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  1. You can get an operating system for a ridiculous price of about 150 NIS through the institution of study (at Tel Aviv University in general you get it for free) and also Office, Microsoft distributes to all students for free.
  2. The chance of predicting whether a particular computer will last 9 years is slim. I have a computer that I purchased about six months ago through the university in your specifications. dell latitute 5400. cost about 5.5k. And I am very satisfied, 14 inches, 1.5 kg and a battery that lasts for about 10 hours, core I7 and 16gb ram with ssd 1tera. And it has both a micro sd reader and a multi-line card reader. In general I am very satisfied. In about 1000 NIS , Can be upgraded to a NIS 7400 model for about 200 grams and a screen with a more accurate color display.
  3. Do not buy Office, because Microsoft gives free copy to students.
  4. I can recommend the dell latitude 5400. I bought it about half a year ago from Tim Netcom through the university purchase, it cost 5000 NIS and I am really satisfied. It has an i7 processor, 16gb of memory, a fast hard disk nvme m2 of 1 tera and a huge battery of 60 and something Wh that lasts for more than 10 hours. It's great for me to study, mainly because of the battery that lasts all day without having to start battles to find a classroom that is near the charging socket, it also weighs relatively little, about 1.5 kg and is also relatively compact and easily sits on a student chair. They also have a model. More advanced latitude 7400 which costs another 1000. With a better screen in terms of brightness and color accuracy and a little lighter weight
  5. You did not write where the studies were. If the studies are at an academic institution Microsoft gives you a free Office 365 for the study period. Operating system can also be purchased for about 150 NIS through the university, in Tel Aviv students generally receive a free copy.
  6. If you take a b450 motherboard, you can take a ryzen 5 3400G processor and save the video card. For your uses this will suffice and if suddenly the kids' gaming requirements go up, you can always add a card.
  7. For running office and browsing it will be excellent. Note that you have selected a hard disk with 64mb of working memory, there are already disks with 256mb. You should take one such difference in price is about another 100 NIS for such a disk with a volume of 2TB.
  8. Well irrelevant. I wrote on a laptop and you're talking about a desktop
  9. As a photographer, you have the ability to accurately display the color of the screen. Measure it in units of sRGB or adobeRGB. Values ​​of over 90% are considered excellent and this means that the computer screen knows how to display over 90% of the colors as they should be. Usually the manufacturer does not give this data, but you can find them on sites that do reviews for computers like In addition a large 16GB ram will allow you to open a lot of large image files at the same time Smoothly. But it will be a bit difficult in your budget, a computer with all this data like dell latitude 7400 for example with turtle display capability
  10. You have no reason to pay for Office, because students with a university email (with the extension get a subscription to Office 365 for free, even in most academic institutions you can buy Windows 10 for about 150 NIS, there are places like Tel Aviv University that also give Windows for free to students. Check with her institution of study. I personally would not pay 500 NIS which is one fifth of the computer for the extended warranty. At this price you should take the "risk" and if it breaks down, you can try to repair it yourself or just buy another cheap computer.
  11. 4GB is not considered high, it is actually below the minimum required for proper and smooth operation of the computer. The recommended minimum is 8GB. If you're on a tight budget, I would lower the CPU and take up more memory. Do not test the battery in the amount of cells, but in the capacity of Wh which is actually what matters. As a university student you can save on the operating system and look for a computer without an operating system and purchase it separately through the university for about 150 NIS, if you study at Tel Aviv University, you deserve a copy of Windows 10 for free. Check how it is at your institution. You can also get a free office for the duration of your studies at almost all the academic institutions in the country.
  12. Yes it is 2.0b. You can Google the model and enter the specifications on the manufacturer's website. It is almost always detailed there.
  13. 1. Raisen came out to me the most cost effective. 2. In terms of value it seemed to me that amd more lucrative. In populated, for running movies and office, both processors will do the job. I also have a computer with a 3 year old i10 that runs 1080p movies and Office smoothly. But I wanted to upgrade to 4k, so I bought a new one and preferred to pay another 200 NIS to take the slightly more powerful version of the Raisen. But even 3200G according to the reviews can do without a problem everything I wrote down. If you go to the company's website it is almost always listed in the specification what the hdmi version is. 3. I do not know, I do not work in a computer store, I just saw that you asked the same question I asked in the forum a few months ago, so I wanted to help from my experience. 4. A.
  14. Something you need to pay attention to is that you have an HDMI port from version 2.0a and above for 4K to work properly with HDR and 60fps. Check the specs of what you are taking, I would not recommend taking a motherboard or video card with HDMI version 1.4. Also note that the new motherboards for AMD model B550 do come with HDMI 2.1 which is the best, but there is still no processor with graphics capability that they support, so you will have to add an external video card to them. I can give you a similar specification to the computer I bought about a month ago that is used for just that, it is connected to the TV for watching movies and another screen for working in the office. And I'm really happy. I took a Ryzen 5 processor with a slightly better graphics core while approx
  15. I would try to upgrade the existing computer to 8gb ram and format the computer. It will cost about 100 NIS and from my experience core 3 processors from up to about 10 years ago run without any problem Office and browser.
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