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  1. But they are cheap accordingly
  2. Their new series get 8 times what you mentioned here. For example a 1TB SSD gets a TBW of 800.
  3. Thank you It's important to me to have a built - in graphics processor (in case I get stuck between cards), so it seems that 10900 is the most suitable for me. And it's still cheaper than the 10850K ...
  4. I'm one of those people who's been burned by AMD products in the past. Mainly gaming, and a bit of video editing (+ general uses) advanced emulators (PS3, Wii, Switch)
  5. Hello, I'm upgrading my old trinity (five years ...) to something newer. Major gaming use (but not only). Interested in an eight-core Intel processor. Budget is not the most important factor (although it is clear that I would rather shave a few hundred shekels if possible). 10700 11700 10900 11900 What to do if I put it on the Z590 board?
  6. This is exactly what a monopoly looks like.
  7. Whether it's resolution or RT, I'll always choose resolution.
  8. אמ"לק: בקרוב את'ריום 2.0 ייתר כרטיסי מסך חזקים לשם כרייה
  9. Another "paper launch" ... the truth is I have pretty much given up on upgrading my physical in the near future, and I read similar things in many other places. I've been messing around with my huge backlog for a few months now, and let me tell you - it's really fun. An excellent remedy for the FOMO virus that is raging out there (; we will check the market again towards the summer.
  10. My point is that most people do not buy 3080, but 3060-3070. And the offer of these cards is not good because they offer 8GB GDDR6 which is too low even compared to Xbox and PlayStation. And to sum up - I am waiting for these cards with 12-16GB VRAM.
  11. You also ignore the fact that the "bottleneck" of the gaming industry is the generation of consoles. Games are developed first and foremost for consoles and only then are they converted to physical. For more than seven years we have been in the eighth generation of consoles, which even when just launched was very mediocre compared to the average physical gaming. Now we have jumped to the ninth generation with the Xbox Size and the PlayStation 5. Both have 16GB of GDDR6 memory. Therefore, in my opinion, purchasing a card with less than 16GB today is a mistake that we will pay for in two or three years. More about the new consoles: (due diligence: I wrote it). And ch33 - more and more gamers are playing on TVs (me too) and for many years it has not been possible to purchase a screen with a resolution lower than 4K.
  12. If in 2020 these are VRAM requirements, then it is quite clear that cards with less than 10GB are irrelevant and the minimum for a card that costs a fortune is 12GB. It is not clear why people pay so much money - more than 3000 shekels for 3070 and more than 4000 for 3080.
  13. what do you think? AMD Quad Core Ryzen 3 3100 Up To 3.9Ghz AM4 BOX Gigabyte B450M S2H Motherboard XPG 16G DDR4 3000Mhz CL16 GAMMIX D10 BLACK SSD NVMe A-Data 500G SWORDFISH M.2 R / W 1800MB / s / 1200MB / s ASUS Video Card GTX1660 SUPER O6G Up to 1830Mhz PHOENIX OC Case ANTEC NX240 4X120mm ARGB Gamdias Supplier 500W KRATOS E1 80+ RGB - 3 Year Warranty Upgrades: to 16G for ₪ 139 | For Ryzen 5 3500X for NIS 209 NIS 2690 for cash
  14. Graphic memory is also very important in 2K, it is not just for more effects but to raise the level of detail of the textures. It happened to me personally that in Shadow of War (a game from three years ago) the graphics memory was barely enough for the highest level of textures (GTX1070). Anyway, for four years now the memory of the XX70 series stands at 8GB ... there is no justification for this stagnation. ... and if my memory serves me wrong, in the benches they did to 3070 versus 2080ti did not find significantly different performance in RT.
  15. Objectively, whether it's a 2080ti or 3070 new for the same price - the 2080ti takes thanks to the 3GB of extra memory. Beyond that, any consideration for / against a second hand is already more subjective.
  16. In 2017 I purchased a OnePlus 5t with 128GB and 8GB of RAM. Three years have passed and the specifications of OnePlace have hardly changed. To this day this device * flies *
  17. If "urgent" to you, then I suggest going for the GTX 1660 Super or Ti (they are almost identical in performance). If not really urgent, I join the moon mage recommendation and suggest waiting two / three months to get much more benefit for your money.
  18. The way Plonter communicates the matter, I understand that these are the import prices of the importers, which means that the selling prices themselves will be very different and depend mainly on stock. And I expect there will be a severe shortage of these cards in stock.
  19. I found there only the regular RM750, without the X.
  20. In another spinach, there was someone who gave this shortlist (assuming it also catches 750W): corsair rm650x corsair rm650 corsair tx650m antec hcg650g seasonal foucos gold fsp hydro x650
  21. Where in the country do you sell the Corsair RM750x? I only saw the model without X (i.e. Chinese capacitors instead of Japanese).
  22. I do not want to open a new spinach - so I will use it in light of the launch of the new 3000 cards I (and probably many more like me) want to upgrade my power supply to 750W. Many places recommend Corsair, but they have several types. In short, what is your recommendation for providing 750 watts?
  23. The problem is not shamanic importers but shamanic customers with "low price sensitivity" (what is called in the vernacular of suckers).
  24. 3070 should cost in the country $ 499 * 1.17 * 3.4 ~ 2000 NIS because products below $ 500 should not have customs. The thing is that let's see first that there are at all stocks of these tickets for sale, because experience shows that a shortage is expected. In any case - a purchase from Amazon, even with shipping costs, will be better than a purchase in a store in Israel.
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