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  1. As for github, they really commented on this in another forum, so I put it up there. About the rest of the comments I will definitely take my attention
  2. Here's a project I've done it all - server side and front end. Written in java, spring and hibernate I used the google cloud platform what do you think? Here is the project code for your reference: Have a Bonus - in Student Names
  3. Hello everyone, I am 41 from Hasharon area and after years of working in a dull gray area (pension insurance portfolio management) I want to do a professional retraining. I have a very high orientation in the field of computing (before entering insurance I was a computer technician) and I want to study MCSE now to enter the networking world. I must point out that two years ago I already did a course through John Bryce in Java programming, but after a year of not even coming back to me, after sending a resume to many places, I want to try the network management field, which I think is more accessible in terms of employment options (Lighten my eyes if I'm wrong). Since I no longer have the extra 15,000 and 20,000 NIS extra for a course at one of the colleges (I already spent this amount at John Bryce) I want to study from home online. I have the necessary self-discipline and the necessary self-teaching (at my age, the righteous man knows how to die). With the recommendation of a friend, I came to which offers unlimited access to the site's content at NIS 350 per month with no minimum period commitment etc. The site offers a variety of network and programming management courses and as mentioned for only NIS 350 per month, without obligation, all courses and videos are open to me as well as a telephone open line to consult with the lecturer if necessary. Now I did a Google search on this site and found no conclusive reviews here or there. What I did find is recommendations on similar sites from abroad that are cheaper and maybe even better, such as: (not I will have trouble learning in English) I must point out that I have been wandering around the foreign sites for a while and did not see a name that is as neat as the Israeli site. For example, this result for MCSA in cbtnuggets: Somewhat cumbersome ... It is unclear who is against whom, to choose green in the field like me. On the Israeli site, this is very neat and accessible. There were also reactions around the net just to go study alone and for free from the free stuff that exists on the net (which I think is less inviting because then I have to "build" the course myself and I don't know what to do and what dose, I don't even know where to start, what material to rely on Etc. etc.) And this is where my tedious post ends - what do you say? Give a chance to Israeli Go online study sites from abroad? Do you have any recommendations on which site? Which course on one site or another? And in general, enlighten your experience and everything that comes to mind in the light of my long post ...
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