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  1. I put on 1 to the best of my recollection (I sent the cell phone today for repair, I have a break in the screen, so only towards Wednesday-Thursday when it comes back, can I check for sure). I do not think salvation will come from Firefox. I'll probably check out the opera you recommended. At the moment, Shiomi's browser is taking a big leap (I've been using it for over two years, although I have some concerns about using a Chinese company's browser because maybe they collect sensitive information like email passwords, etc.) and if it weren't for the new version bugs I would stay with it Currently better than Firefox in areas with slow browsing). I will report after I check the opera. Edit: I forgot to mention that Shiomi has an option to spare him
  2. I tried the firefox. It blocks about 70% of the images (Shiomi's browser blocks 99%). The main problem is that the page loads first and then the images (at least it does not get stuck like in Shiomi that until not all the page is loaded, you can not access it), and because the internet crawls, every time the page pops up because an image loads so I have to look where I got. I might try the opera.
  3. Thank you. I updated according to your recommendations. We'll see what it's like. Overall I am very pleased with Shiomi's built-in browser but its latest version has two very annoying bugs: 1. Any restart or shutdown, the browser is gone and you have to log into Google Play / Store to get it back 2. A link from the text appears upside down To the left, the letters appear upside down, from left to right.
  4. Hi there is a plan to do a review on cheaper boards for the new generation like: looks interesting board. Contains 4 monitor ports (including VGA) in front of the 2 of this board. Supports 4th generation nvme and standard 3.2 generation USB ports.
  5. Does it matter if I only run a browser or if I do heavier stuff? (In terms of CPU only. I mean does it always run on the same frequency or when something heavier is turned on, does it put in more effort and consume more power?) I tried google a list of processors by power consumption and couldn't find any. Do you mean YouTube reviewers?
  6. How do you know what the power consumption is? Is this the TDP that appears in these links? -i5-11600-processor-12m-cache-up-to-4-80-ghz.html
  7. King, thank you very much. Do you click on settings within Firefox or within the addon? If I click inside Firefox, I do not see the same options you have.
  8. Hi I did not have time to mess with it. I installed Firefox. I went through all the settings and found no option to prevent uploading photos. Do you happen to know where it is?
  9. I think the case with TMS was completely different. The fall was not their fault. The fact that they smeared the treatment a bit (most stores would do the same thing) does suck. What bothered me the most was the promise that they would replace the entire computer, and that they did not, and that is indeed wrong. Overall I'm a little upset about TMS but not too much. They were overall very nice and are really far from my "blacklist". It is very rare to do something that can really annoy me (I am already used to the disgraceful service that exists in the country so there are not too many expectations). You know what's funny? In computer products that cost less than $ 75, usually if you buy from Amazon, they will cost half price. So you and at worst throw away and buy a new one then
  10. I have nothing to take a technician because I do not want to mess with a store that can tell me tomorrow, you sneezed near the computer, you went the warranty because maybe corrosion was caused or you connected the computer to electricity and lighting so the warranty went. I prefer to buy from somewhere else and be with peace of mind. I had the story with the fall of the computer in TMS and relatively I think I was driving with restraint, but KSP manage to annoy me with their conduct (or rather their technician + their customer service representative. Every time the excuse changes. The representative who made the order was nice, the guy from the service Senior customer was nice).
  11. I asked for 2666 according to what is recommended for the processor. Anyway, I'm not going to waste too much time on them. I left them a phone and told them that either they fix the computer and I connect what I want whenever I want as I agreed with them in advance or they will cancel the deal and that I reserve the right in both cases to file a future lawsuit against them (because there were some other nice things No power cord and no screws to drive drive etc) I want to thank everyone who helped here and in previous discussions. Thanks to you I learned what VGA, HDMI, DP is, I learned to connect an SSD, etc. You are amazing. I will update how it closes in front of them. From my acquaintance with them they will say that is done on a computer put
  12. The truth is I do care about burning them for half a day. What's more for me this court is a last resort (I usually don't just say that to a store unless I have a real intention to sue them). I will first try to talk to their customer service and cancel the deal. I do not have the strength to argue with a planter who decides that there is no problem even though I photographed the problem and for him nothing interests him. EDIT: It's important for me to say that I was initially told it was because the operating system was hacked. After I said that an operating system that is downloaded from Microsoft's site is completely legal without a serial number and even in this situation there was a glitch + I have Windows 7 strictly valid (disk purchased, not some code purchased from eBay) suddenly not poor
  13. Talk to my technician today (after I called the service, ask them how it could be that a computer ordered a month ago was with me for about 5 days). I raised my hands from them, I'm going to ask their customer service to cancel a deal. Regarding disconnections every two minutes from the Internet - he checked and for him there are no glitches. If I did not buy an operating system from them, then it does not interest him and as long as it works for him then everything is fine even though I have a video that shows that there are disconnections (this is not due to the equipment of the Internet, I checked another computer). Regarding the motherboard, he performed the overclock he claimed according to my request and everything is documented. This is the second time the guy has distorted reality. For the first time I sent to their customer service the input
  14. Asus also claims that it is overclocked but that it does not remove warranty (but what I was told there sounds like shattering. I do not believe that they sell boards with a different base frequency that comes like this from the factory). The problem is they want to remove my responsibility. I would do it independently but I do not know if they can get over it later (they are looking to remove the warranty and I do not want to give them a reason). Can it burn your computer as they claim or destroy other components?
  15. I do not have the computer. It is currently with KSP (already 12 days. Interesting how many weeks it takes to repair a computer that just came out of the lab after purchase).
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