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  1. I have a sample of 3800 samples. For the sake of understanding, I'll give you some examples from series The sample includes the numbers from 1-20 for the understanding that suppose out of 3800 twice sampled the numbers 1-20 the number 13 came out 100 which means the chance of the same number coming out in 3800 sweepstakes 100/3800 hope that is not wrong. Suppose I have another DATA composed of 200000 data or combinations Can we deduce the percentage of the sample we actually suggested is 100/3800 on a sample of 200000 unexamined combinations which means the question is how is the number 13 likely to come out in a sample of 200000? Second question Suppose I have a sample like they said 100 times 13 and also suppose 14 also came out 100 times the ratio of the two combinations together is a multiplication or a connection? I would like to answer only those who know and would love to have an explanation for the answer
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