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  1. I am now keen on the Hotbox and TP-LINK TL-WR841N, but I moved into a few months ago and have had annoying disconnections every so long. I decided to try to switch to Bezeq *, from what I understood from their sales, they sell a modem + router if I want, but if not I have to buy a modem myself, because they do not supply a modem alone. I don't believe in the equipment of these companies, so what kind of router should you buy that can also be used as a modem for Bezeq? The house is pretty small, so you don't need mesh or ripples or anything special, a regular router should cover the whole apartment, just need it to support Bezeq Connection * Illuminated for some reason come all over my street, and even to my same building number at entrance A but not at entrance B I'm in it ... So for now I have no choice, and I haven't figured out what they need for them, but it would be great if I didn't have to buy another modem for them if they ever stretched their line another ten feet to me. And budget? I do not know, if 200 shekels will be enough to buy something good, then great, if you need 500, also round, but more than that only if there really is a significant reason to upgrade. Thanks
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