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  1. Why did I try the installation just don't let it go on? Is it important to note that the 512gb computer that has the operating system installed has another way to install Windows?
  2. When reading fast on the net talking about something with the partitions Something different between Windows and Ubuntu .. When I try to mount a Windows installation What boot is it just stuck you can not move from Windows with only usb format? Can I get details of the actions?
  3. Hi friends bought me a new dell laptop and it came with ubunto operating system installed on it How do I delete it and install Windwash I plowed the whole network and did not find a guide that gives a solution to the problem Someone know how to explain and what to do? I have a good understanding of computers I would love for help An important point: I realized that the Windows cannot be installed simply on the Ubuntu because there is interest with the partitions I was happy to explain in detail what and how to do .. Thanks to the helpers
  4. Software studies and general uses of a student If there are other suggestions I would love to hear ..
  5. Hello Friends I am debating between two laptop models almost identical in specification I would like to hear what you would take and why? Computer 1: Asus VivoBook S15 S532FL-BN189T https://ksp.co.il/m/uin/77333 Computer 2: Dell Vostro 15 5000 5590-10510U1G51GP3OS https://ksp.co.il/m/uin/74431 I'd love to For help with the decision
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