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  1. I have a LENOVO computer and it is written to me that the model is: 81D1
  2. Regarding the computer model, how do you know? I attached a picture from the device manager, where I clicked on "Show hidden devices" and only then did the DVD drive appear.
  3. I have a laptop, I tried to insert a disk into the disk drive (internal disk drive), and to my surprise I see that the computer does not recognize the disk at all. I went into "my computer" and there I noticed that drive D did not appear at all. Needless to say, everything worked fine until .. (maybe I did system updates and it happened?). I would love to have your help.
  4. I was now trying to talk to headphones that also have a microphone, which they can hear me too ..
  5. I have a laptop, the microphone on the computer does not work, I do not hear any software (zoom / skype), and also on the camera on the computer do not hear. It may be worth noting that a screen has been replaced on the computer, is there a connection between things?
  6. The truth that I was now looking at opinions about them too, and to say the least, is not something at all. In short there is no belief in anyone ..
  7. Their opinion shows a little different .. Thanks anyway.
  8. I don't want to buy over the internet. And I don't find the computer you recommend in stores like KSP for example ... maybe missing stock. If I ask you to fit a similar computer on the KSP site, then will I just go there where possible?
  9. Can you elaborate a little on why the computer is not something you think?
  10. The budget ranges from around 2000-2300 to basic goals, watching movies for the kids, and surfing the web .. not something special.
  11. I want to buy a new laptop, for very basic needs. I mean no games, no programming, etc. What do the experts say about the following computers: Someone recommended me both I would love to help.
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