with knowledge! And no need for explanations! Mistake . Say, are you dumb or are you so bloated with yourself that you also do not read what is written to you? A. Two different users commented on what you were posting. B. Do you want Rashi's interpretation of what I wrote down? Are you trying to explain to me that he is wrong when I write that I am not at all sure that he is right in his things? You're just a bloated person whose whole purpose is to bump into others.
  7. Admittedly you feel that weight does not matter to you, but unless you intend to carry your computer with a stroller, believe me the weight will change you. Carrying such a computer with a backpack + other things you probably take will not be easy. Think of the computer as a minimum of 3 pounds (if not more because they record a minimum weight). Add luggage and you are at a minimum of about 3.5-4 pounds if not more
  8. Will not happen and will not happen. At best they will give you back what you paid for. In the worst case they will make all sorts of claims and evade by the way, what do you say about the new fashion that you can not call the store and you can not call customer service?
  9. Good luck to him with a cut with them. Not easy with their WhatsApp service. It's exhausting. I had a case recently, unusual that they were really nice. I was surprised. Maybe a new representative
  10. I purchased the computer in the attached image. This is not the same model as yours (mine comes with an Intel processor etc). I tell you a few things: 1. The computer is a tank. It is unreasonably heavy. 2. The battery - despite all their promises for 8 hours, etc., it does not come close to it. They claim it is because of the video card. When I asked what the video card is for battery consumption if I do not use it and do not play with it, they said it still needs a battery. 3. I do not know 100% whether their screens are the same in all Legion 5 models in terms of color quality. If so, compared to a regular screen, the colors are not the most pleasing to the eye (if you plan to watch movies, etc.). 4. Very uncomfortable for me to use his keyboard. The keyboard is very "deep" (do not know exactly which word to use, it is not close to the nearest end you are sitting next to it) and for me it is very uncomfortable. Advantage - there is on the right the part of the numbers. Compare the two models and see if it is indeed the same data (screen, weight, etc.) and if so consider accordingly. Again, it is very important that you take into account that the computer is very very already. If a regular laptop can be lifted with one hand without a problem, this computer is not at all easy to lift with one hand.
  11. I do not know if there is no hesitation because it is possible to manually remove the old driver every time (it does not install it every day) and I guess Generation 11 is better, so the question is whether he feels like spending a few minutes to remove the driver every time the old one is installed. Disabling hardware acceleration in Chrome also eliminates some of the problems in Chrome.
  12. There are annoying bugs in the display (in some browsers and in Windows itself) in 11th generation processors (I do not know if in all processors). I got to try one of the processors. Windows automatically updates a driver to an older version and also manually installs a newer version that solves most issues. It's not something you can live with, but it's a little annoying.
  13. Kfir, do you have to look for a fight in every second hearing? I'm not sure I agree with what he said, but what can you not understand? Those who gamer ----> usually understand video cards ---> so usually will not ask about video cards
  14. Thanks. I'll go over that. I take comfort in the fact that he is still in charge so at least what I paid for did not go to waste
  15. I do not have AMD, so at least I'm not supposed to suffer from that. The truth is I planned to wait with the upgrade for a few more good months. Since my SSD was destroyed with the backups and went for what was on the computers I have two options: 1. Reinstall everything on Windows 10 and then a few more months to reinstall everything on Windows 11 (I have already done an upgrade and saw that it is problematic and therefore prefers a clean installation) . 2. Install Windows 11 now with all its limitations. Regarding the glitch, I just downloaded their software:
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