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    Motherboard in excellent condition still under warranty for another two years

    200 ₪

  2. I have such a 4T and it is excellent
  3. It is possible to download a language package from the Microsoft website
  4. I will repeat this two days ago I replaced ssd on my computer I had nvme and switched to sata ssd and the system is slower especially on Windows
  5. Geforce tool was installed and the driver was up to date and new video card and after installing and replacing the serial everything worked out
  6. This is not a sale announcement but I would like to buy 0515179587
  7. Ok thanks so much for the quick and clever responses by the way about the Courier h110
  8. This is exactly the system I received this problem several times and when it installed a valid Serial it worked (the truth was that I also replaced the install) but I'm not sure it's related to it's probably a bug in hacking or looking for another hack ...
  9. There are renderings but I am afraid of the corrosion liquids etc. On the other hand I do not want to compromise ...
  10. Usually, it is an operating system problem which operating system is installed and whether the license is valid or hacked
  11. Hello, I would like to receive suggestions about buying a good cooler for the i9 9900k processor No problem cooling the soon-to-be-planned Ram salts The uses are graphics and video editing Thanks a lot
  12. Samsung has regular and professional drives depending on budget and need
  13. For good quality Portnight you need a good video card that bumps the price of the computer and if it is of minimum quality every new PC with I3 processor can run
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