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  1. Hello old HP computer I connected a GEFORCE GT 710 video card showing fault nvidia Output - the connector for this device is in an HDMI connector I use AUX * A fault is known in HP but through the solution shown in HP technical support does not help. ???
  2. Yes you are right there is a shorter plate box. And a cannon. Thank you . On the other hand if you say that there is no difference between a 2 GB video card (I thought it was worth something) and what a motherboard has to offer. So your recommendation is to simply use what the motherboard has to offer.
  3. This is the board https://ksp.co.il/?uin=51708&txt_search=b450m&lm=e6969852e8b52b96524f8b71e6e589cb processor https://ksp.co.il/?select=.42..4449.&kg=&list=1&sort=2&glist 0 & txt_search = amd & buy = & minprice = 66328 & maxprice = 0 & intersect = & rintersect = & store_real = The question is is this video card really too big for this case? And can not be used? https://ksp.co.il/index.php?select=.0..1044..35..123..122.&kg=&list=121&sort=1&glist=2&uin=0&txt_search=&buy=&minprice=42388&maxprice=0&intersect = .0
  4. Hello to all the helpers I bought a computer with a small case called HTPC below is the case https://ksp.co.il/index.php?uin=42379&select=.130..549.&txt_search=%D7%9E%D7%90%D7%A8 % D7% 96 I have a video card below is the video card I have https://ksp.co.il/index.php?select=.1044..35..123..122..121.&kg=&list=1&sort=2&glist = 0 & uin = 42388 & txt_search = & buy = & minprice = 0 & maxprice = 0 & intersect = .28. & Rintersect = & store_real = Video card is too large and incompatible. Question Is there anything to do about it? Or does it really not fit the size of the case? Second question which video card is suitable (h
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