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  1. For two reasons: The first is that for most small products under $ 75, prices are 2-3 times. Partly because of the tax and partly because of the insane cost of living in the country (I can say that I consulted with someone in Poland regarding the screen he purchased in the 1500-1800 area, I no longer remember the exact price, and in the country it cost about 3,500). The second - more or less, it is not possible to order headphones in Israel from any reputable company. I also thought about ordering and most of the models I tested were not shipped to Israel
  2. I have not been able to use such a distance. Do you want me to try running a speed test on my laptop? In a standard Bezeq (I was before at 018+ Bezeq in copper) it will not work. In fiber I do not know because I have not been in these companies. If you connect one computer you do not need a router. There is a box of dlink (I think they call it a fiber converter) and you can remove a cat cable directly to the computer. Because on the one hand the router causes annoying noises emanating from the speakers (I checked with someone else who has creative speakers, and it also happens with him) and on the other hand the adapter I have collides with the frequencies of the wireless mouse, as long as I do not have to turn on more than one device, I Connects directly without a router.
  3. I have the ax6000. The truth that I hardly use it. What do you want to ask about it? By the way, if you have creative speakers, keep in mind that it causes noise from the speakers. I am therefore considering switching to another router (or replacing speakers).
  4. Hi I'm looking at outgoing mail and I see that in the second half of 2021 I have no outgoing mail, even though I know I sent. Any ideas where the mail has gone?
  5. Let's start first with a massive entry of 4th generation and then we'll talk about 5. Prices are still high, especially for those who buy from abroad and then have to pay VAT. Say, what happens to the story of the exemption from abroad. What was decided?
  6. Thank you. There are too many variables here that I have no understanding of :(
  7. NR, What is the difference between the vacuum cleaner you purchased and the vacuum cleaner? I have no idea what the differences are
  8. I do not know where the figure that Office comes from as part of Windows 10 is because it does not appear after installing Windows and needs to be installed.
  9. dependent. I have one that looks like yours and worked for me without installing a driver. When I switched to fiber and replaced a router it no longer worked (probably a model that supported older technology). The new one I bought does not work for me without installing a driver. Make what she has in the picture. There should be a sticker with the model of the device. Max download a driver from the tp link website. Another option is to purchase a network card. post Scriptum. Keep in mind that if you use a cordless mouse / keyboard, there may be a collision between them. For me it causes significant lags in the mouse when there is high speed internet usage.
  10. This is not a problem with your computer, it's a problem with the video.
  11. Hi looking for a programmable mouse and keyboard (at the moment the mouse is more important, with the keyboard in the meantime I'm getting along). I currently have a relatively inexpensive Logitech mk270 set. I got to try one of their mx master models. The mouse caused me hand pain because it is too heavy and too big (I had a hard time putting my hand around it because it is big), so it is important to me that the dimensions be similar to the dimensions of the set mouse I have (I will list the dimensions below. I would very much like to be able to scroll like In the master - there is an option of rotating the pulley and it keeps spinning, an option I found very useful. They say so I trust your considerations whether you need such a keyboard or not) Current mouse dimensions: Mouse Height: 3.90 in (99 mm) Width: 2.36 in (60 mm) Depth: 1.54 in (39 mm) Weight: 2.65 oz (75.2 g) Keyboard Dimensions: Keyboard Height: 5.87 in (149 mm) Width: 17.36 in (441 mm) Depth: 0.71 in (18 mm) Weight: 17.57 oz (498 g)
  12. law89


    Thank you. I've already installed the English version, so I'll stay with it for now.
  13. I did some inquiries and probably what a laptop has is a network card. How does the network card not collide with the mouse? Maybe it's worth me to try a network card instead of an adapter. what do you think?
  14. Updates for the benefit of the general: I tested with a mouse that connects via cable to a USB port, works smoothly. Hence the conclusion that indeed because the mouse is wireless, it collides with the adapter.
  15. Hey. I have the same problem with another company's screen. The speaker also does not work with VGA. Tachles I connect unrelated speakers to the screen itself to the exit in the case and everything works peaks. Even if you connect external speakers to the chassis and connect the monitor with HDMI, you choose which speakers will be activated, external or of the monitor. post Scriptum. I understand at least on my screen there is an option to turn on the speakers when they are in a VGA connection. Need to connect another cable to the monitor. I did not check if it works or not.
  16. There was someone here who put a chassis door as his chassis, so I'm not surprised if he looked at the picture and thought it was a chassis
  17. I do not know packages for NIS 60. It's probably a replaceable door or something
  18. law89


    Thanks. Do you have a link to 2021? I found in a web search the following address that looks similar to yours. Is this an official download link?
  19. law89


    someone? Is it possible to download Office without logging in to a Microsoft account and then inserting a serial? The amount of details they require is excessive and I am not interested in giving them.
  20. Wow, so the gaming world has completely changed. It seems to me that at the time I was playing, the only game that was through Steam (or it was maybe through another company, I no longer remember) was Counter Strike. Then there were games like Project IGI that I really liked, Hitman that I liked less and so on.
  21. Most simple to make a backup. Has anyone found an option to lower the density of alerts without lowering the overall volume of the computer?
  22. General question, for years and years I have not played games. Do all games today require an internet or steam connection or all sorts of other software? Can not purchase a game disc today? Everything online?
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