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  1. 1. What is the maximum budget? Is an exception possible if necessary? 5000 NIS 2. What is the use of the computer (games, graphic editing, office work, HD content for example), there is a specific example of a game or software? Games of all the youth playing today 3. Is there a need for peripherals (for example: keyboard, mouse, speakers and screen)? Only good gaming screen 4. Is there a basic component that does not need to be included in the specification? (For example, an SSD drive that already exists and can be attached to the assembly) 5. How important is the quiet operation of the computer? 6. Is there a limit or preference for the physical size of the computer and its weight, lights, etc.? 7. Is it necessary to include an operating system / office (if so, it is advisable to specify a version
  2. I5 10400 2.9Ghz - AMD Ryzen 5 3400G Tray and in general which is better Intel or AMD for another third home computer
  3. Is it possible to check if it is a power supply? Can one fan that suddenly stopped working can also cause it? Thanks
  4. Hello my computer goes off without warning sometimes without effort at all - just switching on and a little internet after it turns off no button turns it on for a few minutes sometimes turns on after a last time it did not turn on for a few days these days just unplugged its power cord and returned the computer turned on What could be the problem? A few months ago there was a similar phenomenon and I was replaced by a (still responsible) motherboard
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Three different manufacturers are adopting a particularly compact Mini-ITX configuration for the GeForce RTX 3060, so that even miniature computer systems can enjoy the benefits of the new generation - in case the availability does not disappoint once again

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