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  1. Hello. About two months ago I bought the Sony WH-1000XM4, and I wanted to use it on my computer via Bluetooth as well. I realized I needed some Transmitter or Bluetooth dongle that could get LPAC / APTX HD transmission, and I do not know what is suitable / what to choose - and if it will work at all. I wanted to ask for help in choosing a suitable adapter that supports these codecs. Budget is not an issue (as long as it's not an exaggeration to exceed $ 120). Thanks.
  2. By all accounts, a code name: 'Redwood Cove' is supposed to be its "answer" to what AMD is doing with the Raisins. 7 nm, finally an architecture that is all "3D-Stacked", and may even have I / O die contained in TSMC. Many estimate that Ocean Cove sponsored by Jim Keller Day was canceled at this point, and Redwood Cove is what came out of it. I wonder what Zen 5 will do against it, of course, if all this is true.
  3. That's pretty entertaining. Usually it is AMD that takes Nevidia's technologies and tries to give them an "open" answer, now it is Navidia who wants to offer the same answer but without access restriction. Probably the part with the Cache will only be for AMD (this is a technology they developed over the years with Sony, originally for the PS5), but I'm glad that Navidia has marked in its checkerboard more marketing hooks. That means she smells the launch of the approaching radons as well.
  4. He wrote at the beginning of the comment that he does not remember where the source came from (I am not sure there is one like this because I have heard similar things and they were rumors).
  5. Market Cap is not just a stock, it is a statistical combination of all sorts of variables, but yes. It is completely synthetic and unrepresentative. AMD's market cap is inflated and they know it. It was just terribly funny to me (Market Cup in English = market value in Hebrew) that this concept of a 1-to-10 ratio still stuck.
  6. Intel's market cap as of today (end of 2020) is $ 184 billion, that of AMD is $ 98 billion (with expectations to rise to $ 130 billion after the margin with Xilinx at the end of next year). Not that it says anything about the profits between the companies (Intel is rolling out an annual turnover several times larger). https://ycharts.com/companies/INTC/market_cap https://www.macrotrends.net/stocks/charts/AMD/amd/market-cap
  7. I have heard that the deceleration is a by-product of its lithography at 10 nm. From what I understand, Elder Lake is supposed to be some kind of hybrid breeding, and his clock scaling is unlikely to come close to Stronghold with 14 ++++++++. I heard that their core combination would also be pretty weird (8 cores / 24 threads for example) with Elder Lake, which is interesting and entertaining in itself. Of course, it's all rumors.
  8. I understand that the result changes with increasing frequencies, so I suspect that this review will also change when 2.4GhZ-2.5GhZ cards are released as far as leaks are concerned. The 6800 XT seems to be a great card for gamers.
  9. More and more people seem to be having fun with the RX 6800XT online - more cost results. Currently, a result of 456837 in Gikbench has risen to 6800XT at a speed of 2.2Ghz. https://browser.geekbench.com/v4/compute/4937061 For comparison, the 3080 reaches 470743 at 1.75GhZ.
  10. You build your claim based on your speculation that the stock will run out (even though it has been available for a year and a half), or that production will end on the B450 series (even though when the X570 and B450 came out, they were still full of the X470), and people will have to buy only the Raisins From the newest series, when running they can buy the 3600X, or for example the 2700X, and always upgrade in a few years assuming they feel like a bottleneck (and I ignore the fact that the B550 boards also work with previous generations, and net touches on older hardware). So maybe you're not interested that you can not speed up your CPU if you do not have a board of a certain type, and maybe you are not interested in having to replace your bracket with each series
  11. I do not know, in the meantime Raisen 2000 of various kinds are also available for sale. Until the stock is depleted, these prices have gone down. In short I do not agree with your claim. AMD's platform is balanced in its prices, and you do not have to buy the newest if you are short on money. There are enough previous generation options that still do a good job and at a fair price.
  12. I have a question, how long in advance are you given these components for testing? week? Ten days?
  13. Only the newer series is more expensive, the rest of the platform is cheap and fair in its prices. It is possible today to bring 3600 at joke prices, and to this day he processes a banger.
  14. They rattle Intel mostly in games that like high FPS, like CS GO, Valorent, i.e. on the fronts where Intel enjoyed showing off its high frequencies. In games where the situation was more balanced, AMD narrowed the gap and overtook Intel in 95% of the games I saw. I think people kind of forget that Slide Like (\ Comet Like \ what comes after) crashed Zen 2 in games at 1080p, they were behind most of the time at 15% -20% and sometimes a little more. Erasing that difference, and even overtaking the competition, when you are on the same node and do not rely on compression of the chip, it is impressive.
  15. In my experience, as soon as you strain the cores it automatically goes down and stabilizes. I think you should be wary of a situation where the voltage bounces up (both idle and load) regularly after manual OC.
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