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  1. Return in the same coin. My brother had a neighbor who would get up for work at 2 at night and would open the morning with Noisy that would wake him up too. After all the conventional persuasion attempts did not work he put a speaker towards the common wall they shared, waited for him to return from work and go to sleep, then activated some 10 second loop (the end of the suite - Judy Blue Eyes by Crosby Stills & Nash, if anyone knows) at full power . After that he had quiet nights.

  2. First of all, life is long enough to allow yourself to sit idly by for a year without missing something, so it will not pressure you.

    I know the feelings you described that I myself experienced and still experience in a certain way. I would recommend you just find a job. Something simple, half a job, even to have a job for a few hours a day. I believe that things will flow from themselves and eventually you will emerge from the blessing you are in.

  3. I have a problem with multiple display settings in the new driver. In the previous driver I had (an out-of-date version a few months ago) I would set the TV as a continuation of the desktop so that on the main screen I would see the desktop as normal, whereas on the TV I would only see the desktop background. When I wanted to watch a simple movie, I would drag it to the TV, and then I would be free to other computer operations on the main monitor.

    The TV resolution was set to 1360 X768 and the computer screen to 1680 X1050.

    All my attempts to define a similar situation in the new driver came to nothing. If I am retiring the desktop across the monitors, I have to set the number of vertical or horizontal pixels (depending on the type of retirement - vertical or horizontal) to be the same. If I make CLONE I can set natural resolutions for both screens separately, but I cannot use both screens for two different operations.

    Is it a deliberate change or a bug? Is there a way to settle the matter without going back to Driver first?

    Edit: At the end of another restart fixed the problem. Now I have a dualview option and everything works properly.

  4. I am not a smoker, but I am in favor of the Inquisition of cannabis, with appropriate restrictions, of course. As long as alcohol is something that is legal, it would be a double standard not to pass such a law here.

    However, the black thing to me actually smoking is the fact that people just can not manage to cope with life without such materials or others. It's a little funny to hear 16 children (I'm not talking about specific people who reacted here but in general) that talk about smoking, drinking alcohol or any other substance that makes life a way to relax their daily stresses and anxieties. At this age life is virtually carefree for most of them, so how will they cope when they really have reasons to worry? Will you increase your smoking dose? Will they also drink in the middle of the week?

    So what I'm actually saying is that more harmful substances than cannabis have been legalized today, so it's foolish to ban its use. My problem is more with the fact that we have become a whining generation that chooses shortcuts to deal with problems and only keeps its head in the sand, all in the name of pan and momentary pleasure.

  5. When people call you homophobic without knowing you ...

    My advice - go to FOX MAN in Dizengoff (preferably with a tank top) and you'll understand what I'm talking about ...

    Not that I'm afraid, it's not pleasant ... substitute for my homo and get the same result. I have nothing against gays, as long as they do not touch me.

    I'm still considered a child, but if I do not tell you that I'm 15 old you will not know it

    If you have been improperly treated, you must report it to the police. A sexually harassing boy An 15 boy is a pedophile and must be behind bars.

  6. I said I hate the seller? I hate the situation that you are forced to stand in front of a man who scans you from head to toe and every second tries to touch you "accidentally" in the package or the ass ... if you like it then PARDON ME ...

    You sound like a chronic homophobe and need psychological treatment. If you did not imagine these things, you probably ran into pedophiles (I suppose you're another child by your way of writing and saying, sorry if I was wrong) and you have to report that person to the police.

  7. When you come home at 3 at night and just want to get to bed, then be attacked by the neighborhood cats in the stairwell.

    When you get a phone in the middle of the shower, then race against the clock. You finish the shower quickly and get out all wet and upset, just to pick up the phone and hear a recorded message announcing to you about this week's Shufersal specials.

    When you make a coffee miracle and accidentally fill the glass as if it were a wine for consecration, then you have to go with the miracle like a turtle to the room, in what looks like a million-dollar mission. Of course the miracle spills in the last meter.

  8. People who see you have trouble lifting something heavy and ask, "What, did not you have breakfast?"

    Football games in which Eli Ohana is the commentator ("The team that scores more goals is the winning team").

    There is a crowd of fools (Beitar fans, for example) and somehow everyone starts singing "We believe in the sons of believers."

    Dana Dvorin.

  9. Try to turn on the TV with the remote and find out that your technologically challenged sister turned off the TV with the button.

    That people deliberately leave a drop of milk in a bag to leave the job of changing the bag to the next sucker.

    Get up 5 minutes before the alarm rings and know you'll never get back to sleep for another 5 minutes.

    Write something in this Thunder that is already on the 20 page and then go through all of it reluctantly to make sure they did not write what you want to write.

  10. It's too good to become another bunch of jokes about the nickname 'chocolate'. We understood that his nickname is chocolate and therefore he is treated as if he really is a chocolate milk.

  11. I have a solution that always helps me with those points that just can't be shaved. Wipe the sweaty area, put a drop of saliva in your finger, apply the stubborn stubble and try to shave the area. Unless I have a special saliva, this should cause my hair to fall off immediately.

    Simple, disgusting and effective.

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