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    Asus computer screen model pg349q Resolution of 1440 by 3440 21 by 9 Refresh rate 120hz with gsync ips panel Great response time 4ms 34inch The screen was with me for half a year I really enjoyed it, after half a year there was an accident and the screen suffered slight damage to the panel, I sent the screen For repair and is as strong as new but because of the long schedules of the repair in the meantime I bought a new screen and now that it is back to me I am selling it. I did extensive tests on the screen and it is just like new, it also came back from repair with another smaller leg that can also be taken (the original leg is very large). Really excellent screen and highly recommended because it is ips is very good for people who need to use Come also for a new job costs almost 5 thousand shekels

    3,500 ₪

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In June everything will work out? The MWC 2021 exhibition begins with a Corona-adapted version

Instead of a grandiose mobile celebration in Barcelona - we get a relatively small event in Shanghai this week, and plans for a European comeback this coming June The MWC (Mobile World Congress) was the first notable technological event to suffer last year's coronation, with naive restrictions in the first stage, Complete cancellation of the physical event afterwards - and at the same time promises that next year everything will return to normal, when it is likely that at that point in time no one guessed or predicted that even in 2021 ...

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