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  1. You probably won’t fall for any of the alternatives you mentioned, but I would invest a little more research before purchasing. As for the Vostro, the reviews in the following link are quite positive, and they note favorably the screen, the rigidity of the structure, and the quality of construction. The computer is responsible for the fact that it does not include a dedicated video card. https://www.techradar.com/reviews/pc-mac/laptops-portable-pcs/laptops-and-netbooks/dell-vostro-3500-692773/review The ProBook you mentioned gets a reasonable review at the following link, but it is explicitly stated that It is better to go for the EliteBook, among other things for screen brightness considerations. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ttw-K_HHYiA The EliteBook receives positive reviews
  2. Regarding the link you attached - note that clicking on what should be a link to Latitude 3400 will take you to a page on the pc-online store website that shows another model (latitude 3510) that is not in stock (unless I missed something). General note about this series - I recommend taking a closer look at the computer to get a first-hand impression of it, before purchasing. There are those who like the plastic finish and there are those who have reservations about it. I also read reviews here and there about the quality of the display. For me, personally, this is one of the most significant parameters in choosing a laptop. And one more thing - DELL prices in the country are too high for my taste. In my opinion, it's worth examining HP's Elitebook series. In terms of durability, this is one of the culprits
  3. Your requirements are modest and the budget is respectable. In the days when they were repaired you were supposed to find a proper computer easily. The problem is that the supply today is low and if you limit yourself to buying in Israel - you will find that the selection is particularly limited and tomorrow is high. The fundamental problem with the kind of questions you have raised is that the vast majority of forum members can attest from their experience that it is a limited appraiser. The old age has not yet given them signs. At work I use a laptop from the HP Elitebook series. The products in this series are designed for improved mechanical durability and this is very noticeable. If you have no problem with Ang.
  4. you are welcome. Intel Core i5 10600KF Water Cooling SilverStone FP240 ARGB Motherboard Asus z490 Prime Memory 2X8 DDR4 3200 Disk WD BLACK 1TB M.2 NVME Gigabyte 700W Bronze CM Enclosure NZXT H510 Matte Black / Red Zotac RTX 3070 8GB Video Card Windows 10 Pro Gigabyte Intel GC-CI22M_A Wireless Network Card
  5. Hello, I recently purchased a gaming computer for my son. At the end of the day, I am very pleased with the purchase. I must point out that for me the craft of purchasing was not easy. I find it appropriate to share the experience of buying a computer with the thought that it might be to help with the task for those of you who are in its development. Like many good ones I started a task right here in the forum, with a standard request for advice on assembling a computer specification given a set budget. A few days later, with the kind help of some forum members, the specs stabilized with a slight and insignificant deviation from the budget. Happy and kind-hearted I approached through the site no less than four well-known online stores. Camp A. contacted me and updated that they would return
  6. Thanks for the inputs. The choice of case is that of the future owners of the computer (relying, among other things, on online reviews). I'm in charge of financing ... Is the noise from what the H500i is expected to bother? Can you specify a case with a solid look that excels in quiet operation? The guy less connected to the various lighted fans.
  7. Hello, I'm going to buy a computer in the next few days. A moment before, I asked to find out that I have no acute problem with the specs. My questions: 1. Is air cooling satisfactory? If not - I would be happy to save for an alternative component. 2. Is the power supply satisfactory? If not - I would be happy to recommend a replacement component. 3. Any further comment is welcome. Thanks in advance. Processor: 999 NIS - SIX Core i5 10600KF 4.1Ghz-4.8Ghz Comet Lake S1200 Tray Air cooling for the processor: 204 NIS - Be quiet! Shadow Rock 2 Motherboard: 879 NIS - ASUS TUF GAMING Z490-PLUS Memory: 428 NIS - Corsair Vengeance LPX 16G (2x8G) DDR4 3000Mhz CL16 Black Video card: 2203 NIS - *
  8. 8 cores for software development is great. For resource-hungry algorithms like machine learning - much less. But what I understand - a total of 20 years of experience in the field. By the way, my machine with 72 cores and 144 threads works for weeks in a row without rest.
  9. Agree with etal regarding the video card. There are quite a few sites with recommendations regarding compatibility of video cards for various types of calculations (including parallel calculations and working with CUDA). It is worth investing in studying the subject before purchasing. Another issue worth examining is the number of cores. Can you make do with eight cores? Keep in mind that with the right programming in Matlab or Python you can significantly speed up the processes you run on your computer through conventional work on core cores. Personally I tend to compromise on clock speed in favor of multi-core.
  10. If you are convinced that you will not need 12D then you can settle for a medium video card. I took a look at the link you sent for the VivoBook. Note that it can only hold up to 256GB of memory. Maybe that's enough for you. Plus, I would not go for the version with 500GB - too small for my liking assuming you install an operating system, AutoCAD, Office and some other software. One more thing - according to the specifications on the Asus website, the specific model can get a 512GB HDD (and not an SSD). On the other hand one of the options in Amazon ostensibly includes a XNUMXGB SSD. Need to understand how this fits in with the description on the manufacturer's website.
  11. What are you going to do in AutoCAD? Two dimension? Wired XNUMXD? Three dimensional simulations? In any case, it offers you a good check on the compatibility of the processors and video cards for your needs.
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