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  1. I checked it does not start at 169.254 it starts at 10.175
  2. Check on mobile? How do you find the IP there? I think a router reset was done (Partner's technical support representative did remotely), if that's what you mean. And it did not help I have a d-link router N600 (was once Bezeq, today it is private) Thanks
  3. Hello Galaxy A-52 I only surf through "mobile data" in surfing via WiFi The result is "connected without internet" The computers do work on the same network via WiFi I turned to the technical support of the Internet provider and no solution was found, I turned to Samsung technical support ( Sunny) and no solution was found. I did - reset networks, "forget", run in safe mode, and none of that helped. So I downloaded a test tool from Samsung that tests the hardware and the result was normal. I have another old device Shiomi, in which I sometimes manage to surf and sometimes get the same result "connected without internet" (as mentioned while I surf computers on this network). The Galaxy Q52 only when I tried to connect and surf another network when I was somewhere else, and it worked properly. What could be the problem? How can this be fixed? Maybe it's a router glitch? I will add that in the past it did work for me on this device (on the Galaxy) thanks
  4. I'm trying to install it, and it's not going to say that a specific version of the operating system was required when I clicked "Update", I came to the page below I attached pictures
  5. Interesting thank you, will you try it out? Does it preview after scanning and before restoring?
  6. Hello Laptop, Windows 10 operating system I accidentally deleted files and folders I went to the Recycle Bin for recovery, but it's not there Isn't everything deleted goes to the Recycle Bin? (I know that very large files do not pass but are deleted, but in this case they are not large files) And how and how can it be restored? Thanks
  7. Agree with you so I didn't order away from Bali Express Is there a chance to find something normal or is it an even worse option than this site?
  8. Even when I don't see shipping to Israel, or there are other ways to search I found the following on the web, I have no idea what the site is and whether it is trustworthy, if anyone knows I would love to hear https://www.iladaptersonline.com/dell-c -53_6 / original-5400mah-60wh-6 battery-dell-latitude-e5420-p-145433.html
  9. Hello, I have a laptop - dell latitude 5420 The battery is very low, and does not last more than fifteen minutes I want to buy a new, quality, original, original battery Will it cost me cheaper than a shipment from overseas to buy in the country? Shipping to Israel, mainly from China or Europe at an expensive price.If anyone can help direct me and send a link to order, I would love it.This is a 6 cell battery 60Wh 11.1V thank you
  10. For the format I did not succeed in the usual way, and as shown in the image below through partition management, I stood on the partition in black, even where there was no formatting option, but there was an option for something like "new volume", I clicked it, and the drive worked out. thanks anyway
  11. Hello and welcome to SanDisk (32GB) Disk On Key I insert the drive into the USB port and nothing comes up automatically. Clicking "This Computer" appears to have some drive I inserted (Attached image 1) On clicking on the drive, I receive a message "Please insert a disk into the drive (Attached Image 2) in the drive partition management appears in black, the disk volume appears, but it says" Unassigned "( Attached image 3) Is this a hardware malfunction or something that can be fixed? PS I do not know if it is related, the only use I have made on the drive so far, is to make it a bot to install a new operating system on the computer.
  12. Hello I changed the name of the owner on the computer as well as the name of the computer when I right-click on an image I downloaded to the computer - Properties - Details. So in the name of the owner / computer name it did change according to the new name, but the "folder path" still has the old name. Why did it change automatically? And how can this be arranged? Incidentally, these details that appear under "Details" are something that I only see when I download a photo to my computer, or if I upload this photo to any site / forum and someone clicks on properties - details, it will show what I see (which means Identify if there are any identifying details there)? Thank you
  13. Hello, I often order in eBay (and more often in Amazon) with shipping to Israel. There are products that are not shipped to the country, and I have the option of having someone in the US send it to their address, and ship it to me. Should I open a new eBay / Amazon account with the address abroad, or use the existing account and change the address to the specific shipment I want Arriving in the US? And are there any differences between Ibi and Amazon about this?
  14. Hello I bought a new 32 gigabyte ounce disk I used to create a boot disk to re-install on a computer that turned the disk into 2 drives. I did a reboot (on the 2 drives) and it stays so how do you turn it into one ounce disk? Attached image Thank you
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