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  1. There is a group on Facebook (I do not know if it is allowed to give a link). There is a discussion on the subject. It seems their things that are not sure will allow it to be imported.
  2. WhatsApp shot itself in the foot. People will not approve of it. The problem at least for me, that before that I did not know they were doing it (like you sign an agreement with a cellular company and give you a 20-page contract). Here they come and write in a wavy brush. Me and other friends were on our way out too. If they leave this request they will continue to lose customers. There is a difference between one company collecting information and a situation where you are cross-referenced data from different accounts. At least that's how I see it.
  3. law89

    Nvme SSD assembly

    Overall they make an impression of a store just fine (although they could not locate the faults I sent, but it's the kind of faults that come and go. I'll have to catch them in a photo and send them). I do not want credit, nor do I want to quarrel with them for a few shekels. I offered them yesterday that if they could organize such a piece and I would pay for it, but they said they could not. Write me here that the piece up, is the missing one. Hopefully she's really missing and that will solve my problem. post Scriptum. For the benefit of all who read this the truth that in general there is a case. I am not a jurist, but listed in the Defect Act. No defect is registered that affects the operation of the product. You have a company here that buys all kinds of lights inside the chassis case
  4. law89

    Nvme SSD assembly

    Okay, I'll check when the computer comes back. From what I remember, I tried the piece and it did not fit, but I will check again.
  5. law89

    Nvme SSD assembly

    Thanks. I do not know if I will buy from abroad. This is already starting to be a story (I thought to jump to Ivory for purchase). There is in the box of the motherboard a piece very similar to the pieces you put a link to. The size is not suitable (too large in relation to the other pieces.) Maybe this is the missing piece?
  6. law89

    Nvme SSD assembly

    Here I less agree. I agree with you that the product is cheap and may not be worth the store to handle it etc. so I also asked here if it is possible to purchase the part independently. I do not have the strength to quarrel over a few shekels unless it is something of principle. The fact that the case is cheap does not mean that it should come with missing / broken parts. If he came like that from whoever they were purchasing from, they could be justified in front of him. If they took out the part because they thought there was a video card, it's a problem the store created out of their lack of attention. The problem is that I also cannot purchase the part if I want to. There is a Lenovo screen that is QHD for less than 800 NIS that was recommended to me in the forum. If you had purchased it and received it without status or with a scratch, it was fine because the
  7. law89

    Nvme SSD assembly

    I understood. So this is a store waste. What did they dismantle it for? There's another one there that's a bit angled (probably got a light blow). I'm debating whether to argue with them about it. The computer was not who knows what is expensive. On the other hand, I should not get a case in this way.
  8. law89

    Nvme SSD assembly

    What do you mean they can be disassembled but not returned? Once you've taken one out is it already lost? I do not plan to add a video card, at least not in the near future. Apart from a struggle that will come in, do you have any other consequences?
  9. law89

    Nvme SSD assembly

    ippon case bullet 450w pfc Editing: Would you insist in front of the store that they get the missing part?
  10. law89

    Nvme SSD assembly

    What a drag. I do not understand why a computer comes with a missing piece. There is some piece they brought with the computer but it is not suitable in terms of size. I will photograph her together with the hole. Maybe I'm wrong and that's the missing piece. It bothered me a bit that for the store it's not something that is very important (I did not lose the piece, the computer just came that way)
  11. law89

    Nvme SSD assembly

    I sent the computer to the store. They do not have a bracket like mine. They said they put something in to close the hole. Do not know what exactly. I would leave it open, but I do not want dust to enter and I prefer to put a piece that fits the case. Where do I buy such a piece?
  12. How can you connect in a set? After all it comes with one dongle (at least god wired, I never purchased a wired set). How common is it for a 50-100 NIS keyboard to have a USB port on the keyboard? It seems inconvenient to me
  13. I do not suppose it gives me a discount. In recent years I bought this set which is wireless for 105 NIS and it was very convenient for me. I thought there was a specific reason why you do not recommend a set (less good or for some other reason). PS It saves you a computer port.
  14. I really like this set: I'm not sure the mouse will be big enough for you. The problem you can not know before opening the box
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