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  1. In drives, do you mean a hard disk? Drive c is your only one? No partitions? For me I did a boot to the discs so it deleted everything. Appears to me today (but I do not remember with the drives currently listed below appeared right after installation or only after I set them up they appeared there):
  2. It happened to me too. Right button on the window sign. Choice of disk management. You need to initialize them there (select a signal for the drive, etc.)
  3. Hi thanks for the reply. I will answer a little briefly (you will soon understand why) and in the coming days I will answer in more detail. I can say this: in high school I hated math after high school, I improved my grades and suddenly I started to see some beauty in some of the subjects I can say I was missing the area of ​​problem solving. I'm learning a little Python, and suddenly there was some riddle that made me think after a very long time and I enjoyed it, but I can not throw it to work in the field because I do not know what it's actually. Maybe a certain dose of "puzzles" will do me good but a larger amount will make me "flooded" and feel like it's too much. I used to say I would like some
  4. law89

    PC TV screen

    king. Great explanation. I do not think I will sit a meter away. Is there a place where you can see such screens on display that work? I think it will give me a clearer picture (if there are such places). If I buy a TV like this I need a special video card even if I do not watch 4K? Suppose I want to watch FHD.
  5. Hi interested in purchasing a mobile (there may be a change to the stationary if the stationary I currently have will continue to cause problems). First thanks to Napoleon who helped me a lot in my private, real cannon. Unfortunately the mobile he sent me is probably no longer in stock (I could not find it), so I would love recommendations. 1. What is the maximum budget? Is an exception possible if necessary? The 3,000 area for mobile, prefers not to exceed a few hundred shekels for screen 2. What is the use of the computer (games, graphic editing, office work, HD content for example), is there a specific example of a game or software? Browsing the Internet Office and pdf documents Watching movies 3. Is there a need for peripherals (for example: keyboard, mouse, speakers and tax
  6. First, thank you very much for your answer. You raised great points here. I will start answering and if I am a mediocre and not a specialist? (I find it hard to believe that I can close gaps of years and more of the best) The matter of stability. If I were to continue with 15 until retirement in high tech, it's not bad at all. If you are thrown out at a certain age and go down to a salary of 5-6-7 that you have to move to another area this is a problem. Do not see an area where I come with a real love for the profession. Assuming I love watching basketball, that does not mean I love coaching and in the few areas I really love, that's about to be the case. Switch from something you like to "consume" to something you provide the product you need
  7. To the best of my recollection a built-in card. Do you need the model? Black rectangles also started to appear as I typed in Excel. I uploaded a backup I had to the computer, see if it comes back.
  8. This problem keeps happening sometimes now also started a problem that sometimes when I minimize the screen panes turn black for a second or two
  9. Oh, really. Sometimes there are reactions here that seek out the sarcasm. I'm not sure if in order to laugh in general or try to hurt the user who posted the message. If you were offered life insurance at 10 cents a month would you take? If it was at 10 a month would you still take? The same thing about a car, if a new car cost NIS 5, would you buy one? And if the same car cost NIS 5 million? Life is full of economic compromises.
  10. Hi. Thanks for the investment. I saw the post a day or two ago. I want to answer it neatly because there are some very important things here in what you record.
  11. law89

    PC TV screen

    Hi, thanks a lot for the answers meaning I actually can not read / watch movies in a good way? If the answer is no, and I am interested in a larger screen for watching movies but sometimes I also need to use two panels that will be open at the same time, is the only option is two computer screens + purchase a TV? I have the option in settings or via an app to split the screen into 2 as if it were two screens?
  12. Maybe it's harmful and maybe not, so I did not want to get into a discussion on the subject. If what I say is possible and it will cost me 17 NIS per month, I probably would rather not take a risk. If it is additional infrastructure + provider, I am not sure that financially it will be worth it to me.
  13. Money is a consideration. Order of 17 NIS per month I am still willing to pay (for another user). Paying for additional infrastructure is no longer cheap. Regarding the connection through the canals - I do not know what it involves. It is not my house so I am not sure they will agree to transfer any Various things inside the walls. Wireless connection - I prefer radiation for less reasons (I'm also not sure if it is possible to connect a stationary computer). Yes, I know there will be some who will say it is not significant, etc., but if there is a cheap alternative, I will prefer it.
  14. Each one to a different computer and a different port of a telephone line in the wall I have no idea what it means if the two places are on the same phase. What is it called a Bezeq router? I received a modem from 018 (but to the best of my knowledge they have an agreement with Bezeq regarding the infrastructure). I will explain what I am trying to do: Indeed, I am not interested in a wireless connection regarding a wired connection - I am interested in a wired connection but from a conversation with a representative of 018 I understand that the wire should leave the router to the other computer and therefore should travel between rooms. With something for the wall, etc.). So, I thought of just buying another router and putting it next to the other computer. Benug
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