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  1. Recommend Chromebooks are excellent, run all Android apps (and games) Excellent use of resources, best for studies, and available on any budget; $ 250 to $ 999 If you want the more expensive ones ($ 600 or more) categorize it as 'PREMIUM'
  2. I am willing to buy at these prices only if there is full support for VVC, AV1, EVC (also coding) and a strong graphics core (includes support for HDMI 2.1, DisplayPort 2.0, and ray tracing at 1440P at 30FPS) * and full support for cellular network (ESim and modem supports 5G) I prefer Waiting for Alder Lake I also believe that Intel will double the amount of cores on laptops (up to 8 in I7) * My intention is a core, but stronger (even if a little higher pricing) cellular modem - $ 100, but raises the productivity level by some levels I hope. By then computers at this price level will already come with 32 / 64GB RAM but as it seems .. in the duopoly that exists today .. we will probably have to keep waiting, and a lot !!
  3. There used to be a cheap site that sells windows 10 enterprise for $ 7 or PRO for $ 3 someone remembers what they call it
  4. The only downside of the iPhone 12 is a screen at 60 Hz and my OP 7TP has no downsides 😃 * * Except for Oxygen 11 - a cheap imitation of Galaxy
  5. A friend of mine bought - and replaced a "garbage thing", - he said and also, a friend who bought a note 10 with 730 (seems to me G); Uneasy. * The author has OP 7TP, and regrets the OxygenOS 11
  6. There is the realme x50 pro but it costs close to 1,500 NIS do not buy Foucault and such, I know people who bought such phones - and sorry
    1. exeaction


      Did you write anything here?

    2. jermi123


      Yes, I saw that you work for Intel, and get 10700 for $ 160 - so I wanted to ask if I could please buy through you ..

    3. exeaction


      First of all it is forbidden and even if I wanted to then I could not because they limit the amount of purchases

  7.טעימה-ראשונה-מאינטל-המתחדשת-כל-הפרטים/ הליבה הגראפית בI3 כמו בדורות הקודמים
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