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  1. Feel free to watch how I upgraded to an old and creeping 11-year-old laptop, four times faster and more:
  2. Please tell me I'm not the only idiot who's not known this feature until now ...
  3. You bought an on-key disc from China and wanted to know if it was fake or not? This is how you do it ...
  4. So I also have something to say about the WhatsApp privacy policy storm. If you are interested in listening to why I think the public response is excessive, feel free to watch ...
  5. If you are required to pay for a plugin (codec) for Windows' built-in movie player, do yourself a favor and switch to free software that does not require codecs to be installed separately. Take 2 minutes to watch this short video:
  6. No. You can turn off the WiFi in the router. The truth is that is exactly what I do. The router only manages the wired connections. The MESH manages the WiFi.
  7. You can see it in the video (the one with the green head) at 1:02. This is before connecting to the router. In fact, a hole was made in the wall outlet of the telephone and the cable was passed through it. Next, remove the green cover and connect the cable directly to the router. Yes and no. If you ask about connecting directly to the wall - then yes. But it was like that before, since I only have one router. Sees no reason to be different with fiber optics. On the other hand, if I want to move the router to another point, you're right. I have no optical fiber anywhere else in the house. I did not think to ask about it. An interesting point. No - because there are several works for connecting additional cables directly to the router and then you are still connected directly to the fiber. For example, the TV in my living room is connected with a network cable directly to the router. I'm not sure I understood the question. Like I said - right now my TV is directly connected to the router with a cable. Also, the desktop computer with which I did the test is connected to the router directly in the cable. In addition, I use MESH units where the main one is connected to a router in a cable and it connects to the other units in WiFi. The rest of the consumers in the house connect to the MESH units, either on WiFi or via cable (each MESH unit I have has 2 wired ports).
  8. In recent versions some interesting features have been added. Two of them that particularly interested me, are presented for your convenience.
  9. What part of. Exactly this set I replace. Just used it for years and accumulated too much dust and dirt that I do not have the strength to clean. I also wanted a shorter keyboard, to save space on the table. Still want an overview of it?
  10. Thank you so much for the warm words and apologies from my commenter before. For some reason I did not receive an alert for comments here. Maybe I should set something up in my profile. I'll check this out later. As for using USB, yes, the wireless dongle connects to the USB port on the computer. Hope to do a more comprehensive review on keyboards and mouse real soon. For this video I used a simple Luv microphone I bought for about $ 17 from Amazon a year ago. Here is the link to the product: Since I switched to a more serious condenser microphone. I even have unboxing on it, here:
  11. The game is available for free download until Friday (1/1/2021) at 14 p.m. Details in the video.
  12. After encountering express keyboards in Hebrew several times, I decided to take action and order two sets of wireless keyboard and mouse in Hebrew, in two different sizes. One keyboard set has a numeric keypad and the other does not. How to assimilate?
  13. You can see a lot of computer builds on YouTube, but not all of them go on - what do you do after the assembly itself? The computer is not ready for work. So after my last construction video 'I decided to continue with a series that will explain what to do after assembly. Today came out the second part - update BIOS and initial settings in BIOS. The following parts are planned - installing Windows, checking the computer, maybe a video about solving possible problems, etc ... If you have more ideas - I would love to know. And as always, I would love for you to subscribe to the channel and give some nice likes and maybe a comment.
  14. Usually I am the one who supports others, this time I am the one who needs your support. Attaches a video (sorry for the length) with a glitch that I have been dragging for months. Every time my computer is in BIOS, even when it is disconnected from the Internet (no network cable or WiFi) - there is no Internet at home. Did it happen to you? Do you have any idea what the problem might be? I would love any piece of information ... hope to shoot a second part soon with the solution (not yet closed what the source of this crazy problem is).
  15. My video from yesterday about the latest update and how to install it for those who do not find it in Windows updates (pay close attention to my warnings in the video).
  16. You say memory, but talk about disk volume. Now it remains to understand what the message means - memory (RAM) or disk volume.
  17. Where are you trying to change resolution? What happens when you right-click on your desktop?
  18. Maybe this tool will help you (assuming you're on a 2004 version): G.N. My video.
  19. I dug a little further and it seems your USB / C does not support video, at least according to this ASUS page:
  20. It has a single HDMI connection so you can connect one monitor and additionally use the computer screen as a second monitor. On the other hand, it has a USB-C connection and today there are screens that work with this connection. I just can not say if the computer will be able to transmit to both HDMI and USB / C at the same time ...
  21. The fact that the processor reaches 80 degrees after replacing a thermal ointment is a problem. By the way, you did not say if it is in effort mode and as a result of what effort (game? Benchmark software?). You say there is an air conditioner in the room, so there can be no temperature of 25 degrees (do not believe someone put an air conditioner on more than that) will cause the CPU to overheat. Does not make sense.
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