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  1. If every two years a new series comes out (roughly) then 9090 will be released in total in 2032. And I believe we can then already play at 128K on 24000HZ ...
  2. Apparently those who said a 10% improvement were wrong ... but even he himself points out that it's hard to find 8K screens. Scary.
  3. Totally okay, it came like this. Basically if I'm not mistaken laptops automatically go into sleep mode when the battery is low, but if you still want to (I translate from English into my system then forgive me for inaccuracies): Start -> Control Panel -> Hardware and Audio -> Power Settings -> Select What the power buttons do -> Mark "Sleep". Now should appear at the beginning.
  4. of course not. If it was not harmful to them (or rather beneficial) you will be sure that they would behave according to it ... if they are not it means that it is indeed harmful.
  5. What can they already do? If they could increase the creature wouldn't they do it first? ...
  6. Too much overkill ... I think even in POWERPOINT you can do it ...
  7. And that's exactly why this purchase is not good for us.
  8. The best study material is GITHUB. Read code, donate code, that's the only thing that can really bring you to a professional level.
  9. I do not think they will deny access, yes think they will design the architecture according to their needs. Switch to RISC? Did you mean CISC? Nobody wants to switch to CISC ...
  10. It is important to note that it is not at all clear that the regulator will approve (probably it is better for us not to, NVIDIA will be a monopoly monster). But if so ... chances are good it's going to crash Intel and AMD together.
  11. Architecting a Smarter Word There are two modern architectures in the world of processors: X86 and ARM. Most desktops and laptops are X86s and the rest are ARMs. SNAPDARGON processors, for example, are ARM-based. Apple is also moving to ARM in Mac and Microsoft has WINDOWS ON ARM. X86 processors are more powerful but much more wasteful in power and not ALWAYS CONNECTED so probably the future is in ARM.
  12. let's wait and see. Anyway it's not that ARM was not here ... slowly it's really replacing the X86.
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