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  1. What I wrote above (p2421) - you can aim in any direction you want. Personally to me he has made some issues.
  2. I do not back up with Google Drive so I do not know what will happen in the situation that you both backed up the device and Drive. In general I delete and reinstall the WhatsApp. Copies the file to this folder (I hope I remember correctly and does not get confused with another folder) and then opens the app and it asks if I want to upload the backup from the drive (even though the backup is on the cell phone) and chooses yes. Note that this is not always successful on a first try. I had situations that I had to delete several times and reinstall until it input. In addition, every chair installation and sending verification code means that you will have to wait longer until you can request that they send you a valid verification code in case you need to delete the app again and reinstall
  3. To the best of my recollection they are stored in the databases folder within the WhatsApp folder.
  4. To the best of my recollection it does not depend on their terms and if there is a defect in 14 days you can request a refund with no cancellation fee. KSP are tough, I hope it works out for you. Not about Ivory. It is a pity that KSP has a wider variety and sometimes the prices are significantly higher (as in the memories that make buying them unprofitable).
  5. law89

    graphic cards

    Thank you very much. I do not remember the model. I will come back with answers when I find the invoice.
  6. law89

    graphic cards

    Hi thank you I am buying this to check something and after a reasonable chance I will transfer it to the old computer for the ports so I want to make sure it will fit two different computers. So just make sure: 1. Are there different video card connectors in the style of drives that share SATA etc? 2. Is within the specification of the board if I can see the size of the video cards it supports? (If at all it matters). I do not know what you define as antiquity. The processor that is there to the best of my recollection is i8, so it gives roughly an idea of ​​what type not if it is there. I do not know if it was probably launched about 4 years ago and is considered antique.
  7. Do you mean you have an array with an unknown number of numbers? If so, then the idea in general is to run a loop inside which is an if condition that checks if there is a remainder when you divide by 2 (i.e. use a modulo)
  8. How do I know if a video card will fit the motherboard and the size of the case?
  9. I meant with which video card things are displayed on the screen. Some of the built-in graphics cards create problems when hardware acceleration is turned on in Chrome and other problems when it is turned off. So I wanted to know if things on screen would be displayed according to the external card or according to the built-in
  10. I would be happy if someone who did this could share with which video card the things are displayed in his case in case he activates both.
  11. interesting. Flipping is not such an option for me. I will try to search more in depth. What reads if I add an external card and activate the internal one as well? By what card are things displayed?
  12. Anyone know if there is a list of boards where this can be done?
  13. You made me wonder what a kettle cable is. Two look similar and the third looks a little different but he also has three pins.
  14. I did some tidying up today and unplugged the computers to move them. When I came to pick up the cables that connect to the provider, I noticed I had three of these. Two of them are supposed to be of the computers and the third I have no idea what belongs to (maybe came with the printer maybe with another product). How can I tell which of the cables belong to the computer? Does it matter which one I connect (emphasizing that one of them certainly did not come with the computer and I have no idea which product it belongs to)? Thank you and have a happy new year and a happy holiday
  15. I got to try today another screen that was until now connected in HDMI. This is not exactly your case, but it might be worth checking out: I connected a DP cable to it and another HDMI cable to the monitor. All my attempts to figure out why he was not working were unsuccessful. At the end I returned the HDMI to it and disconnected the second screen. It's on. I changed the connection to the DP from the screen settings and then reconnected both. Apparently some screens do not automatically pick up the port.
  16. I'll add something. I have a Lenovo computer that according to the Lenovo website is supposed to hold up to 8 hours and according to a website that conducted a review, is supposed to hold between 11 and 14 hours in light use. The battery is of 80WH (screen 17.6 hours) and it barely drags 5 hours (even when I tried to connect an external screen and close the screen of the laptop), so I would not rely on what they record. Regarding the screen - I believe that the screen on my computer is considered one that is not bad, and there is a significant gap in the expectation of movies in front of an external screen. In addition, physically check the screen size. 15 inches is quite small. Weight - What the A-10 has written for you is true. I took a relatively heavy computer. I was willing to compromise on weight for a good battery and a large, quality screen. I actually got none of them and got stuck with a pretty heavy computer (3kg).
  17. Some questions: 1. Have you ever connected any screen with this adapter and it worked? 2. Check on the screen if it is set to the correct port.
  18. Back up the important files on one disk and another disk using Paragon and then you can upload the entire operating system to the state it was in when it was backed up. It is important not to resize partitions or to change the path where you saved Paragon backups (do not move to another drive or rename folders, etc.). Most of the time this software is fine if you do not do these things.
  19. It's not just a matter of motion pictures. There are other things for example Udemy website etc. where it appears on full screen. To the best of my recollection (although it took a while so maybe I was wrong) on ​​the 16:10 screen I had black streaks and on other sites where there were no black streaks before. Even with the stripes, I would still prefer a 16:10 screen, but each and his preferences. Could have someone else these stripes will be very disturbing.
  20. There is the dell p2421 which is 16:10. For me it was also more convenient to work but such a screen. It should be taken into account that when watching movies, etc., black bars may appear at the top and bottom of the page. I think it's still worth it. I will reserve and say that I less recommend the screen I mentioned above. I suffered from it a lot. I uploaded here a picture of such a pair of screens that one is much darker than the other even though they are on default settings in addition to all sorts of stripes that appeared and disappeared on this screen (compared to a Samsung and Lenovo screen where there was not this problem).
  21. 1. I have not seen such an option there. I did not think of it, but I have two batteries that appear in the bar next to the computer clock. I really define this setting through the non-Huantage battery. The setting that when I close the laptop it will not go into sleep mode, I set through the control panel. I did not think that Vintage could cause the problem until you recorded it. Is there anyone else here who uses a Lenovo computer and can tell if he is suffering from it? 2. I will see if the external screen works out after I installed this software. If it works out, I might consider giving up the USB port (although it's very convenient for me to put the dongle in the back and use the side ports for regular use) Thanks for the help
  22. When not going, so not sometimes not going to the end for over a decade everything went smoothly with the computers (I think the last time I sent a computer for repair was about 20 years ago). Unfortunately lately I've been having problems and a bit of bad luck with the one that knocked me down that computer that it definitely sucks, but most of the problems are not things related to me. Connecting an external monitor to a mobile phone is all about plugging in a cable. There is nothing here I can do that will cause problems. How much do you pay? :) 1. Maybe their vintage changes it automatically. Really annoying this thing. 2. I will check. I'm undecided whether to send them for repair and that's it. Someone here wrote on mobiles and less advised him to send for repair for fear of ruining something else.
  23. Anyone know the software? When I connect a screen to a laptop, I suffer from all sorts of parts that suddenly appear elsewhere on the screen for a fraction of a second. I was told by Lenovo's support to install this software. Is it enough for me to install or do I have to sign up for Anoidia? I will use this for two more questions, maybe someone can help: 1. I set that when the lid is closed the computer will not go into sleep mode and the battery settings in the menu (where the computer clock is) are at their lowest. Every so often these settings change for me automatically and return to the default. Is there an option to set them? 2. There are USB ports on the right, left and back of the computer. When I connect to the rear exit (left of the two) the coder and mouse do not work well. How can I make sure there is a problem with the port? I tested with two different keyboards.
  24. I have no experience with them. They are very expensive.
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