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  1. Hello everyone I have an archer VR400 router and its 'LAN ports' are limited to 100 MB is there an option to make them reach more so I can use it with fiber optics?
  2. I made the mistake of my life I decided to buy a (gigabyte) motherboard in Newegg based on what it says there is a warranty so that is, there is! Now, two months after the built-in network card went off, two SATA inputs went for an unclear reason, which is already unbearable, so the first question is, does anyone know of a place to install motherboards? It's a shame for me to spend NIS 700 now just because of SATA connections. The second question is, is it not a hardware problem? In Bios I didn't find anything that seemed to be related, if anyone knew something that would save me the money it would really make me happy
  3. A laptop with similar performance will cost about another 1000 shekels even more
  4. i5 is the same price and less performance. Regarding this specification, the processor is less good, there is only one stick of memory and it is best to put 2. It is precisely the chassis that I considered, I changed my specification. I found out that the HDD I put into used specs, I changed. https://www.plonter.co.il/priceoffer_shoppingcart.tmpl?PriceOffer=183242 Each store and its products so that another store could find cheaper video card and HDD.
  5. In my opinion it is preferable for a Ryzen 5 processor 3600 8gb 3000mhz M.2 120gb processor It is a good company for Adata In my opinion 2TB HDD of WD display adapter eg MSI GT710 classic chassis Power supply 450 CoolerMaster should come out 2000 environments and give great performance for office https: / /www.plonter.co.il/priceoffer_shoppingcart.tmpl?PriceOffer=183176
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