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  1. Hello everyone! I am interested in purchasing a gaming screen with a resolution of 1440P and I am undecided between these two screens Asus VG27AQ and LG GL850B. From what I was able to read online there are recommendations for both but there are also drawbacks. I would love to get some opinions from the experts here in the forum regarding each of these screens. It's important to note that I play mostly FPS games so response speed is something important (not going to compete), but also image quality is something I was happy to have at a high level. I will mention in terms of price I can get these two screens at almost the same price so price is not a factor in deciding this net which screen is better quality, good and will remain without problems for a period of several years! Many thanks to the helpers!
  2. First of all thank you for the response! I definitely also thought about those things you said and realized that if I really take 1440 and need to go down and play on low vs high settings at 1080 with the same FPS or more then 1080 is better, correct me if 1440 is really better at 1080 at high settings. In addition, I read some comments and recommendations online and saw that the vast majority said to purchase 1080 screens of maximum size of 24 "and that 27" is less appropriate for this resolution. Have you encountered these reactions before? And do you experience any problem following this?
  3. Hello everyone! I want to buy a new screen and wanted to consult which screen would best fit a video card within my budget. Let's start with that my computer consists of 2070 SUPER and 3600X. I would also like to invest around NIS 1000-1500. I would like to point out that the game is for gaming. Especially network games such as COD, CSGO. That with 2 i will get better performance but if in 144 i will still get good performance then maybe worth giving up some FPS for a better picture.
  4. Thanks so much for all the help. Just one last question for the screen. The truth is that this is how I planned to switch screens soon, that was part of my plans. The question of whether a more advanced screen will improve and fix this problem?
  5. In terms of settings, I play ultra with a combination of HIGH in some settings. I just run according to the settings recommended by GEFORCE EXPERIENCE. For viruses or other things, I can't believe it. The new computer came to me just last week, so did the Windows and all the other games. The drivers were also installed last week so that's not the problem.
  6. First I checked the FPS. Most of the time I have 60 FPS sometimes a little more. When there are falls it reaches a minimum of 40-45 FPS for really short moments and this happens infrequently. Most of the time the game runs great and the feeling that it is a bit slower is rarely caused and even then I see that FPS can be around 55. It also happened to me that I played almost two hours without any problem and only after that did it start to slow down the picture. I also tried to change settings that did not change. Like I said someone said that a screen with Gsync or Freesync technology can solve the problem. The question of whether it really has anything to do with it.
  7. First of all thank you for the response and in addition I would love to share with you the rest of the details maybe you can help me. I'll start with this is a relatively new game - Red Dead Redemption 2, which is also a relatively heavy game. In terms of computer components, this is a Ryzen 5 3600X processor and a 2070 GB RAM RTX 16 SUPER card. It's hard for me to believe that the processor or video card is a bottleneck, but correct me if I'm wrong. For the heat I checked temperatures and both the video card and the processor reach a maximum of 70-75 degrees, which I do not know how much it affects. I will also point out that what I was told that could be causing the FPS to fall is my screen. I play with a relatively old, 21 inch Samsung game, with 60 MHZ and DVI connection. Someone told me that was probably what was causing it and if I switched to another screen it would probably be resolved.
  8. Hi everyone I have a new computer with corsair vengeance rgb pro 16GB and when I put the computer into sleep mode the lights in the memories continue to work. I also have RGB on the motherboard and when I downloaded the ASUS AURA I managed through the software settings to turn off the lights in sleep mode. I was then able to define that even the memories I could set up from AURA but it didn't help me. In the end, though, I set out that they wouldn't work while the computer was in sleep mode that didn't help and they did work. Does anyone have a way to solve this? By the way so as not to open another discussion I have another question about the memories. On the principle level the memories are 3000MHZ but according to the manager the speed tasks listed there is 3200MHZ is that correct?
  9. The operating system is rising fast (I with 16GB RAM) has no problem with it. The interest is really in the games. Aside from loading times as the game goes up, can that also improve the game loading itself? For that matter there is a certain game that sometimes in its new parts slows the game down and lowers FPS, is that something the new SSD can improve?
  10. Hello everyone! I have a Kingston SSATA 480 GB SSD drive which according to the site the read speed is 500 MB with both the Windows and the games I play. Today I came from the WD SN2's SSD M.750 Amazon which is 500 GB with a read speed of 3100 MB. My question is should I reformat and reinstall Windows and all games on the new SSD because of the higher read speed? Or would I rather leave it that way? The thing is, I don't know if the improvement in the games will be significant if at all it's the most important thing to me. Thanks for the helpers!
  11. Not necessarily. I was pretty closed on it at first and the truth that I was almost booked today but a friend told me that maybe the cost of the 2060 Super card could be saved because the cost of the computer has already exceeded 5K, and when I read online I saw that there are differences of about 20-30 FPS in gaming. But I still wanted to consult people who hold one of the cards here, what do they think, is the addition worthwhile? I'll just point out that I have nothing to do with the hardware and computer fields, so I consult when I'm not closed on something. In the end, I do not change a computer every year or two, so it is important for me to make the right choices especially when it comes to small amounts.
  12. I have assembled a computer that is basically built on the AMD 3600X and 16 GB RAM, and I am debating between the 2060 SUPER and 2070 SUPER so far I was pretty much locked on the 2070 SUPER, whether the extra 500 for the price is really worth it? The gap is really significant. I'm ready to absorb the 500 NIS to get a better product in the present and future. The main thing is computer gaming (CSGO, PUBG etc) and new games like red dead redemption 2 and it is important for me to play high graphics. I'm currently not running anything on a screen, but the plan is to buy a more advanced screen for 1080P maybe for 1440P in the future.
  13. Hi there are discounts on quite a few games on STEAM for anyone interested. There is even a discount on Red dead redemption 2 for a total of 20-25%, what do you say is worth buying now or waiting for the winter deals for Christmas?
  14. There are several models that are more or less on the same price range: https://www.tms.co.il/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=102351&search=super+2070&sort=p.price&order=ASC https: // www .tms.co.il / index.php? route = product / product & product_id = 19826 & search = super + 2070 & sort = p.price & order = ASC https://www.tms.co.il/index.php?route=product/product&product_id= 19306 & search = super + 2070 & sort = p.price & order = ASC https://www.tms.co.il/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=19126&search=super+2070&sort=p.price&order=ASC
  15. I saw two cards from the same company that one cost 2100 (in Eilat) and the other 2250 whose difference is 1770 MHZ vs 1815, so you're saying it's not something that matters in terms of performance and it's better to take the cheap one?
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