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  1. Can you write the compiler message? Because it intrigues me
  2. DigitalWhisper is certainly an excellent source of information, but I doubt how useful it will be for beginners. In any case if you are willing to try recommends you go through the list of issues and look for related articles. There are lots.
  3. void Main (string [] args) {} Note that this is an array. And the Main begins with a capital letter. It is not looking for a DLL but a COM application. A lot has changed since C # 3 ... on occasion I will go over the code.
  4. The operating system passes the path of the file (or several files) to your software as an argument, so the simplest way is to deploy System.Environment.GetCommandLineArgs. For example, if you run the program on the file.txt file in a document directory, it is equivalent to: myprogram.exe "C: \ Users \ User \ Documents \ file.txt" (assuming the txt file type is associated with myprogram.exe. Note That it is also possible to associate it with something like "myprogram.exe myarg", and thus achieve an effect of named command line arguments, for example to associate with "myprogram.exe --files"). Reflection does not need permissions unless you are in an environment like the web. My mistake, do not need reflection. An error will not be thrown until you work
  5. The association is in the registry. This is usually done in Installer. Depending on the platform you are using. System.Reflection.Assembly.Load
  6. Without going into the content, this is a reasonable way when he responds to allegations made against him, in a kind of mild cynicism.
  7. Question: Will low power consumption make RADEON cards more popular in laptops?
  8. Another spelling error + semantic correction: 1. Should be "carefully". 2. Supposedly supposed to be an RX 6800XT, no? After all, it came out last, so only AMD had the option to adjust against the RTX 3080 and not the other way around.
  9. Thank you so much, great review! Just a small correction: should be the "conclusion".
  10. If I had a time machine I would use it now I can not stand it ...
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