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    Samsung odyssey 32 gaming computer screen model 2020 !! 2K concave screen 2560X1440 High refresh rate for games 240HZ !! Highly recommended for gaming !!!! Including LED lighting !!!! Used for 3 months !!! like New!!!! The screen with all its parts !! There are even more nylons on the front of the screen !! And of course there is an orderly reception. I am selling it at a bargain price - really really on a serious occasion - relative to a 3 month screen !!!!! At a price of NIS 2,880 !!!! NIS 700 less than the store. Attached are pictures to illustrate the brand new brand !!!! 3 year warranty from Samsung !!! Attached is a receipt for the screen purchased for NIS 3530. Cell phone: 0546144552 Not on Saturday! Eyal

    2,880 ₪

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