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  1. Hi, I'm interested in buying my little brother a laptop. I would love to have nice gaming options (1660TI style) and a 17-inch priority. Intending to order from Amazon or New-Ag. Is there a recommended model with a price of 4? And maybe now it's really unprofitable to buy? (I would love to recommend a model even if it's not the time to buy ') Thank you (:
  2. It also seems to me really that this meager is successful. I'll throw in some models I've thought of. Tell me what to choose? or it or it Aww it https: // ... aming-monitor / Thanks for the help (:
  3. Hi, I am interested in purchasing a new screen, it is very important to me to have IPS and 2K (at least) and I would be happy for a refresh rate higher than 100 .. The important parts of the computer for adjustment: approx. Screen: RTX 3080. Processor: 3950X. I work in modeling, and graphics. I am currently with the above screen: (By the way, how much do you think can be sold by hand today? It is less than a year with me) Max Budget - 2 NIS. Or maybe worth the wait because of the corona? And I also heard that Acer is going to release new screens ...) See here I wrote about the screens of GigaBate, 2000K IPS 2HZ but a friend told me that it would not be suitable for graphic work. I do not know how much to believe him ... I would love to comment on the specific gigabyte screen. ( and other offers. Thanks
  4. It's so confusing this whole thing until I finally managed to get a 3080 MSI TRIO now I'm considering maybe I should cancel ?! I work in modeling and another 10GB can definitely help. (Although it is not clear to me how much) and also uncertainty if it came out at all (although it seems that it did come out) and when it came out and how much it will cost etc. It is so annoying.
  5. Since you said all this calculation - I find it hard to believe that importers do not know it. And are supposed to act accordingly anyway. I do not think AMD is another importer. After all, the companies that produce it are the same companies. The importer of the X570 GIGABYTE motherboard is the same importer of the Z390 GIGABYTE so I see no reason to make a difference.
  6. Lol .. both are ugly I'm talking mostly in terms of warranty, and I remember being told that in gigabytes there is some kind of connection that disconnects sometimes ... I do not know if this is true. And Zotak simply the reviews are usually not high ... (Rating in stores)
  7. ZOTAC RTX 3080 TRINITY OC Anyone have information on this specific model? And which is better it or the Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3080 GAMING OC Thanks for answering (:
  8. MOON MANGE, if he wants to buy the next generation, B450 as far as I understand will get a Bios update just a long time (that's what someone said here ..) Anyway, there are no big differences in the cheap motherboard prices in the B550 so it's not really critical ... as for Over-clock I have no idea. You've never tried.
  9. Walla I did not go over the table or the video, but I for example with a 3950X processor (very powerful) and took an X570 of the ELITE gigabyte model. So I really enjoy the equivalent in the X570. Maybe it would also be good but do not know exactly what the needs of 5-5600 ... I personally would go for the more expensive it looks Better built. But it may just be my love to see a properly "dressed" motherboard. It also has a lot more VRM not that I know if it is needed in this processor ...
  10. In general it seems to turn. Less savvy on laptops ... and I do not like Asus. (The last time I bought a laptop from them I was disappointed with the hard levels - and also the warranty warranty) I from experience really like HP. Both in price and in everything basically. By the way, did you notice that it will only arrive in a month and a half? But it seems that in the middle of this price there is nowhere too much to move.
  11. I'll start with a video card. At 1080P it runs WAR-ZONE in low settings at 110 FPS which is quite a bomb. (But junk quality) and at high settings at 80-90FPS which is also a spin. Motherboard and CPU: I would recommend you increase your budget. People started looking for good computers at unrealistic prices. If you want to compromise on a reasonable computer, you can arrange something. But since you understand that AMD's processors are indeed better and there's no reason to compromise on a generation back, because it's a very negligible saving ($ 50) because it does not seem to me that we will see 'extremely cheap' prices on ZEN 2 in the near future ... (and ZEN 3 shows Crazy performance in gaming as far as is known, even more than Intel) or, that you will be able to order from abroad. For example, through Niag, you will cost a processor that costs 1200 in Israel - in the sand it will cost 980 shekels after all taxes and shipments. And a motherboard will cost about 650 -700 NIS. And of course you can order ZEN2 at Black Friday and you might get a good price. (Probably in Black you can get a 5-3600X processor and a nice motherboard of GB (B550) at some 1500 ... but if you want to buy in the country then as I wrote above ... not a rally at this price. And it would probably be better to go all the way and buy already ZEN 3 personally recommends you, go for the next generation (ZEN 3) coming out in November. (Unless you have no intention of upgrading a video card until you replace the whole system again) Buy a board like this: / il-en / gigabyte-b550-aorus-pro / p / N82E16813145215? Description = B550 & cm_re = B550 -_- 13-145-215 -_- Product & quicklink = true You got about 650+ 1100 NIS. But in my opinion - quiet for years Coming. (The processor model that came out is 5-5600) for the X570 and B550. You do not need the X570 at all (nor budget for it)
  12. I'll ask a question that's already familiar with the keyboard. Are you closed on Intel? (By the way, I did not notice a serious shortage in the country ... I bought a computer just a month ago, everything was available and lots of other parts I found out about.)
  13. I know you said without exception. But if you really want a shell computer this is what I can offer: As for the processor it is only as a Price Holder - referring to the new processors (5-5600) which are probably going to cost another 100 NIS. If you want to save money - and a lot. In any case, to reach 6000, buy the video card from abroad. Or another option to discount, if your screen is 1080P and you have no intention of upgrading then maybe you can change to a cheap video card, maybe from the series that is going to come out of AMD (I can not say for sure. But but there will probably be interesting prices.) 2 FPS I would not take less than 140. And again buying a dance card will lower you some 3070 shekels from the cost. And you got less than 800. They might also offer alternatives from INTEL but in my opinion after the launch of the latest AMD it's really a shame to go for Intel. - Your choice.
  14. Are you closed on the fact that your priority is Intel? Because it's not a worthwhile priority so much now ... if you're closed on Intel I'll leave another Micho to offer you specs ... if you're willing to hear about AMD I'm willing to offer specs. (No, I do not have shares in AMD just think that Intel is much less good in our time. And everyone will agree with me. And also in Intel I am less familiar with the compatibility of motherboards and processors, etc. because I just do not care so much)
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