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  1. Thank you! I installed, looks great!
  2. Peace. I'm looking for * reliable * software to record the screen. I know the built-in game bar in Windows. Looking for something in style (if there is something better). The emphasis is that it should be reliable and not crash in the middle, because I intend to shoot with it online lectures (all university classes have moved to the zoom system because of the corona). And there will be no recording option, so I want to organize it on my own. If the situation is already shit, at least make the most of it. So it should record a screen (preferably high quality) + sound + an hour and a half lecture. Of course, I plan to record this as part of a lecture viewing (so no recording or anything is needed. I record so I have recurring access to the lecture). I estimate the files will take up some serious volume, so plan to buy a (simple) external drive from Terbabyte. Is it possible for the recording to go directly to the drive (I will connect it to the computer while recording). Thanks!
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