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  1. Clazimi

    Star citizen israel

    Yoav personally I also follow the game from 2013 and do not really punish them for the promises before 2017 Today you can run the game at 40-60 FPS which is very nice if you limit the FPS to 30 (console for that matter) the game will run you some regarding the content That exists today in the game is definitely worth the $ 60 recommend you download play regarding the MP and SP The SP has definitely come out and it's only time will tell which of us is right
  2. Clazimi

    Star citizen israel

    As much as you do not understand feel free to come with me for a private conversation if open minded and understand what the potential of this game if they will implement it it is unknown but already now you can enjoy at $ 40 a game with hours of content
  3. Hello STAR CITIZEN players. Happy to announce United Tribes of Israel. The organization has set itself the goal of being the leading and largest organization in Israel. We basically want to unite all the small organizations that currently exist in the game, the players from Israel without an organization and those who are in organizations belong to other organizations. The benefits it will provide us in the game will be significant, more likely to agree diplomatically with other organizations, faster progress as an organization and as individual players, defense, escorting in leadership, trade, mining, patrol and most importantly a cohesive community. The management of the organization is composed of 6 people, the decisions are made according to the majority votes so that there is no one with an ultimatum and besides we always listen to the needs of the community. Link to our organization on the website: Link to our Discord server: For more details feel free to send a private message.
  4. Clazimi

    Star Citizen

    Hi yes the truth if you played 3.8 you could understand that you can already spend tax time there in a row there is tremendous progress in the last year The truth will soon be coming up here post concentrated but already we have started to formulate the community We have made an update to a certain organization that is quite long and man we are about 87 members Most organizations are not Israeli because recruitment or global but most of them are Israeli, as I said soon will come up with a neat post
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