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  1. And how long will it take for them to move to 2?
  2. What did you try? Where are you stuck?
  3. It is also recommended to attach a code, and try to clarify a little more.
  4. Two notes: a. A more idiomatic way to pass a character character is on a foreach loop: foreach (char ch in str) {bool b = char.IsDigit (ch); } Or of course LINQ if you have studied. B. char.IsDigit checks if the character is a Unicode digit, so for example the character ꯶ (code U + ABF6) will return true (it's 6 in some variant of Indian). If this is not possible, you can check for ASCII only: bool IsDigit (char ch) => '0' <= ch && ch <= '9';
  5. What have you tried and where do you get stuck?
  6. I will just add that you can also use the tar format that simply binds files
  7. Yes, I ask in general, because even Microsoft already uses (not only) Linux.
  8. by db creid

    Open a SIGNED file

    I meant in some programming language
  9. by db creid

    Open a SIGNED file

    in what language?
  10. Leak, that's what it is - a leak. Rumor of the removal of SGX in Rocket Lake - Intel Community.
  11. Why for the sake of the name that someone will use Windows Server?
  12. It is not possible to run two anti-viruses at the same time (or at least not worth it). And \ AVAST cancels the DEFENDER. It performs a scan once in a while, and you can also do it manually. Enter Windows Security in the settings and you can change the options.
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