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  1. Something else to end. Before adding memory, I did a factory reset and the computer started working very well, hope for the best later thanks to everyone who advised and helped
  2. In conclusion. For those who experience a similar problem, I installed the Windows 10 instead of the 8 I had. The problem is still not fully resolved. There is probably no escape from expanding memory
  3. The model listed by F550VC XX113H about deleting the browsing history I use CCLEANER if I remember correctly it clears the history for most computer gets better after I run a test and gets stuck after using or two for Windows 8 that I have installed. You can save your personal files before formatting or have to copy to hard disk (don't understand it)
  4. It lists Asus computer. Windows 8 cpu intel Core i5 3230m 2.6ghz memory 4gb hdd 750gb I use the computer mainly in video emails, etc. For a day, no formatting and reinstallation has ever been passed
  5. Yes. Usually open as 10 pages when I move between pages it increases to 95-90
  6. Thanks for the help The memory learned about 79% 3.1 / 3.9gb I scanned with AVIRA came out clean. I will also check the link you sent for confidence
  7. Hello Hello My computer does not respond all the time when I browse the web. When I open Fair Fox or Chrome it takes the browser a long time to load, many times I get a non-responding error, after a few minutes it works but again gets stuck for a minute when I try to minimize the page for example or switch between windows if I open folders or documents they open fine . I went through online tutorials for downloading software that comes with the computer and I use ccleaner. Sometimes it happens that the computer works and works well and the next day it gets stuck again. I scanned for viruses with avira and it came out clean. In short exhausting exhausting the computer between a few years Asus computer. Windows 8 cpu intel core i5 3230m 2.6ghz mem
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