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  1. Here's to the purchase of a new 55-inch TV with up to 5K budget (with member club discounts). The Samsung C9 and Q80R are very wavering as the main concerns revolve around the fear of burning a screen and dealing with light. The use, mostly football and gaming, can also reach almost nine to nine consecutive hours of gaming a few times a week in RPG games that include fixed menus on the screen. In terms of football it is about 6-9 hours a week, depending on the week. Very scared of the burn that would ruin my screen. Warranty covers it? The TV will be located on the east wall of the building, which is a large window, so be afraid that during the day (say at weekends when I watch quite a bit during the day) the light will affect the screen. What do you recommend? It turns out that the C6 will be in the range of about NIS 10-9 and debates whether it is worth the difference and worth an exception (about 700-800) from the budget. Hearing in many places, I would love to hear your thoughts.
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Gaming treats for the weekend

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